Austin Comic Con 2013: Bruce Campbell Vs. The Audience

imageI’m not much of an Evil Dead groupie, but I respect it for what it was. I love most of Raimi’s work and let’s face it, what’s not to love about actor Bruce Campbell? The man’s quick witted that’s for sure. This was probably the rowdiest Comic Con panel I’ve seen in a long time. Bruce reminded me of a game show host the way he patrolled and controlled the stage on foot with his hand held mic. He immediately began by asking the audience how far they travelled to come here today and ended up giving a guy from Mexico City $5 for gas. No joke! Here’s a little more that went down tonight in the almost hour long Bruce Campbell comedy stand up show. Who needs a table, right?

He would not talk about any fourth Evil Dead film. He would not shed a single speck of light on whether or not one will happen.

The guy is a sly and stealthy comedian as he toyed and joked with the audience. He also took offense that someone brought a screaming kid into the ballroom. Lol. He’s my kind of guy. But I will tell you what, I would hate to ask this guy a question. He can be quite insulting.

He also said that the reason they put interesting architecture in Dallas is because there’s nothing else to look at. This guy’s on a roll!

He claims that when actors have way too much fun on television the show gets cancelled.

He would love to have dinner with Elvis and have peanut butter sandwiches with the man.

My Name is Still Bruce may still see the light of day according to him.

His favorite one-liner is “give me some sugar baby.” A guy told him he spoke it in Mandarin in a bar in China and got laid because of it.

When he asked if he is happily married he says he enjoys all his marriages. He’s been married for two decades now. His wife doesn’t worry because he gets stuff from guys at conventions. That was asked by a girl dressed up like Wonder Woman and asked him if he wanted to have sex at 7pm. He said wow that’s really subtle.

He said he would love to work with Stan Lee again next.

He got very insulted when asked what one of his sh1ttier movies he liked better. He took great offense and made fun of the guy’s girlfriend by calling her ugly. Wow!

His next project is a new show on USA and that’s all he can tell us.

He likes to lolligag for fun. He said masturbation is a little too obvious. Lol.

He talked about how he likes working with Raimi because of how much he likes to experiment with his directing.

When asked if he went out with this girl in the audience for a drink what would they have. He said we would have a drink called the Tin Roof. It’s on the house. Get it?! Lol.

He said he will be on the last episode ever of Psych.

He gave a guy in the audience $2 to pay for his electric for watching Burn Notice.

When asked if there is anything he ever wants to make yet he said no that he’s made everything he wanted to make. The same audience member challenged him to a flexing contest because he’s in the flexing mood. Talk about unorthodox. Lol. Bruce said we will talk later, but for now get the flex out of my face.

He said thanks for putting his two kids through school.


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  1. Gerard Iribe

    Brian, you should have asked him about Maniac Cop and Maniac Cop 2! 😉