Magic Mike XXL (Blu-ray Review)

Magic Mike XXLLadies & Gentlemen. Director Gregory Jacobs hits out of the park with this one, as we know from my previous review, Magic Mike XXL was a hit in my world. The wait is over and now we can have our own little party of sparkly peen regions packaged in a nice little Blu-ray. Despite the little sounding previous statement Magic Mike XXL is quite the opposite. Mike (Channing Tatum) is feeling a bit down because he can’t pay for his lovely co-workers insurance and no one wants to buy sweet ass furniture anymore. Coupled with that is the fact that his girlfriend left him with a wedding ring in his hand. Harsh. Harsh and why and what was she thinking?

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The Runner (Blu-ray Review)

The RunnerI have a fascination with Nicolas Cage that is paramount to most things in my life. I googled bio-sonar once because I was on a walk in the dead of the night on the hem of a field of straw far from existence and I thought I heard Nicolas Cage’s voice from Adaptation and immediately jumped to the conclusion that we must have a secret way of communicating, a harmonic composition if I may. Then I thought to myself, “that must be my new cochlear implant malfunctioning.” And then I thought — “I don’t have a cochlear implant” — and then I thought, “I am a microbat bat and Nicolas Cage is a horseshoe bat and we can communicate through echolocation.” I had this friend who was telling me a story once about how he’d met Nicolas Cage, after the conversation I thought about what an imaginative yarn my friend was spinning, yet I found myself jogging and soon running to said location and their I saw an Owl. It looked me in the eye and I knew it was him. I chased after it but it soon left me to the light of the moon and there I did the same hand gesture that they do in Mad Max when someone dies — in a state of displeasure I comforted myself by walking home and watching a crowd pleaser,The Runner.
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SDCC 2015: Ash vs. Evil Dead Trailer & Panel

SDCC 2015We didn’t get to see this because you have to sacrifice parts of your soul to be in Hall H all day. This is the time where I wish I was Hermione Granger with her god-damned time-turner, it’s all about encasing that hour-reversal charm for added stability.  Alas, with fresh baby deer eyes I watched the Ash VS. Evil Dead trailer this morning and immediately squirmed in delight while simultaneously planning the best-ever-halloween-slash-Ash VS. Evil Dead-party extravaganza for it’s premiere on October 31st 2015.  It will be the best this Halloween.  This trailer is action packed along with sprinkles of dark comedy.  A little light with the dark is always well suited and it certainly doesn’t skip out on the gore.  There was a lot of blood in this trailer, on faces, in cars, all over.  With fast cuts galore it is visually a blast from the past.  Here’s the trailer:

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SDCC 2015: Star Wars Panel

Star Wars The Force Awakens Comic-Con 2015Chris Hardwick, “BACK AGAIN!” he says!  The crowd cheers, this is the biggest panel today in Hall H.  People have filled in every little blank and gap. “This is an experience just this group of us will have for the rest of our lives.”

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SDCC 2015: Game of Thrones

SDCC 2015This was a fun one.  Seth Meyers was the moderator of this panel and was fantastic at that.  The guests of this panel were vast and included Gwendoline Christie, Sophie Turner, Alfie Allens, David Nutter, John Bradley, Maisie Williams, Carolyn Strauss, Conleth Hill (more on him later) Liam Cunningham, Natalie Dormer and Carice Van Houten, my god!

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SDCC 2015: FEAR the Walking Dead

SDCC 2015FEAR the Walking Dead followed The Walking Dead panel, naturally, and proved to be quite interesting at that. Chris Hardwick blesses us again as the moderator of this panel. This is an interesting one in comparison to the other’s in Hall H because we are meeting the cast of FEAR the Walking Dead for the first time.

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SDCC 2015: Doctor Who

SDCC 2015Chris Hardwick from The Nerdist sauntered onto the stage in Hall H to introduce the cast of Doctor Who which included: Peter Capaldi (The Doctor) Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald) Michele Gomez (Missy) and last but certainly not least Steven Moffat writer and producer of Dr. Who — we all know his work doesn’t stop there. If your a Sherlock fan you have his talents to thank as well. If you’re me that’s a whole portion of my life, I digress.

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SDCC 2015: Hunger Games Panel

SDCC 2105The Lionsgate Panel truly delivered when it came to Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 2. The panel started with four men in white military style suits banging on drums very dramatically. They started to filter down the aisles and the hall filled with loud rhythmic drumming that started as soon as it stopped and Hall H went black. A small message hit the screen saying,”Stand by for a message from District Thirteen.” The crowd which was deathly quiet started to tingle and cheers started to erupt. The Drumming that was previously playing blared through speakers and the crowd was ecstatic!

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SDCC 2015: Open Road Panel HALL H

SDCC 2105Hall H began with a bang with Bill Murray sauntering down the middle aisle to the tune of “Smoke on the Water.” Of course he received a standing ovation, not only because he’s Bill Murray, but also because it was his first Comic-Con appearance. Joined by “Rock the Kasbah” screenwriter Mitch Glazer, they were comfortable, funny, and very charming. Murray joked that his collaboration with Glazer includes Glazer writing and Murray re-writing.

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Magic Mike XXL (Movie Review)


Director Gregory Jacobs and Writer Reid Caroline have a present for women and men alike — and it’s called “Magic Mike XXL,” an absolute must see. Take your hyper critical thinking caps off for a second and just enjoy the ride. THE RIDE. XXL is in the title for god’s sake get into it. My eyes ran a train on a pound of dick glitter for almost two hours and I smiled through basically the entire thing. If I wasn’t smiling I was having serious feels for Joe Manganiello character’s sexual arc and witnessing estranged male entertainer BFFs rekindle friendships and discover how much they seriously love stripping together. This movie is a 5-star buffet in some foreign exotic land no one knows about; I just couldn’t choose where to look or what to put on my plate. My brain plate.

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