Spartacus: Blood and Sand – Discussion with Cast

Spartacus: Blood and SandTomorrow, January 22nd, marks the inaugural episode of the much anticipated Spartacus: Blood and Sand on the Starz Network.  Taking place in the gladiatorial times of ancient Rome, we follow the life of a loving husband and cunning warrior who is bestowed the moniker of ‘Spartacus.’  It’s a difficult task to educate the inevitable fans on the show without giving too much away but if you enjoyed the film 300, you will certainly fall into a world of engrossment when watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand.  After watching the first four episodes, I was just blown away.  I cannot look back at any point thus far and say, “You know what?  That one thing really disappointed me.” 

The storyline is reminiscent of a basic skeleton of the Gladiator plot though it’s removed enough to only bear a few similarities.  The editing is done very similar to the fashion of 300, so when the blood flies, expect an airborne hemoglobin extravaganza that’s slow for emphasis and vast in quantity.  Make no mistake though.  This series doesn’t ride the line of cartoonish behavior.  It is in your face.  You will often experience well-timed and proficient use of the green screen, but those beautiful people in front of it are all real. 

Spartacus: Blood and Sand 

Speaking of the cast, I was able to speak with the show’s creator Steve DeKnight, in addition to Spartacus himself; Andy Whitfield, and the seductive Lucretia, played by Lucy Lawless.  The trio fielded several questions from a variety of media.  Personally, I wanted to know what kind of workout regimen the cast had to go through to get to where they are.  Andy Whitfield explained how it was a very scientific process as trainers figured out what parts to tone and how.  It was on to calorie-counting and 4 hours a day in the gym for the English-born actor.  As for Lucy, well, the women aren’t going to like to hear this but she admitted she really isn’t on a workout plan.  Her secret?  No donuts. 

If you checked out the resumés of either Lawless or Whitfield, you would be instantly aware they are no strangers to the business end of a camera.  Lawless, as many know, played Xena: Warrior Princess on the TV series of the same name.  Steve DeKnight admitted, previously unbeknownst to Lawless, that he had her picked for the part long before the show even got off the ground.  Whitfield, however, is a newcomer to North American audiences and was auditioned several times before being declared the rebellious hero to the people of Rome…or Spartacus as we’ll get to know him.  Put your seatbelt on, Andy.  Here come the rush of fans that will follow you to hell and back.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Now you don’t work for a site that got its start on Blu-rays without inquiring about the show’s plans for this wonderful format.  I asked Steve DeKnight on the chances of the series coming to Blu-ray to which he responded, “Oh this show was meant for Blu-ray!”  With the production team’s cameras capturing 1,000 frames per second in High Definition, this series is bound to deliver jaw-dropping astound in 1080p.  We know the public loves Blu-ray, but how do performers feel about it?  Both Lawless and Whitfield exclaimed how they prefer the eye-popping clarity and detail-laden presentation.  Lawless mentioned that while High Def does reveal bodily flaws, this is definitely preferred due to the authenticity it adds to the show.  People don’t look perfect and they certainly didn’t back in ancient Rome, so why create illusions? 

From the hour-long talk, it seems like producer Steve DeKnight is comfortably at home on the Starz Network.  When you have talents such as his and that of Spider-Man trilogy director Sam Raimi behind you, there is no telling just how far the brilliance of Spartacus: Blood and Sand will soar.  Tune in to Starz for the January 22nd premiere!  If you don’t get Starz, contact your local cable or dish network provided today.


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  1. Brian White

    This TV series is a Day 1 purchase for me on the Blu-ray format! I was so impressed from what I saw in only the first couple episodes. I would say more, but I will the show speak for itself. Go Lucy!

  2. angela

    Sounds really exciting.

  3. Goran

    Wow what a well written article. You guys are doing a great job on here! I’ll definitely have to check this show out.

    The content keeps getting better and better. Keep it up!

  4. blu jay

    uhh– simplify the wordiness–“bestowing the moniker”–??
    Tried and true formula for a series–more Lucy. less blood, I say.

  5. Brian White

    I did something this weekend I swore I would never do. I became a movie channel subscriber. I just had to watch Spartacus Friday night in glorious HD! Here’s hoping for a great season on Starz!