Daughtry Rocks Out Live

DaughtryThis past April 1st was no fool’s day, as rocker Chris Daughtry and company were in Cleveland performing in front of a capacity crowd.  I’m still utterly dumbfounded when I mention Daughtry’s name (referring to either the man himself or his band’s namesake) and I still get retorts of “I don’t know” or “I don’t watch American Idol.”  I wasn’t alive during the late 1700’s but I still know who George Washington is.  My point is, I don’t watch the show either, but somehow through the magic of reading or some other kind of awareness, I know who the guy is.

The former Idol contestant wowed television audiences across the States and then shocked them as the likely favorite was eliminated prematurely and finished the season in fourth place.  That season’s winner, Taylor Hicks, has nearly fallen off everyone’s radar (though he currently tours with Grease) while Daughtry is now part of a musical ensemble that’s front and center in the rock n’ roll genre.  It just goes to show that winning isn’t everything.

The evening’s plan was two opening acts, the first of which was a band called Cavo.  Before April 1st, I knew nothing of this band.  Heck, I never even heard of them before, and as opening acts go, I’ve seen a whole lot more bad than good.  Cavo was the latter.  The band’s fluid, solid sound was enough for me to end a discussion in the venue’s concourse so I could grab my seat and catch this impressive group.  The St. Louis-based band provided a rhythmically entertaining performance though it was short-lived… such is the case with the limited time given for an opener.  While they have been labeled as a hard rock band, I would have to drop the ‘hard’ and just call them what they are; a rock band.  That’s no knock against them.  It’s just calling a duck a duck.  By no means does it diminish their level of talent.  After all, I plan on buying their album before the weekend is over.


The second act of the night was the more widely known Lifehouse.  Their lead singer, L.A. native Jason Wade, provides the vocal delivery through the band’s more mellow tunes like ‘Broken’, to the quicker ‘Hanging By a Moment’ to the more rockin’ ‘Here Today Gone Tomorrow’ off their new album Smoke and Mirrors.  Lifehouse, for the most part, is what I tended to think of as a mild rock band with admirable success.  Although, I was a bit off on the mild part as this band really hammered home some of their tunes on stage.  Wade even took a moment between songs to address the Cleveland audience and express his fandom for Cavalier superstar LeBron James, hoping he remains with the team after this season.  That says a lot coming from a Laker guy!

Then came the evening’s headliner; Daughtry.  A massive white sheet shrouded the stage in secrecy as it stretched from floor to ceiling.  The theme from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman blockbuster filled the air as lights danced about behind the curtain.  As four silhouettes became visible, the crowd erupted with a verbal resonance derived from their adrenaline-laced anticipation.  The massive curtain dropped as the band simultaneously initiated their set with an explosive intro.  As lead singer Chris Daughtry unleashed his music into the mic, he rocked its stand in rhythm with the song and it became obvious that this guy must be a big Batman fan.  The stand’s base was the Batman logo.  Hey I want one and I can’t even sing.


The band played radio favorites such as ‘Feels Like Tonight’, ‘No Surprise’, and a very slightly altered version of ‘It’s Not Over’.  For me, I’ve always enjoyed the band’s sound but for whatever reason, never made a run to the store to buy their albums.  That has changed as of today.  Concerts are the perfect opportunity to hear all of what a band has to offer and in Daughtry’s case, hard rock tunes such as ‘You Don’t Belong’ and the ballad ‘September’ perked my ears to music I could feel.  It’s got substance.  It’s got drive.  It even gets a little angry at times and for all that, I am onboard.

The band even covered Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air Tonight’ along with Billy Idol’s ‘Rebel Yell’; both of which received rousing approval from the audience.  During their encore, there was a highlight of the band’s bassist, Josh Paul and the unreal talent and stage presence he brings to the table.  Before it was all over, even Lifehouse’s Jason Wade joined Chris Daughtry as the two shared the stage in a crowd-pleasing dual-performance.  The light display that accompanies the band’s sound is nothing short of luminescent brilliance and Chris Daughtry closed the evening by thanking all the fans for spending their hard-earned money on coming to see them.  That says a lot about that guy and for $39 a ticket (not including the ludicrous $11.65 Ticketbastard, I mean Ticketmaster fee), it was three top shelf performances for a great price.

The next time Daughtry comes to your area, I highly recommend grabbing a few tickets to the show.  People are so quick to dismiss the band without hearing their work once they are aware of Chris Daughtry’s association with American Idol.  Give me a break.  It goes along with the old adage, “don’t judge a book by its cover.”  Daughtry delivers a high energy performance that is one wicked treat for the eyes and ears.  As far as live performances go, this one was in my top ten of all time.






13 Responses to “Daughtry Rocks Out Live”

  1. Brian White

    Gregg and I just had a little falling out over text messaging so let me set the record straight. Quite frankly, I am getting sick of this whole text messaging anyway. It’s crippling my thumbs.

    Anyway, what I was trying to say is that I am big Lifehouse fan. Whether you like them or not, the fact is they have been on the scene for 10 plus years now. IMO, their first two albums were stellar. Then they underwent some minor personnel changes and things haven’t been the same since. Heck, my wedding song was a Lifehouse track. What I was trying to say is that you know a band is on their way out when they start opening for newcomer acts instead of being the headliner act themselves. That’s all I was saying.

    I’m not going to lie. I’m not a Daughtry fan. His songs are catchy, but just not my cup of tea. They remind me of a rough Bon Jovi meets early Creed. Anyway, from what I saw of him on American Idol before he always had control of the stage. So it comes as no surprise from Gregg’s review that I am sure he did a grand job of commanding the stage.

    However, I was shocked when Gregg said it was one of his top 10 concerts of all-time. So…that means…out of all the Dave Matthew concerts you been too…only 9 were better than this right? 🙂 Sorry…I could not help it. Please forgive me.

    Grand review! I’m not familiar with Cavo, but make sure Daughtry sees this! There’s a Facebook group for everything out there!

  2. Gregg

    To clarify, you referred to Lifehouse as ‘a legacy band.’ I would hardly clarify them with such a monumental title. When I think of a legacy band, I think of the Beatles or the Rolling Stones.

  3. Brian White

    But see to me…they are legendary. They are in my Top 10 of all-time. Are you saying my wedding wasn’t legendary? Our wedding song was Lifehouse man? Remember that! 🙂 I’ll give you the Beatles, but I never had much love for the Stones. Again…my opinion only. Jason and Lifehouse will always be legacy in my complex world. Wait! That does not make any sense. It’s 11:38 and I am writing about a serial killer. What’s suppose to make sense?

  4. candy

    Love the review and your sense of humor. I had only seen CAVO open for Nickelback (I believe it was at Blossom)and they were pretty good. Daughtry was amazing though and us thought since the cloths from our generation were coming back from the 80’s, we loved hearing music from the 80’s. Rebel Yell!!

  5. Gregg

    Thanks Candy! I appreciate the feedback, especially when it’s good 😉

  6. wakeup
  7. Already Up
  8. Judy C. in Ohio

    Thanks for the great review. I will get to see them in Columbus, OH on Friday. This will be my 8+(?) show and 4th VIP with Daughtry; and my 5th VIP will be in Pittsburgh in June. I am now so looking forward to Fri. This Daughtry band is so generous to their fans. They could be probably the best band out there right now. Thanks for giving them a great review.

  9. Gregg

    Not a problem, Judy, just calling it like I see it. They were awesome. There are two things I was interested in of what you mentioned. Does the band change their setlist during a tour and what does a VIP pass get you? I’ve had friends by VIP passes for a DMB concert and it was a waste. They got dinner and the show. No meet and greet or anything worth the price those passes fetch.

  10. Gerard Iribe

    Who’s Daughtry?

  11. Rachel

    Nice review! I’ve seen Daughtry perform a half dozen times and think they are fantastic! I agree that they are indeed very generous to their fans. According to the website at daughtryvip.com, the VIP does not include a ticket to the show, but it does provide the following:

    » Watch Daughtry perform at soundcheck
    » Meet and Greet with the band
    » 1 pre-signed poster
    » 1 set of limited edition official guitar pics
    » 1 limited edition VIP only t-shirt
    » 10% off your purchase at Daughtry’s official online merchandise store » 1 photo with Daughtry taken by a professional photographer
    » Front of line entry
    » Pre-show merch shopping
    » Souvenir tour laminate

  12. Gregg

    Good grief, now that’s VIP treatment! Had I only known!

  13. Brian White

    And knowing is half the battle!