The Pretty Reckless’ “House on a Hill” Gets a Music Video!

House on a Hill“House on a Hill” finally gets a long overdue music video and I’m a bit late in getting this up, but if you didn’t know about it before this post, then this is news to you!  So here it is.  I have been waiting almost a year for a music video to be made from this Pretty Reckless song, “House on a Hill,” which I consider one of the best tunes released this year by any band, period.  However, that’s just my belief.  So here it is.  An “official” music video sanctioning the beautiful, haunting track has been “officially” released for all to see.  While it does not meet my high expectations, nor jive with the visuals I had for Taylor Momsen’s lyrics (although it’s still powerful in its own right), it’s great to at least have something out there  because that means more and more people are now hearing this masterpiece everyday.  Enjoy!

Here’s what I said about this song back in April this year: “We’re about to talk about one of the most beautiful selections I have had the pleasure of stumbling upon in a long long time in the world of music despite it’s dark tone.  And Taylor doesn’t know this yet, until she reads this now, but this song is the foundation and motivation behind a feature-length Hollywood screenplay my business partner are putting the finishing touches on and we’ll be calling upon Taylor to come out of retirement to tackle the starring role in this thrilling revenge picture.  She and this song are the missing ingredients we have been searching desperately for until she and her music found us last month.  Of course I am talking about track number four off of Going to Hell, “House on a Hill,” which you can listen to it in its entirety here.  Mark my words you will hear this song on the big screen one fine day as we cut to black and the credits begin to roll.  It will be perfect, but I digress for the time being.  There are a lot of all-star tracks on this album, but none can match the emotional presence of this haunting yet very elegant and beautiful musical masterpiece here.  I just can’t say enough good things about it and this song alone inspired me to sit down over the past couple days and craft this review if for nothing else to thank Taylor for her inspiration she provided me with this track.  It’s been on repeat most days for over a month now.”

For anyone interested in learning more about the newest Pretty Reckless album, Going to Hell, check out my full review here and my exclusive Austin, TX concert coverage here.  Enjoy!

And now for a limited time only, get Going to Hell for a killer price by clicking the link below!  It’s instant gratification!

 House on a Hill Music Video


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