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Bringing in ‘The Other Guys’ Was a Solid Choice

Here’s a genre mix – A fanciful comedy set in the world of a gritty buddy cop film.  I say this because this movie never tries to make its world feel real, despite being filmed as if it were from the door steps of a Michael Mann cop drama.  Instead, we have a film that […]


The Tooth Fairy Gets Extracted on Blu-ray

This one is just too good to pass up the opportunity to write about.  Ahh…the downward spiral career of my favorite actress Ashley Judd instantly comes to mind.  Can your career get any lower than starring in a comedy called The Tooth Fairy with The Rock?  I think she can pretty much kiss any aspirations of […]


The Daily Blu…October 2, 2009

Oh no!  Not another day of no Blu-ray news and web hosting problems!  Say it ain’t so?  I’m afraid that it.  Oh well.  At least it’s Friday and I do have one bit of Blu-ray news to talk about.  I’m not really feeling good about this news so it pains me to be the bearer […]