Onward: The Kid Friendly Version of ‘Bright’ (Movie Review)

OnwardSince the get go I was saying that this film looked like Netflix’s original movie Bright (2017). Bright (2017) was directed by David Ayer and goes pretty much the same way that all of David Ayer films go, except with fairytale creatures. While the concept of Bright (2017) is brilliant the execution falls very flat. Bright (2017) was cringe-worthy, superficial, and just overall a not-so-good film. Either way we are not here to tear a part Bright (2017). We are here to discuss its lighthearted, whimsical, and much better counterpart, Onward (2020). I remember seeing the first teaser for Onward (2020) and thinking that this is essentially Bright (2017), but with people who actually know what they are doing. I promise, that was the last dig at Bright (2017). Now with Pixar at the helm can we get an epic, modern day, medieval quest movie? Saddle your steed and sheath your blades comrades because we are going on a quest! Continue reading ‘Onward: The Kid Friendly Version of ‘Bright’ (Movie Review)’


Oh Buck ‘The Call of The Wild’ (Movie Review)

The Call of the Wild Movie ReviewHowl there everybody! If you guys couldn’t tell I went to see the screening for The Call of the Wild (2020) last week. My anticipation for this movie was through the roof! I am actually being somewhat sincere about this. The preview for The Call of the Wild (2020), if I’m not mistaken, came on before the screening of Dolittle (2020) back in January. This was a rare occasion. The good friend of mine I went to see Dolittle (2020) with can attest to this. After viewing the trailer for The Call of the Wild (2020) my friend and I had concluded that this “live action” film was made almost entirely of CG. Now this is not a terrible thing. Most films will have a considerable amount of CG put into them whether it be for vast and lavish landscapes or even to the tiniest grain of sand. However, my main concern was “will this film feel somewhat convincing?” Well I’m here to tell you guys all about it. Let’s embark! Continue reading ‘Oh Buck ‘The Call of The Wild’ (Movie Review)’


Um… It’s Actually Gretel & Hansel (Movie Review)

Gretel & Hansel Movie ReviewAm I reading this wrong or has the title been switched up a little bit? It has, right? It used to be Hansel & Gretel… but its Gretel & Hansel now? This is Gretel & Hansel? Well Gretel & Hansel it is then. Anyway I went to see Gretel & Hansel (2020) earlier this week. It shouldn’t seem like such a foreign tale, regardless of the names of our main characters being switched around in the title. However, you would be surprised at how different this new take on the tale can be. Well let’s pack a few treats and trudge through the dark and mysterious forest. Shall we?

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Dolittle Takes Us Up and Down, But Is Just Meh All Around (Movie Review)

Dolittle ReviewCorrect me if I’m wrong, but I believe that the last time we saw the character of  Dr. Dolittle was in Dr. Dolittle 2 (2001), played by the one and only Eddie Murphy. I remember the Dr. Dolittle movies being fun, hilarious, and an overall good time. My friend from out of town, who had the privilege of joining me at the screening, felt those same positive feelings about the Dr. Dolittle franchise as well. My friend reflected so heavily on the Dr. Dolittle franchise with Eddie Murphy that when we saw a preview for Dolittle (2020), a day before the screening, he was surprised to see Robert Downey Jr. as the iconic doctor. Needless to say my friend was painfully unaware of this film’s existence. As for myself, I knew we had a new rendition of the doc, but I have to admit I was unsure of what they were going to do with the film this time around. Well after taking a glimpse at the preview and viewing the film itself, it seems as if the franchise has taken quite the interesting turn, but not for the better. Continue reading ‘Dolittle Takes Us Up and Down, But Is Just Meh All Around (Movie Review)’


Under The Water Things Are Just Kind Of… Eh (Movie Review)

UnderwaterAlright so I went to see Underwater (2020). This film is premiering in the notorious dead time of cinema… January. Reasonably so there was not a lot of buzz generated about this film. The only indication I had about this one coming out was from the invitation I received to come and review the film. Luckily for Underwater (2020) I love these type of films. Sci-fi films and tv shows were the foundation of my childhood so I never pass up an opportunity to watch something weird and out there. With all that being said I was pretty excited to see Underwater (2020). Lets’ grab our deep sea suits and dip our toes into the briny deep. Continue reading ‘Under The Water Things Are Just Kind Of… Eh (Movie Review)’


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker… One Last Journey to a Galaxy Far Far Away (Movie Review)

Star Wars Rise of The Skywalker Movie ReviewGuys… this is it! The last stop! The final installment! The ending to one of the most, if not the most, prolific franchises on this earth! I know I’m being a bit dramatic, but like I said guys… this is it! Since the debut of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) many had speculated where the new sequel trilogy would go? Although upon viewing Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) many figured that the new trilogy would follow suit of  the first trilogy, given that the film had “A New Hope” vibes going for it. Many believed that the second installment in the trilogy would be reminiscent of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980), which it was, but not in the way everyone expected. Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) was subversive and polarizing which put the new trilogy in an odd position. Despite this conundrum everyone wanted to know what was going to happen knowing that JJ Abrams was going to take back the helm. Well now that we have the scrolling text out of the way let’s take off! Continue reading ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker… One Last Journey to a Galaxy Far Far Away (Movie Review)’


‘Richard Jewell’ The Nation Finds You… (Movie Review)

Richard Jewell Movie ReviewSo I went to see Richard Jewell (2019) earlier this week. I remember seeing the trailer a month ago or so and being pretty intrigued by the premise of the film. What attracted me the most was the fact that the film was based on a true story… A true story I was unaware of, given that I was about 6 years old at the time that it came about. That aside I was along for the ride and eager to see how the whole thing would turn out. So without further ado lets get into it! Continue reading ‘‘Richard Jewell’ The Nation Finds You… (Movie Review)’


Hello Doctor Sleep… (Movie Review)

Doctor Sleep Movie ReviewHey there folks! So I went to see Doctor Sleep (2019) earlier last week. I have been passively following this film since it had been green lit and to be honest I thought they were making a TV series out King’s book, at first. It was not until I recently caught a trailer for Doctor Sleep (2019) that I realized it was opening in theaters. Upon watching the trailer, my interest was piqued, but I knew that many Stephen King books-turned-movies are either hit or, definitely, miss. Despite how polarizing Stephen King story adaptations can be, I am one who can enjoy them regardless! Even Sleepwalkers (1992) and Thinner (1996) are entertaining to me! I just love the King! That being said which category does Doctor Sleep (2019) fall under? Come play with us and find out!

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“Black and Blue and Eh All Over.” (Movie Review)

Black and BlueSo recently I went to go see Black and Blue (2019). I was not too familiar with this film in particular… I know , I know I say that a lot, but its just true guys. I was so unaware of this film I confused it for at least two other films that are coming out this year with similar elements to them. Once again I’m not trying to sound like a broken record or beat a dead horse, but this film flew well under the radar for me. Once I accepted that this film existed and was coming out in theaters in a few days I decided to watch a trailer. After watching a few seconds of the trailer I was surprisingly… on board. When I got into the theater and watched the film though… well… it was eh. How about you guys hop in the passenger seat and let’s hit it.

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Jojo Rabbit… Just Wow! (Movie Review)

Jo Jo Rabbit Movie ReviewSo I went to see Jojo Rabbit (2019) on the very first day of this month. I was very aware of this film coming out. I know on a few of my reviews I mention that “I had no idea this film was even coming out”; this is not the case with Jojo Rabbit (2019). The stills from the film, featuring, director, Taika Waititi, as one of the most infamous war criminals in history, Adolf Hitler, is enough to rub people the wrong way. Seeing only one of Waititi’s films in completion, Thor Ragnarok (2017), I had a feeling that Jojo Rabbit (2019) would be some sort of satirical film about the overbearing presence of Nazism in WW II Germany. Where this would make for a disastrous and poorly received film… I actually found it to be truly moving, clever, and heartfelt. Let’s hop to and talk about it.

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Zombieland: Double Tap…They’re Back Baby! (Movie Review)

Zombieland 2 Movie ReviewIt feels so good to be back! It was 10 years ago when the first film,  Zombieland (2009), came out. I went to go see it with a friend or two not sure what to expect. I walked out of that film with such a love for what I was seeing on screen! The cast was great, the sets were awesome, and the humor was in full swing. Now we flash forward to 10 years later, not only in time of the film, but also in real life. I know what you guys are thinking… Does it hold up after all this time. Is this film still relevant? Does Zombieland: Double Tap (2019), truly, nut up or shut up? It nuts up guys… it nuts up.

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Ready or Not? Here We Go! (Movie Review)

Ready or Not Movie ReviewI have been waiting to see this film since I caught the first few seconds of its trailer as a YouTube ad! I love the premise, I love the lead, and it just feels like a good ole fashioned shoot em’ up! Well does it deliver… of course! Ready or Not (2019) is a hilarious, fun, and suspenseful thriller that keeps you engaged from beginning to end! Okay okay I’ll calm down a bit so I can tell you guys about this one. So I’ll give ya’ll till the count of hundred to choose your weapon, find a hiding place, and get ready to here all about it! Continue reading ‘Ready or Not? Here We Go! (Movie Review)’


The Art of Racing in the Rain… { Insert feels here } (Movie Review)

The Art of Racing in the Rain Movie ReviewI have seen two films with “The Art of” in the beginning of their titles this summer. The first film was The Art of Self Defense (2019), go see it if you guys haven’t seen it yet, and now The Art of Racing in the Rain (2019). To be honest,  I’m usually indifferent about seeing these types of films. The only exception to my indifference towards these sentimental dog films would be, the aptly named, A Boy and his Dog (1975). It’s a weird one, but a good one. Though there are some similarities in each film, like quite a few, make no mistake, the two are wildly different films! The reason for my indifference for these films is  because they are pretty predictable for the most part. However, I am always willing to watch and review as many films as I have the opportunity to. So I went to see this film, by myself, in a room full of strangers. Some audience members were young, some audience members were old, and, all of us were from different walks of life. However, when our furry protagonist is heard narrating his ordeal in a heart wrenching opening scene… well… let’s just say the water works were already flowing. Sniff… sniff. Alright guys… sniff… let’s… sniff begin.

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I – – Went – – to – – see – – The Art – – of – – Self Defense (Movie Review)

The Art of Self Defense Movie ReviewSo as you know I – – went – – to see – – The Art – – of – – Self Defense.  And it – – was – -great! To give you guys a little insight… I had no idea this film was coming out. My expectations for this film were quite low due to my ignorance of its existence. This has proven to be a pretty good strategy when it comes to viewing films though. Going into a film with an open mind, free of preconceived notions, or hype, allows you to truly take in what you’re watching. What I was watching was some pretty good stuff. Due to not watching any trailers or reading about this film at all I was shocked and surprised at how well-crafted and detailed the film was. Well – – lets see – – what – – it’s all – – about! Continue reading ‘I – – Went – – to – – see – – The Art – – of – – Self Defense (Movie Review)’


Need a Ride? Let’s Go With Stuber! (Movie Review)

Stuber Movie ReviewStuber was… a great time at the cinema! I didn’t think I was going to have as much fun as I did with this one, but I did. Out of the few comedies I’ve reviewed this summer, The Dead Don’t Die (2019) and The Fall of the American Empire (2018), Stuber (2019) has been my favorite for sure! I laughed my cheeks off, both sets, throughout the whole film. At certain points in the film I was literally wiping tears of joy from my face. As you have probably gathered… the comedy is great. The action in the film, even for a comedy, is pretty solid. From beginning to end Stuber never takes its foot off the gas! Alright guys let’s open up the app and select our ride!

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The Fall of the American Empire and the Fall of Crime Dramas (Movie Review)

The Fall of the American Empire Movie ReviewOne thing I don’t want to do in the movie theater is read. However, when you sit down to a Canadian french speaking film with english subtitles you’re kind of locked in. The Fall of the American Empire is a film that I was very much unfamiliar with, but was willing to give a shot. The film gives us a typical “what would you do with the money?” scenario involving a large sum of cash suddenly coming into the possession of our “Average Joe” protagonist. The premise is appealing due to its juxtaposing themes of morality and desire. The allure of money, and the power that comes with it, is a tale as old as time. Watching what money does to a character is fascinating. It’s like a car crash… you just can’t look away. The transformation of said character is something that an audience cannot help, but to be tuned into. I was very much along for the ride. I was on the edge of my seat while I nervously watched the protagonist dodge the law scene after scene. The possibility of being caught red-handed loomed around every corner. However, disappointment struck when I least expected it. Alright guys hurry up and grab a duffle bag of cash the review is coming! Continue reading ‘The Fall of the American Empire and the Fall of Crime Dramas (Movie Review)’


‘The Dead Don’t Die’… And Neither Does Comedy! (Movie Review)

The Dead Don't Die Movie ReviewThe Dead Don’t Die… this movie came out of nowhere for me. This was not a highly anticipated film for me in the slightest. However, the film was a nice change of pace from the usual comic book flick, big action movie, or occasional remake that usually clutters the Summer box office. The Dead Don’t Die is fun! The cast is great! The acting, though wooden, works for the film these actors are in. As entertained as I was there were points during the film that I almost felt tempted to check its pulse… this one does drag a little with the pacing. To get a better idea let’s hop in the car, put on a little Sturgill Simpson, and  head to Centerville to see why the dead don’t want to die!

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Godzilla King of the Monsters & The Age of The Titans Has Come! (Movie Review)

Godzilla King of the Monsters has been one of my most anticipated movies of the year, besides Avengers: Endgame of course.  The trailers alone solidified my need to see this film opening weekend. Though the previous installment, Godzilla 2014, did leave me slightly disappointed I was still ecstatic to see this film.  So what can I say about Godzilla King of the Monsters?   This film is cranked up to eleven!  Godzilla’s atomic breath is on full blast against the fearsomely ferocious Monster Zero.  The radioactive lizard king and his fellow titans chew up the scenery with every thunderous step, concussive wingbeat, and nostalgic screech!  On the ground level we follow some new and some returning human characters among the turmoil.  Though the film features a heavy hitting cast with performances from Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga, Millie Bobby Brown, and more, it is clear that the titans are the true show stealers.  This is not to say that the human characters weren’t as imposing, but they are a little… well let’s drop in to the no fly zone and see what its all about!

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