Magic Mike XXL (Blu-ray Review)

Magic Mike XXLLadies & Gentlemen. Director Gregory Jacobs hits out of the park with this one, as we know from my previous review, Magic Mike XXL was a hit in my world. The wait is over and now we can have our own little party of sparkly peen regions packaged in a nice little Blu-ray. Despite the little sounding previous statement Magic Mike XXL is quite the opposite. Mike (Channing Tatum) is feeling a bit down because he can’t pay for his lovely co-workers insurance and no one wants to buy sweet ass furniture anymore. Coupled with that is the fact that his girlfriend left him with a wedding ring in his hand. Harsh. Harsh and why and what was she thinking?


We know why guys, it was because we had to see Mike and his buddies gloriously strip their way to the ultimate stripping competition at Myrtle Beach because we all totally know what that is! What can I say about this that I haven’t already said? A lot! Big Dick Richie’s (Joe Manganiello) sexual arc is effing fantastic. His name is fricking Big Dick Richie. In short, Big Dick Richie has a peen that’s too big for ladies, that is until he meets Nancy Davidson (Andy MacDowell) who’s character is definitely symbolic for a whole group of ladies in the real world. You’ll notice that there’s a trend for female characters representing a sort of female type. Every demographic of woman (somewhat) is represented is what I’m saying but more on that later. So Nancy Davidson can take it to the ever-loving base and good for her. Richie’s interaction with the other Kings of Tampa, the morning after he bestows his godly gift into an equally amazing Aphrodite cave, is like watching women gossip and so endearing. Giggles galore and the men are happy that Richie finally has someone that fits him like a glove. A GLOVE people come on.

Magic Mike XXL

This is just one example among many that really lights my fire. As I’ve mentioned before this isn’t something to be hyper-critical about, take off your asshole socks watch the god damned movie and just relax. This is a movie that exists for all audiences. If your a straight man and just immediately dismiss this movie as nothing then you need to not be so judgmental and perhaps explore taking a dance class and/or a finger up the bum. It’s all about that prostate massage am I right gents? I’m right, no question mark needed.

Again, as mentioned in my first review — Each character seems to be coming into their own and cultivating some pretty unique identities. This is paired with genuinely touching moments of extreme respect for the ladies. The Kings of Tampa show insurmountable love for women, which grows deeper as they discover their true songs. No lie this all happens and it’s gorgeous. There’s a sweet symmetry between the ladies of the film and our leading lads. Andie MacDowell’s performance adds stunning social commentary on what it’s like to be a middle-aged woman in the world of love, dating, and sex. On the opposite spectrum we have Jada Pinkett-Smith strutting her beautiful sexually liberated self around an empire she built for women’s entertainment supplied by copious amounts of men. Tables being turned and double standards crashing to the ground.

Magic Mike XXL

Admittedly, the film takes a while to find it’s footing and It doesn’t help that some of the weak moments are populated by the least charismatic actor in the movie, Ken (Mat Bomer) who’s beautiful no doubt but the shamanic like journey his character goes through is forced. Additionally, there’s some lighting techniques that don’t quite do it for me but there’s a reason why this movie works and why it works so well for female audiences. It’s a place and world where women get exactly what they want with the respect and adoration they deserve.


Encoding: MPEG-4 AVC

Resolution: 1080p/TBA

Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1

Clarity/Detail: Due to high demand of flawless man flesh, the clarity and detail on this Blu-ray are impeccable.

Depth: I’m going to say 24 bits per color because of the clarity of the image. I would say that applies to most modern large films. The color is finely tuned in this movie and critical to storyline.

Black Levels: Funny enough there is a whole sequence of this movie (which happens to be my least favorite part in which I referred to lighting techniques earlier) that is practically just a dark scene and a perfect indicator of the levels of black in this movie. Pitch I would say and various.

Color Reproduction: The dominating colors of Magic Mike XXL I would say are a range of blues and reds and a lot of bright sun yellow and that is most likely due to the multiple spot lights on glistening skins.

Flesh Tones: Extra fleshy. No lies this movie is the best to show off color because every demographic of person is practically represented.

Noise/Artifacts: none

Magic Mike XXL


Audio Format(s):  English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

Subtitles: English SDH, French Subtitles, Spanish Subtitles

Dynamics: Dynamic is actually a good word for the dynamic composition of the audio. It’s very modern and various because the audio is populated by a bunch of different styles of music — and it handles them all well.

Low Frequency Extension: The Genuwine scene is all I have to say to that. Get surround sound and your bass will rumble while you watch Channing Tatum gyrate his pelvic region.

Surround Sound Presentation: Glorious, as I just explained. Certainly present, not necessary for your viewing pleasure but certainly makes you feel like your about to get a striptease session? Like you’re in the party waiting and it’s almost your turn but then it doesn’t happen so that sucks so maybe don’t enjoy this with surround sound because maybe it’s just a huge tease.

Dialogue Reproduction: Get ready to have your ears bleed a little bit at some of the downtime dialogue — I’m only half way kidding.

Magic Mike XXL


There most definitely was not enough in the way of special features and/or extras and the ones that are there add up to like only ten minutes. Fricking lame. I was expecting a full sequence of a dance they did but with full peen exposed. There is a sequence where they show Channing Tatum’s dance moves and then someone half way teaching you to dance then an extended dance scene ending with little short about how it was filmed in Georgia.

– The Moves of Magic Mike XXL (8:35)
– Extended Malik Dance Scene (3:42)
– Georgia (2:09)
– Includes UltraViolet so you can enjoy the film on many different compatible devices.

Magic Mike XXL


Get the hell out of your chair and buy this Blu-ray. It’s the holy grail of dick-in-face action coupled with sincerity — and when in the f#$K does that happen? NEVER so what the hell are you doing?  Get out the tumbler and your chilled martini glass, shake up a sweet gin martini, NO VERMOUTH, get that flecked ice in there and sip it.  Then make another one because life and then sit down and just enjoy this movie.  Naked.

Magic Mike XXL


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