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ParanoiaIs it me or is Amber Heard in just about every film as of late?  Don’t get me wrong!  I’m not complaining one bit at all.  I’m actually quite enjoying it!  And even better, our good friends at Fox are giving two lucky readers here the ability to enjoy the upcoming technology thriller Paranoia on them!  Check out the full press release below for some really cool privacy tips and apps to protect and arm yourself with and scroll on until the bottom to learn how you can win one of the 2 DVDs we have to give away.  Good luck…and enjoy!

Here’s a secret you won’t want to keep, and we don’t blame you! Paranoia is coming to DVD and Blu-ray November 19th. Oscar® nominees Harrison Ford (42) and Gary Oldman* (The Dark Knight) star with Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games) in this high-stakes espionage thriller based on Joseph Finder’s New York Times best seller. Fired from his telecom job, Adam Cassidy (Hemsworth) is forced by company CEO Nicolas Wyatt (Oldman) to infiltrate Wyatt’s longtime rival’s (Ford) company to steal trade secrets. Soon, Adam realizes that he’s caught between two ruthless players who will stop at nothing to win. But, desperate to win over an Ivy League beauty (Amber Heard) and help his blue-collar father, Adam risks everything in a dangerous race against time in this electrifying film directed by Robert Luketic. With technology so advanced these days, have you ever considered the best ways to protect your privacy? Fear not, we have compiled a list of the latest top tech trends and apps to help keep your secrets safe. In preparation for Cyber Monday and the release of Paranoia onto DVD and Blu-ray check out the most secure ways to keep your information on lock!



We all have photos we aren’t willing to share if our phones or other devices were to get into the wrong set of hands. PictureSafe is an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad that allows you to take hidden photographs, edit them and organize them into albums.  The app contains features like SnoopStopper and QuickHide, which make bring privacy to a whole new level. It requires a password to be let into the photos and will even show intruders fake photos!


Facebook Control Settings

With our college years filled with red cups and drunken bar pictures documented onto Facebook, it’s important we know just who can see them. Need to block your crazy ex or a potential new employer? Perhaps your conservative relatives just got a profile and sent you a friend request? Go into your privacy settings on Facebook to control who can see what on your profile.


My Special Browser Pro

Embarrassed about your last Google search? No need to panic if you haven’t remembered to clear your Internet’s history. This app allows your usage to be totally private, as it deletes your history each time you exit.

Watch it

Each day people leave their homes without truly knowing what can go on while they are away. While we hope our homes are safe and sound, there is now a way to monitor at home security cameras through an iPhone. Watch It is an app that allows users to watch live videos and clips of what is taking place inside their homes. Wonder what your dog is up to? Forget to lock the door? Watch it will let you know through an email, text or notification.

Secret Apps

Secret Apps is the best $0.99 you ever spent on an iPhone application. It protects any data you want private on your phone, and will take a picture of any intruders trying to break into your information.

Before Paranoia, what movie was the last we saw Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman in together?

A)     Air Force One

B)     Six Days Seven Nights

C)     The Professional


For your chance to win a DVD of Paranoia

Log into your favorite email client and send us an email to webmaster at whysoblu dot com (piece that together) with…your name, full U.S. mailing address (NO PO BOXES), the right answer to the above question and the name of the contest (Paranoia) and hit Submit or Enter or Send and BAM… you’re automatically entered.  As a caveat…please also tell all your friends to follow us on Facebook and Twitter too.  Could it be any simpler?  A couple lucky readers will be picked on Tuesday, November 19th and will be notified via email.  Again…continental US entries only.  Only one entry per person.  Good luck!

*** Any entires that don’t follow the rules set forth within this paragraph will be instantly dismissed ***



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