4 Things ‘The Conjuring’ Has Going For It (Movie Review)

The-ConjuringI’m going to be completely honest with everyone here.  The Conjuring flat out looks like a movie I would want to see.  If I wasn’t getting into an early press screening of the film, then you’d better believe I’d be laying down my hard earned cash to cover the price of admission over the weekend.  In my opinion The Conjuring has four main things going for it right out of the gate.  First, word of mouth…it has received rave reviews from critics who have been treated to special advanced showings of it.  Second…James Wan!  The man did Saw and Insidious, people!  And now’s he graduating onto much larger things like the seventh Fast and Furious sequel.  How grand is that?  He’s a big boy with Universal now.  Kudos!  Third…Vera Farmiga.  I love her in everything!  She just brings it.  And finally…the following quote I found online regarding the film’s rating had me absolutely dying to see this.  “When we sent it [to the MPAA], they gave us the R-rating,” said executive producer Walter Hamada. “When we asked them why, they basically said, ‘It’s just so scary. [There are] no specific scenes or tone you could take out to get it PG-13.'”  If that’s not written encouragement, then I don’t know what is?!


So it seems Warner Bros./New Line Cinema has big hopes for The Conjuring as it’s one of the first horror films to receive a wide release during the months of June or July since 2006’s The Omen.  Let’s be honest here.  Anyway you slice it, The Conjuring is going to enjoy much more success than Disney’s The Lone Ranger did last week.  We already covered Director James Wan and my feelings for Vera so let’s move onto the rest of the cast that brings to life this story based on the true case files of paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren (Vera).  Ed is portrayed by Patrick Wilson and he is supported by a cast that includes Lili Taylor (Six Feet Under), Ron Livingston (Peter Gibbons from Office Space), Mackenzie Foy, Shannon Kook, Joey King and more.


As I mentioned before, the film is based on true events when paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Wilson, came to the aide of the Perron family, who were under a demonic attack in their own Rhode Island farmhouse.  In actuality, it’s also 20 years in the making too since this idea was first brought to producer Tony DeRosa-Grund.  So when this pitch finally landed screenwriters, Chad and Carey Hayes, and was aligned with Summit Entertainment back in 2009, what better man than Saw’s James Wan to direct?  Also, in preparation for their roles, Vera and Patrick Wilson even travelled to Connecticut to spend time with the real Lorraine Warren.  Come on folks.  You know this has to be winner!  I’ve given you so many good reasons to believe so.  And now it’s that time in my review when I drop the written word of the day on you and tell you, the moviegoer, whether it’s a bust or a see.  Are you ready?  Because this sh1t is getting freaky real!


I honestly don’t know what to think or what is wrong with me.  While my girlfriend was on the edge of her seat, tension filled and scared as can be, I was sitting there the whole time waiting to see what the big shocker would finally be that would push this movie into unkown realms (maybe her seat was smaller than mine?).  Scary movie?  Please!  I was more scared by The Ring and Titanic.  Rated R?  I can understand a scene or two wear where maybe it was just a tad too graphic, but nothing about this movie deems it an R-rating in my opinion…nothing (no swearing or nudity).  I’ve seen and heard far worse in a G.I. Joe flick.  Overhyped?  Maybe.  Perhaps I went in with super high expectations in hopes of seeing something radically new and bold, but like the Evil Dead remake, I felt a tad shorted.  It’s not that I felt The Conjuring was an awful movie, it’s just that I’ve seen it all before and unimpressed.  It’s the closest thing in the past couple years to the classic Exorcist…I’ll give it that, but definitely not one of the scariest flicks to come out in recent years…in my opinion of course.


I truly think the thing that kept me ticking  and clinging for hope throughout the feature was the fact that it’s a true story.  I’m a sucker for that tagline and it got me here.  I’m fascinated by the supernatural and I wanted to see just how far and freaky things went down the rabbit hole here.  However, it never ventured too far beyond the norm of what I expect from these kind of movies leaving me a bit short changed as I already made mention above.  But you’re going to get that in this genre.  You can’t please everyone.  With the exception of my beefs with the story, everything else here is spot on from the cinematography to the effects and acting.  James Wan has that uncanny talent of making gold out of copper and it shows here as well as the huge box office numbers I’m sure this one will put up.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner!  And regardless of the fact that I did not enjoy this feature as much as I wanted to, I’m still excited and looking forward to whatever he does with the seventh installment of The Fast and the Furious series.  Bring it on, James!  I’m still your long time fan!  Until then…


The Conjuring opens in theaters nationwide July 19th.  Get your freak on and see if you like it more than this reviewer did who has trouble seeing past the mediocracy of it all.  And keep in mind that mediocracy isn’t always a bad thing.  It’s better to be middle of the road than to get left behind…I always say.  The Conjuring, while not a horrible movie, just left me wanting more so much more whether it was “more” of it or something completely more “sinister” (no pun intended).  However, I digress.  Enjoy!



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