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Troop Beverly Hills (Blu-ray Review)

Based on a story by Ava Ostern Fries, TROOP BEVERLY HILLS was directed by Jeff Kanew from a screenplay by Pamela Norris and Margaret Oberman.  It was executive produced by Charles Fries, with Ava Ostern Fries serving as producer.  Director Jeff Kanew is most known for one of the 80s best comedies, Revenge Of The […]


Look Out For Bees! MY GIRL Is Coming To Blu-ray Along With TROOP BEVERLY HILLS!

Long requested by fans, the coming-of-age family favorites MY GIRL and TROOP BEVERLY HILLS will finally be available for the first time on Blu-ray™ Mar. 17 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Both films will be available separately and have been fully restored at 4K resolution for a pristine high-def experience on Blu-ray, making this the […]