Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (Movie Review)

Every year since 2008 fans have been treated to a movie from the Twilight series of books written by Stephenie Meyers. As I have watched these movies throughout the years I have discovered that this series isn’t just for teenage girls. I have seen Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Fathers, Mothers, and yes young girls fall in love with the story of Bella and Edward. Now that the final movie of the Twilight Saga is out, where do we go from here? I know I am going to miss Edward and Bella and the rest of the Cullen family… 

So lets get started with my final review of the Twilight Saga. Directed by Bill Condon the same director as part 1, Breaking Dawn part 2 begins where part 1 left off. Bella (Kristen Stewart) wakes up as a beautiful new born with red eyes. She has a new strength, so much stronger than Edward (Robert Pattinson) and needs to be reminded of it. Bella wants to see her baby but Edward reminds her that she needs to feed before she sees Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy). I have to say Kristen Stewart gave her best performance as Bella in this movie, I really like Bella better as a vampire than as a mortal. Way to go Kristen!!

While hunting a deer, Bella smells a human and goes crazy from the smell of blood, she starts to hunt the human, but than collects herself and runs away. Given the choice between a deer and a mountain lion, Bella craves the lion. As they returned to the house Jacob (Taylor Lautner) greets Bella and is surprised that she looks like herself, except for her creepy red eyes. Finally Bella gets to meet her daughter. The CGI baby they used was super creepy looking, I mean it would be something you would expect to see in a horror movie. Renesmee puts her hand on Bella’s face and shows her the memories she has of her Mom. That is the baby’s gift , putting her hand on your face and showing you instead of telling you. Soon Bella discovers that Jacob has imprinted on her baby. Needless to say she is not happy with this and goes after Jacob.

Bella is given a cottage for her birthday from the family and discovers how great vampire sex really is, she really was born to be a vampire. Edward and Bella finally have everything that they have dreamed of and more. It is so nice to see Edward happy, and not the pain twisted face that he has displayed during the first 4 movies. Oh yah, ladies you do get treated to one last look at Jacobs naked chest. Jake goes to see Charlie (Billy Burke) to let him know that Bella is back, but is different, and he turns into a werewolf in front of him. Billy and Bella finally see each other and Billy is convinced that he doesn’t need to know everything. And if he can just except things without question, they can stay.

The family is watching as Edward and Renesmee play the piano, Alice (Ashley Greene) enters the room and drops a vase of flowers. She sees that the Volturi is coming after Renesmee, led to believe that Edward and Bella have turned a mortal child into an immortal. The family goes in search of other vampires to witness for them that Renesmee grows every day that she was born, not bitten.

The Cullen family have about 18 vampires to stand and witness or to stand and fight for them. Everything is leading up to this climactic scene in the the forest. I know this movie is rated PG 13, but it borders on an R rating. If vampires could bleed it surely would have been rated R. Without giving any spoilers away I just want to say that the meeting in the forest between the Volturi and the Cullen family is not the same as it is in the book. I had read that it was different, but nothing could have prepared me for these next 15 minutes. I have gone to movies and laughed, I have cried, I have even yawned. But never have a found myself yelling “NO!” at the screen multiple times. It was such an emotional, heart wrenching 15 minutes for me. I am still reeling from it.

Breaking Dawn has always been my favorite book of the series, and Twilight was my favorite movie. Well after tonight Breaking Dawn Part 2 is now by far my favorite movie of the series. Twilight fans you won’t be disappointed in this final movie of the saga. It is a bitter sweet ending to a series of movies that has been a part of our lives for the last 5 years. Kristen Stewart really gave a great performance, I really look at her acting differently now, she was by far one of my favorites in this movie. The end credits feature a touching gallery of all the actors that have been in the series, ending with Edward and then Bella. The music once again is outstanding, this is a soundtrack that you will surely want to add to your collection. One of my favorite songs now is

“The Forgotten” by Green Day. If you are a Twilight fan get ready for an emotional movie that will not disappoint. Don’t wait to see this one, trust me you want to see it as soon as it comes out because i am sure everyone will be taking about it. Well once again this year I am going to the Twilight Marathon, I can’t help but feel sad that come 2013 I won’t have a Twilight movie to look forward to.  🙁






18 Responses to “Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (Movie Review)”

  1. Tina

    Awesome review Mary! This makes me actually want to see it, lol.
    Every Twilight fan is surely in agreement with you.
    Good work!

  2. Ashley

    Wow, great review! I can’t wait to go see it now! It was just enough information about the film without spoiling the whole movie. Awesome review!

  3. Kayleigh

    I’m not a Tri-hard fan but I must say I agree! Of all five films this was the most intense and enjoyable.. With the exception of the eleventeen year old girl next to me crying into her popcorn! I’d go see it again with you ma 🙂

  4. Tim

    Thanks for the review – we have been so excited to see BD2 – this made the wait unbearable!! Thanks again…

  5. T bone

    Honestly, I’m not a twelve year old girl so I probably won’t go see this movie. I tried watching the first 9 and fell asleep during all of them. The thing I am most upset about is the quality of the movie poster. That has to be some of the worst photo retouching/lighting I’ve ever seen on a big time hollywood movie poster. Nice review though, maybe I’ll listen to the soundtrack.

  6. Mary

    Thank you Tina,Ashley,Kayleigh,Tim and T bone! I know when you see this movie your going to love it! Please let me know what you thought of it. You will be on the edge of your seats for the fight scene, it is nothing like the fights in the other movies! T bone my favorite poster is with Edward’s face on it, sorry you don’t like them,but I know you will enjoy the sound track!

  7. Aaron Neuwirth

    Judging by the pictures, I guess Mary is Team Edward 😉

  8. Mary

    Aaron I’m hurt. I thought you knew me well enough to know that I am Team Edward all the way!!! I love my vampires! LOL!

  9. Helen

    Great review Mary! I can’t wait to see the movie!

  10. Carol

    Thanks for the great review Mary! I have read all the books, and cannot wait to see the movie!

  11. Brian White

    Great review Mary! I wish I was half the fan you are. I tried three times to watch the first film but could not make it through it. But you know what. To each their own. I’m glad you enjoyed the grand conclusion! Maybe there will be more?

  12. Mande

    First off, I want to say great review!! After reading the books, you expect the movie to be similar, but I was really shocked at the ending… It definitely had a heart wrenching ending!
    After sitting threw the marathon, it was awesome to see such a great finale to the series; I’ve fell in love with the Cullens, Bella, the wolves, and all the other charictars… I’m really going to miss The Twilight Series!!

  13. Patrick

    Mary great review. And yes being someone that did not read the book I have to say I was shocked as hell by the last 15 min. Complete mind “F”. Some girl was angry with the majority of people in the audience. “They would have known if they read the book.” Well I did not read the book and I have to be honest it was a great movie and being a 26 year old man I can say it attracts a wide variety of people to the screen. By the way I was team Jacob all the way till he fell in love with an infant lol.

  14. Brian White

    Say what about Jacob? Ok. Now I want to know the ending.

  15. georgetta

    Mary, great review. Although I’m not a fan of ‘Twilight’ or any vampire movies, I am a fan of good writing. So thanks for the simplified, not overly long review. I will direct my vampire loving and Bella obsessed friends to it.

  16. Julie

    I have never read any of the books and I fell in love with movies. This was a great review and after you came home screaming about how awesome it was I thought you were over exaggerating but I was completely wrong. The review is just enough to have gotten me counting down the days to see the movie. I love this movie and the whole Saga. Can’t wait until you get all the movies and on our lazy Sundays watch them all!!!!!!!

  17. Mary

    Thank you everyone for your comments! Brian I can’t tell you here about the ending, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, I can text it to you if you want. Thanks again to everyone for all your comments!!!!!!

  18. Cynthia

    Great review! Surely can’t wait to see the movie now…. Dec 3rd will be a loooong wait 🙁