Jumanji (4k UHD Blu-ray review)

Jumanji involves two orphaned children (of course they’re orphans) who move into a long forgotten and abandoned house. They find a board game that unleashes a large variety of wild hairy beasts including Robin Williams. It so happens that Alan parrish (Williams) has been living in ht board game for nearly 30 years waiting for someone to release him. Thats about as deep as the film gets as its mainly a loose skeleton to have endless dull unimaginative action sequences that have no real bearing on the development of characters or plot.


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Nutcracker: The Motion Picture (Blu-ray Review)

Brought to you by Olive Films, Tchaikovsky’s classic musical fantasy Nutcracker, The Motion Picture features members of the Pacific Northwest Ballet. This is the classic holiday story of Clara, a young girl who dreams of a prince and a magical kingdom of sweets. Led by the odd toymaker Drosselmeier she is guided into a land of enchanted toys, giant mice, and sugary sweets. The film is directed by Carroll Ballard, conceived by Kent Stowell and Maurice Sendak, photographed by Stephen H. Burum, with the music of Tchaikovsky conducted by Sir Charles Mackerras and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. A great film to bring you that great holiday feeling.

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A New Leaf (Blu-ray Review)

 A New Leaf, presented by Olive Films is a dark, sarcastic, deadpan comedy from writer-director-comedian Elaine May. It stars Walter Matthau as Henry Graham, who, due to his extravagant lifestyle and having no job, has emptied his bank account of his inheritance entirely. After pleading with the Uncle who raised him for a loan, Henry convinces Uncle Harry to give him the money under the terms that the loan must be repaid within six weeks or Henry will forfeit all of his property used as collateral. With the aid of his gentleman’s gentleman, Harold, George Rose, Henry decides to marry into wealth, and once the vows have been taken he’ll decide how to handle getting out of the marriage. Enter wealthy heiress Henrietta Lowell, played by May, a klutzy botanist and the woman of Henry’s get-rich-quick-scheme dreams. But as best laid plans often go, Henry must weather the obstacles placed in his path not only by his Uncle Harry but by Andy McPherson, Jack Weston, Henrietta’s jealous and unscrupulous lawyer.

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Operation Petticoat (Blu-ray Review)

Olive Films has done a terrific job with the high definition transfer of Operation Petticoat. Cary Grant is the commander of a wheezy old submarine which he gets underway and operational through his conniving junior officer, Tony Curtis.  In a series of improbable but acceptable situations, the sub takes on as passengers five army nurses, a few Filipino families including expectant mothers, and a goat.  Some of the situations are predictable, such as those arising when chesty nurses meet seamen in a sub’s narrow corridors. At first, this odd group of characters seems poised to eternal conflict, but as it happens in these comedies, they soon learn to complement each other and become indispensable as a team.

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Father Goose (Blu-ray Review)

Olive Films is proud to present this unusual Cary Grant film. Set in 1941 as the Japanese advance and the Australians withdraw from the South Pacific islands. Cary Grant plays Walter Eckland, an American ex-professor who fled to the islands before the war to escape civilization. He is not well mannered in the least and would much rather have a crate of whiskey than anything else. Eckland is persuaded to volunteer, although that term seems to be used quite loosely as he doesn’t seem to have any choice, as a lookout, and is posted on a South Pacific island alone. He attempts to rescue a watcher from another island, but turns up too late and finds him dead. Instead, he discovers Catherine Freneau, Leslie Caron, the daughter of the French Consul in possession of seven little girls who were students at the consulate. He takes them back to his lookout in a boat more suitable for one where they take over his home and attempt to improve his habits. Because it’s too dangerous to arrange to airlift them off the island, they’re stuck living with alcoholic slob that is Eckland for many weeks. The comedy between this battle of the sexes is quite fun as Freneau tries to make a proper home for the girls and Eckland refuses to cooperate.

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Rock-A-Doodle (Blu-ray Review)

“Rock-a-Doodle” is another cartoon by Don Bluth, the maker of “An American Tail,” “All Dogs Go to Heaven” and many likable others. It’s about a rockabilly-yodeling roosterBased on the play “Chantecler” written by Edmond Rostand, Rock-A-Doodle is about a group of happy barnyard animals.





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