Gregg Gets 1st Dose of Anti-Venom

Anti-VenomPoor Eddie Brock.  The former journalist and Spider-Man nemesis has certainly fallen on hard times.  First, Peter Parker catches him in the act of falsifying a story.  Lose Daily Bugle job…check.  Next, he comes in contact with the alien symbiote that bonds with him to form Venom.  Life of crime…check.  Next, his father told him he wanted nothing to do with him which was followed by Brock’s wife leaving him.  Broken relationships…check.  To top it all off, Brock then discovers he has cancer and as a result, the symbiote leaves him for a healthier host.  Really crappy domino effect in your life…check, check, check.

It wasn’t until Eddie came in contact with one Martin Li, also known as Mr. Negative, that his tide of luck began to shift.  Li’s yin-yang mysticism was able to cure Brock who now had a new lease on life.  A reformed citizen, Brock was working in Li’s community center minding his own business when he found himself under attack by Mac Gargan.  You may know Gargan as one of Spider-Man’s oldest foes; the Scorpion.  However, those days of donning the emerald, tail-toting suit are a thing of the past as good old Mac is now the proud owner of a new pet…if you can call an alien symbiote that grants you superhuman abilities a pet.  With that in mind, you guessed it; Gargan is the new Venom.


The battle between the new Venom and Brock wasn’t as lopsided as it sounds though.  During the showdown, Brock involuntarily enacted the abilities of a new symbiote on his own (I checked Amazon for ‘Symbiote-Making for Dummies’ but no one seems to have written this yet…hey, I’m all for self-help books).  Covering him from head to toe in a near photo negative color scheme of Venom, Brock became Anti-Venom and went into the business of keeping the bad guys down and healing those in need.  Sometimes ‘healing’ meant knocking a street thug on his arse, but hey, whatever works.  Some people need more reinforcement than others.


In a brand new three-part series, Anti-Venom: New Ways to Live has very recently made its debut on store shelves across the country.  With a certain someone by the name of Frank Castle joining the fray in issue 1, you can bet a whole lot of people will be leaving the mortal world via lead poisoning from the business end of Castle’s tools (otherwise known as really big guns).  The unlikely pairing of Anti-Venom and the Punisher prove to be a force to be reckon with.  Although, armed-to-the-teeth drug pushers are the least of Anti-Venom’s worries in this first issue.  Get your hands on your copy of issue 1 today!






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