SDCC 2016: Spotlight on Jason Aaron

jasonaaronJason Aaron is one of the best writers in the game today. The Other Side really put him on the map back in ’06, and ever since then he’s been a runaway train of talent and hits. Scalped was his first running title, it’s a brutal, addicting saga about Native American politics. Scalped introduced me to Aaron’s work, and from the first issue on, I knew I’d buy everything he wrote. He hasn’t let me down yet. Aaron has now been writing Thor for years, and it is, with no hyperbole, literally the best Thor run I’ve ever read. Oh yeah, and he also writes a little title you may have heard of, goes by the name of Star Wars. On top of that, he’s remained true to his indie roots, writing both Southern Bastards, and The God Damned. The first being a football-centric tale of southern culture, and the latter being a biblical book set in the pre-flood world which has a brutal take on that mythology, the likes of which you’ve never seen. Jason Aaron, full of charisma, intellect, and best of all, news, hosted a “panel”, if you can call one writer talking candidly to his fans a panel. It went like this… Continue reading ‘SDCC 2016: Spotlight on Jason Aaron’


SDCC 2016: Grant Morrison & Graphic India

grantGrant Morrison is one of the most iconic, accomplished writers in comics today. Beyond having written The Invisibles, All Star Superman, New X-men, Final Crisis, The Filth, and many more, he has also been the focus of a documentary, Talking with Gods. Further still, he wrote the enlightening book, Super Gods: What Masked Vigilantes, Miraculous Mutants, and a Sun God from Smallville Can Teach Us About Being Human. Recently Morrison has delved into Indian mythology, and spearheaded the publishing company Graphic India. I was lucky enough to hear him speak about it. Continue reading ‘SDCC 2016: Grant Morrison & Graphic India’


Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Comic Review)

Star_Wars_The_Force_AwakensThere are some writers, some artists, and some properties which carry such gravitas it becomes all but impossible for a fan to pass by. An issue one of Star Wars, The Force Awakens, written by Chuck Wendig is a fine example. There was basically zero chance I was going to pass this book up. So it is with great disappointment that I must report that it brought absolutely nothing to the table.

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Scarlet is Back! (Comic Review)

ScarletSix long years ago a little comic by the name of Scarlet first hit the shelves. I picked it up without ever having heard about it for two simple reasons. First, it was written by the tried and true Brian Michael Bendis, arguably one of the best, and hardest working writers in the business today. Second, it was illustrated by Alex Maleev, whose simultaneously raw yet refined style is undeniably top notch. As an added bonus, Bendis & Maleev have a history of working together, and their synergistic capabilities had proven to be stellar. So I picked up the book, and it instantly became one of my favorites…and then, five issues in…it ended. Fans were understandably disappointed, until 2013 when the duo served up two more issues, no worse for the time off, and that seemed to be well and truly it for Scarlet. So when I recently walked into the comic shop and saw the cover declaring itself on the shelf: “Scarlet is Back!” my jaw dropped and my eyes bugged out. After having read it, I’m here to tell you, this book is better than ever. Continue reading ‘Scarlet is Back! (Comic Review)’


Who Killed Kurt Cobain? (Comic Announcement)

WhoKilledKurtCobainThe release of the graphic novel Who Killed Kurt Cobain was recently announced at the Emerald City Comicon. This book, written by Nicolas Otero, will be published by IDW, and where better to make such an announcement than Seattle, Cobain’s old stomping grounds. The book, slated for release this October, is told from the perspective of Boddah, Cobain’s child hood imaginary friend (real in the sense that Cobain truly did reference this character throughout his life). While it’s clearly a fictional work, it’s also largely based on true events. Upon initially hearing this news I was immediately and enthusiastically excited about it, because this is Kurt Cobain we’re talking about. To this day, well after his death, he’s still a rock god, a timeless, revered legend. Then, after a little bit of time and consideration, I started to get nervous.

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Star Wars: C-3PO, The Phantom Limb (Comic Review)

Star_Wars_Special_C-3PO_coverIt seems safe to say that Star Wars, The Force Awakens, which currently tops the U.S. box office record, was seen by plenty of folks. If you haven’t seen it, here’s a spoiler that will not at all ruin the movie in any way shape or form. C-3PO, the obnoxiously worrisome sidekick to R2-D2, has a red arm. You couldn’t miss it in the movie, because 3PO goes out of his way to point it out. What we didn’t know until now was why. Star Wars C-3PO is a one off, single issue comic telling the tale of how 3PO acquired his crimson appendage.

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Black Panther #1 (Comic Review)

BP1It’s no surprise that Marvel has rebooted the Black Panther series. After all, they have their blockbuster movie, Captain America: Civil War, coming out May 6th, which will be introducing T’challa, the Black Panther, to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s not at all uncommon for Marvel to hype looming movies by pushing related video games, action figures, and comics leading up the release date. Sometimes these endeavors are more about raising awareness, and of course, making a buck, which can unfortunately compromise the integrity of the project. I’ve seen it many times before, which is why I’m so happy to report that Black Panther isn’t just a marketing device. It’s an ambitious, original, top notch book which has quickly become a must read for me.

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Countdown to Batman Vs. Superman: All Star Superman (Comic Review)

Superman_All-Star_Superman_002In the days leading up to Batman Vs. Superman, some of us here at whysoblu wanted to discuss our favorite Batman and Superman comics to recognize and appreciate the storied history of these characters. So without further ado…

All Star Superman was such a breath of fresh air for me. I honestly though that I genuinely didn’t care about Superman anymore. Don’t get me wrong, when Jerry Seigel and Joe Shuster introduced this iconic hero, it forever changed the world of comic books, and it did so for the better. For that, I will be forever grateful, but as new comics and new characters emerged, the golden boy of comics faded into the background, and I was okay with that. After all, one of the most difficult characters to write has to be one with near omnipotent powers. Here’s a guy who shrugs off bullets, can fly around the planet, and blast laser beams out of his eyes. While it may be fun to see somebody who can do everything, the immediate issue is why bother writing it? If he can beat any foe, if he’s powerful enough to overcome any obstacle, what drama is left? This is why I love All Star Superman, because it goes back to the roots, and found a new way to tell a FANTASTIC story. Continue reading ‘Countdown to Batman Vs. Superman: All Star Superman (Comic Review)’


Countdown to Batman Vs. Superman: A Death in the Family (Comic Review)


In the days leading up to Batman Vs. Superman, some of us here at whysoblu wanted to discuss our favorite Batman and Superman comics to recognize and appreciate the storied history of these characters. So without further ado…

A Death in the Family, written by Jim Starlin (Infinity Gauntlet), and illustrated by Jim Aparo (House of Mystery) was my first trade paperback, so needless to say I read it like a thousand times. Sometimes I would re-read certain pages, or even panels, because they were so powerful, and I just wanted to experience them again and again. The trade paperback format would come to be a major factor in the comic industry, but these single issue originally came out in 1988 and 1989, and at that time there weren’t nearly as many trades available. To have one was to have a real treat, and I made sure to capitalize on that. I’m not exaggerating when I say this book was on my bedside table for probably two years. So what (besides having it collected) was so good about it? A great many things.

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Countdown to Batman Vs. Superman: Reign of the Supermen (Comic Review)

deathofsupermanIn the days leading up to Batman Vs. Superman, some of us here at whysoblu wanted to discuss our favorite Batman and Superman comics to recognize and appreciate the storied history of these characters. So without further ado…
Reign of the Supermen holds a special place in my heart. I know this might be kind of a cheat, picking a cross title story arc as one of my favorite Superman stories, but it was a collaborative, cohesive event. Also, it’s technically not about Kal-el, but is undoubtedly a Superman story. It’s interesting, I’ve actually found that many of my favorite Superman stories don’t center around the man himself, but more on that later. Enough with the disclaimers, let’s get to why this series made the list.

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Celebrate International Women’s Day with Bitch Planet (Comic Review)

bitchplanetthumbnailWritten by Kelly Sue DeConnick (Pretty Deadly, Captain Marvel), illustrated by Valentine De Landro (X-Factor), and put out by Image Comics, Bitch Planet shines on every level. Now heading into its 8th issue, due out April 6th, it has already cemented itself as a must read. The book is centered around a futuristic interstellar women’s penitentiary. To say the inmates have it rough is to put it very lightly. They are, however, allowed to play a brutal game called Megaton which has similar objectives to football or rugby, but with much more violence allowed. This outlet is utilized to demonstrate their indomitable perseverance and might. Continue reading ‘Celebrate International Women’s Day with Bitch Planet (Comic Review)’


Silver Surfer Celebrates 50 Stellar Years!

silversurferIt was 50 years ago that the legendary Stan Lee, architect of Marvel Comics, described to the equally legendary Jack Kirby, visionary pioneer of comic art, his idea about a Demi-god character called Galactus. Stan was bored with their rogue’s gallery of defeatable, under ambitious villains. He wanted a threat of galactic proportions. He devised the massively gigantic Galactus, who fed off the energy of worlds as he traversed the cosmos.
It was only happenstance that Jack Kirby casually tossed in some images of a silver being on a surf board blazing a trail through the stars for Galactus. Jack’s reasoning was that any being as powerful as Galactus would not wander space alone, hoping to find his next meal. Surely, he would have an agent, a herald, if you will, to scout ahead. Stan was so taken with the imagery of this noble enigma that the spot light actually transferred away from the planet devourer to this unexpected new character. They decided to call him Norrin Radd, the Silver Surfer, and he blazed into Marvel history in Fantastic Four #48, back in 1966. Continue reading ‘Silver Surfer Celebrates 50 Stellar Years!’


Old Man Logan (Comic Review)

Old_Man_Logan DKThis review is regarding Jeff Lemire’s Old Man Logan which came out 1/27/16, not Mark Millar’s original Wolverine: Old Man Logan, nor Brian Michael Bendis’ Old Man Logan: Secret Wars.
Back in 2014, when Marvel decided to “kill” Wolverine, I was honestly glad. I knew they’d never throw away such a golden egg permanently, after all, the vast majority of characters don’t stay dead in the Marvel universe for long, especially not cash cows like Logan. Moreover, I was relieved to see less of him in the books for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Wolverine fan, in the same way Raphael is my favorite turtle. I love the angry, dangerous, plays by his own rules type hero, but there is such a thing as too much, and Wolverine passed it a while ago. Imagine my surprise, then, when I picked up this book new Wolverine book, and found it to be a blast.

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Archie (Comic Review)

ArchieFaceI’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that most people hear “Archie comics” and dismiss it as kid’s stuff. I say that, because that’s exactly what I did. But I’m here to tell ya, this book is fantastic for fans of any age. If it wasn’t, I probably wouldn’t have kept reading it. What’s more, there was a time, way back when, that comics were actually written with the express intention of being read by kids. That Mark Waid (The Flash, Daredevil), Fiona Staples (Saga), Veronica Fish (Pirates of Mars), and the fine folks over at Archie Comics are making a such an all-around great book, which just so happens to be great for kids to read, is a win for children comic fans, it’s a win for adult comic fans, and frankly it’s a win for the comic industry.

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Cry Havoc (Comic Review)

CryHavoc01Cry Havoc has arrived, written by Simon Spurrier (Six Gun Gorilla, Marvel Zombies), and illustrated by Ryan Kelly (Local, Star Wars), this much anticipated issue one does not disappoint. Image comics has a reputation for putting out fantastic creator owned titles. If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have series like the Walking Dead or Saga, among many others, so it stands to reason that when they strongly advertise a new series, it behooves a comic junkie to expect great things. Such was the case with Cry Havoc, which puts a literal twist on Shakespeare’s quote “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.”. Image knew they had promising material, and have been wisely hyping comic readers for some time. Now it’s here, and hot damn, did they hit the mark yet again.

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Year of the Deadpool

deadpoolOl’ Wade Wilson, the merc with the mouth himself, is going to have a banner year! This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Deadpool comic book, which has stood out as one of Marvel’s fan favorites for years. Don’t believe me? Go to any comic convention worth its salt, and count how many Deadpools you see walking around. This occasion will be celebrated by releasing a special anniversary issue, Deadpool #7, due out next month. It’s building up to be a book you won’t want to miss. We’re promised not only our standard excellence from the current team of Gerry Duggan on scripts, Scott Kobush on art, and Nick Filardi on color, but Marvel is also bringing back former Deadpool creators to deliver an all-around Deadpool life time achievement style roast! I can hardly wait.

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Looking Back on Secret Wars

secretwars-ThorsThe 9th, and final issue of Marvel’s Secret Wars has finally come out. Why is this a big deal? Well, it depends on who you ask. Opinions on projects of this scale vary widely, which is great because it gets people talking. Regardless of how you felt about it, the fact that it happened at all is a big deal. That’s the very nature of these major cross-over, all hands on deck type epic events. Generally when Marvel finishes such a behemoth of an endeavor, the landscape we’d been accustomed to will have shifted drastically. Fan boys and girls will look back for generations to come and discuss the magnitude of the event, and how things were never the same after. These events can be massive triumphs, as proven by Civil War and A vs X, but sometimes they fall short…

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The SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer Has Dropped!

Harley Quinn THUMBI have to admit I may have been losing faith in the DC side of comic book movies. Don’t get me wrong, the Dark Knight trilogy was fantastic, but it ended, and what else was inspiring? Not Green Lantern. Not Man of Steel. So there I was wishing for DC to get in the game, to hit us with some of that freaking fantastic material we all know is sitting in their vaults, when this little beauty of a trailer drops.  Click on or scroll down to check it out!

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