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DC Comics Schedule of ‘The New 52’

DC Comics’ ‘New 52’ mass reboot of 52 of their titles is already a huge success.  A good handful of these titles are already out in stores. Check out DC’s schedule to see what issue 1’s you may have missed and what’s right around the corner…


Green Lantern Flickers Between Boredom & Excitement

I remember last year sitting outside the 6,000-seat capacity Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center. It was a cool, gray-skyed morning as the line of pedestrian traffic snaked around the dewy grass.  We all shared a common eagerness to experience the discussion panel of the Green Lantern. The almost-year since then has passed quickly and the […]


Comic-Con 2010: Day 3 Hall H Recap

A place to sit is a much sought after item in the large Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center.  The reason for this is due to the fact that this hallowed hall is where all the big budget films introduce their cast and trailers.  Saturday saw the likes of some highly anticipated titles […]


Blackest Night: Superman

This past summer, dusk arrived a little early in the DC Comics universe.  The Blackest Night storyline finally made its debut and it did not disappoint.  More than your typical sub-plot for existing storylines, Blackest Night is an 8-part series (issues 1 & 2 are already out) with two other mini-series taking place at the […]