Austin Comic Con 2013: A Conversation With Robert Rodriguez

imageI kind of find it very funny or maybe even a little ironic in the fact that I would see Robert Rodriguez each and every summer at Comic-Con in beautiful downtown San Diego. And now that I moved to the man’s main town in Austin, TX this past February, I have not bumped into him once. Weird, huh? One of my favorite Rodriguez moments had to be in front of his taco truck in San Diego when he was out promoting the first Machete film. I actually got thrown out from the press event because I snapped a picture of the man on my cell phone. How unprofessional, huh? Well, many years have separated that mistake and as a result I’m not only more of a professional now, but I also have a much bigger camera. See guys, it is the size of your instrument! LOL.

So here we are. We are all freezing our a$$es off down in Austin, TX today and a man I idolize in the world of filmmaking has taken a seat here in Ballroom D to have a very candid conversation with us all. Below you’ll find some of the highlights I was able to take down when I wasn’t completely smitten with the man I want to be in life. Ladies and gentlemen…a conversation with Mr. Robert Rodriguez.

AICN’s Harry Knowles and his attached guest (see photo below) moderated the panel.


Rodriguez reminded fans that Room 11 here at Austin Comic Con contains the works of Frank Frazetta. He showed off some of the images in the Frazetta museum, which is available for fans to visit with a $10 donation that all goes to benefitting the museum and the family. He kidded about a few images looking like Danny Trejo. Holly Frazetta is here in the audience today. He also showed off his favorite painting of Frank’s, Death Dealer. They showed a quick video of how Frank Miller responded when he saw the paintings at Rodriguez’s house. Next up we saw a video of Rodriguez visiting Frank’s house and paintings. It’s kind of weird to see Rodriguez amazed. Usually he’s amazing me.

Rodriguez next have us a look at what he’s playing at with Fire And Ice through concept art. He also gave us a look at the pervious animation film as well as concept art being used for the new production starting next year. I actually remember him soliciting concept artists a few years back at Comic Con.

Finally, Sin City 2 is edited and shot in 3D! It will be released next August. He’s also shooting a Dusk Til Dawn television show here in Austin. Wow! The man is also launching his own network…El Ray…where content is king. Nice!



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