Man, I Hate Cursive (Comic Review)

jim benton 160x160If my kindergarten teacher had promised me that I could tap into the dark arts and summon lemons from the pits of Hell thanks to learning and practicing cursive, I would have taken my cursive lessons a bit more seriously. In the end, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference, for my normal handwriting is still atrocious. That, and I still hate cursive. Moving on, Jim Benton is a madman. His comics are a brilliant breath of fresh air in a webcomics smoking lounge, but he’s still a madman nonetheless. The geniuses always are, unfortunately. Continue reading ‘Man, I Hate Cursive (Comic Review)’


SDCC 2016: Batman: The Killing Joke Roundtable (Interviews)

joker_160x160Before Batman: The Killing Joke premiered at Comic-Con in Ballroom 20 on Friday night, the cast attended a press junket for the animated film across the street at the Bayfront Hilton earlier in the day. On hand were voice talent Tara Strong (Batgirl), Ray Wise (Commissioner Gordon), and writer Brian Azzarello. Kevin Conroy (Batman) executive producer Bruce Timm, and the director Sam Liu were also in attendance, but didn’t have time to be rotated to my press table. The press room was massive, with what felt like hundreds of other reporters and journalists crammed into the dimly lit space. Continue reading ‘SDCC 2016: Batman: The Killing Joke Roundtable (Interviews)’


Super Pro K.O. Volume 3: Gold For Glory (Comic Review)

super pro ko vol3 160x160When I was in junior high, all my friends were into wrestling. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, and Goldberg were all familiar names to me, but I never watched the matches. I was informed at an early age by my parents that wrestling was fake and I should stay away from it, and so that nugget of information was firmly planted in my brain as I watched my naïve friends prance around at recess and perform backyard wrestling moves on each other like monkeys drunk on banana daiquiris. I tried telling them that I had it on good authority that it was fake, but they weren’t having it. Continue reading ‘Super Pro K.O. Volume 3: Gold For Glory (Comic Review)’


Stringers (Comic Review)

stringers_160x160For stringers, people who make a living arriving first on the scene and taking footage of crime scenes and ragging fires, they’re finally getting the cameras turned on themselves and their profession in the eye of pop culture. The film Nightcrawler debuted a few years ago, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo, and the crime thriller garnered critical acclaim and even an Academy Award nomination. Meanwhile in the comic book medium, writer Marc Guggenheim got inspired to write Stringers after listening to an NPR story while driving to work at CSI: Miami. Continue reading ‘Stringers (Comic Review)’


Blood Feud (Comic Review)

blood_feud_page160x160When the eventual vampire apocalypse comes, we had better hope that centuries of vampire lore from books, comics, and movies is accurate. It’s the only thing we cling to, with the proper use of garlic, stakes through the heart, and hoping they can’t cross running water. Of course, we’ve seen countless interpretations of vampires in comics over the years, so to bring something new and intriguing to the genre is a challenge to creators. Luckily with Blood Feud from Oni Press, the challenge was accepted and executed very well.

Continue reading ‘Blood Feud (Comic Review)’