Gary Moore: Live at Montreux 2010 (Blu-ray Review)

Before his untimely death earlier this year, Gary Moore went all out at his Montreux show in 2010. Moore is a legendary blues-rock guitarist and singer, and is one of my most beloved classic artists. If Moore were around today, he would be ecstatic to see himself on this dazzling Blu-ray disc, which has near-perfect sound and picture quality. It’s not all illustrious, as usual. With these Eagle Rock concert Blu-ray’s being released, not a bunch of special features have been included, and this is no exception. Hopefully in the future, more features can be at liberty, but for now, take the weight off your feet, unwind, and enjoy some pleasant music. 




Gary Moore: Live at Montreux 2010 was Gary Moore’s final recorded show that took place at the Montreux in July 2010 before his unpredictable death in early February this year. Moore was an unbelievably gifted artist, and an exceptional singer. Aside from supplying the stampede of greatness that is his vocals, he is also an extravagant guitarist, who shows his true colors with his countless remarkable guitar solos.

A quote on Gary Moore regarding the Montreux Jazz Festival: “The best thing about playing at Montreux is that you’re alongside so many great musicians, people like Larry Carlton. Not only that, but when you’re there you become totally immersed in music The whole town becomes part of the festival – and it’s not just jazz, there’s great variety. Walking down the street you’ll hear blues and American college bands, rock and pop.”

Now that line spoke to me in many ways, but I guess the biggest way it stood out to me is that it sounds quite awe-inspiring. The way he describes his infatuation for the art of music is poignant, genuine, and relatable. As a colossal music fan (my iTunes library contains just about six thousand songs), and a minor fan of Moore’s work, this is a Blu-ray to keep.

It’s miraculous seeing Moore on stage again. Throughout the concert, you can really observe the passion (and sweat) on his face and see his enthusiasm for the arts, as well as his fans. It is also pleasurable seeing him singing a few new and old songs:


Over The Hills And Far Away
Thunder Rising
Military Man
Days Of Heroes
Where Are You Now?
So Far Away / Empty Rooms
Oh Wild One
Blood Of Emeralds
Out In The Fields
Still Got The Blues
Walking By Myself
Johnny Boy
Parisienne Walkways

Bonus Tracks 1997

One Good Reason
Oh Pretty Woman
Still Got The Blues
Walking By Myself


Gary Moore: Live at Montreux 2010 is presented in 1080i, (1.78:1), and looks extraordinary, as anticipated. Again, the same approach that is with most concert films applies to this one too; it consists of shots solely focusing on the stage, with brief moments of audience fandom. The lighting is fine and colors are blended well. I might go so far as to say this quality is detailed to an extent where you can see the sweat dripping off of Gary Moores face… in magnificent high definition


Gary Moore: Live at Montreux 2010 is presented in glorious DTS-HD MA 5.1. Needless to say, this sounds dazzling. Songs are consistently well performed and the Blu-ray presentation of all the music is as sharp and clear as it could be. The instruments, vocals, and audience ambience sounds throughout are equally balanced. An all around win in the audio department.

Special Features

Unfortunately, Gary Moore: Live at Montreux 2010 comes supplied with the very lazy and limited in the special features department. There are four additional tracks not in the movie.

Bonus Tracks 1997

One Good Reason
Oh Pretty Woman
Still Got The Blues
Walking By Myself

Final Thoughts 

Gary Moore is a fantastic artist. He is a great blues musician and knows how to get an audience going. If only he was still here today to see how grateful we are for his wonderful music. This is a fine Blu-ray that has sharp video and audio, but falls apart when it comes to extras.




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