SDCC 2016: Rogue One Costumes

Comic-Con LogoWe might not be seeing any Rogue One footage, but the Star Wars booth did have some costumes displayed for your viewing pleasure. While most are ones we’ve already seen, there is a new creature that’s new, at least to me.




Here’s some fancy Ben Mendelsohn with some Death Troopers!

SW #1


SW #2


SW #3

All those above are nothing particularly news-breaking, but take a look at this fella:

SW #5

Sort of looks like Dr. Satan entered the Star Wars universe. It’s incredibly creepy and I hope he’s a villain who tortures our heroes. Come on…you hope so too. Don’t lie to me.

SW #6


I never stand in front of the elevator doors when they open. All because of the movie The Departed.

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