Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It – Own MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE THE ORIGINAL SERIES On Blu-ray November 17th!

Paramount Home Entertainment has dropped a nice surprise upon Blu-ray collectors and classic television fans; The Original Series of the legendary show Mission: Impossible will be dropping on Blu-ray for the first time on November 17th!  We really don’t have much information to share aside from a release date, some art (That may or may not be the final art for the packaging) and that it will be…brace yourself…46 discs! Click on through to find out a tad more and pre-order using the paid Amazon Associates link.



Mission Impossible: The Original TV Series

Street Date: November 17, 2020

Format: Blu-Ray

Starring Golden Globe®️ and Emmy Award®️ winner Peter Graves, the thrills and adventures of Mission Impossible: The Original TV Series follows the Impossible Missions Forces (IMF) is a government agency of extraordinary spies assigned to do the most dangerous espionage missions. Each episode starts with the famous tape-recorded message detailing the upcoming, exciting mission, from overthrowing corrupt leaders to exploiting dangerous crime lords. The IMF crew consists of the leader, first Daniel Briggs then later Jim Phelps, and spies with different areas of expertise, from disguise experts to electronics technician.


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