Greetings!  The hard part is over.  You found our Blu-ray media and entertainment website on the World Wide Web.  However, you may be asking yourself…what a stupid name for a website…Why So Blu…what does it even mean?  Before you all jump to the conclusion that we simply watched too much of 2008’s The Dark Knight and we are all hung up on the slogan “Why so serious?” please read on.  And alright…I will admit to both of those previous statements as being true but there is much more meaning behind our website’s name.  Please take a few moments to read on a bit and find out why the name Why So Blu means so much more to us.  Shall we begin?….

We witnessed the birth of the High-Definition home video market in the summer of 2006 with the advent of the HD-DVD movie releases.  But it really started even before that.  Around 2005 the world started to aggressively adopt the HDTV market, but there was one big problem that presented itself.  Consumers were in awe by the massive size of their new television sets and could not wait to show it off to neighbors and friends until…yep they saw just how bad the picture really looked.  And we are not just talking about the analog cable television feed, but the horrendous display of their beloved DVD collections.  Fast forward to 2006 and Toshiba was the first one to bring, to the market, a solution for ealry HD adopters to watch movies in pristine 1080P resolution.  But there was another big problem.  Big brother Sony, who we all know and love, also had a product called Blu-ray and it was vastly superior to HD-DVD.  Coupled with the fact that there were only a handful of studios supporting HD-DVD, we had a bigger problem.  The problem was very simple…a poor choice of movies on the soon-to-be doomed HD-DVD format.  Even though Sony had the majority of movie studios in their pockets this did not sit well with the consumers as most did not want to get burned again like they did with Betamax vs. VHS.  It was a very agressive format war throughout 2007 but finally the movie studios woke up and saw all the benefits that the Blu-ray format had over the now defunct HD-DVD format.

Let’s be honest…the format war sucked for most of us because we were torn between movie studios and not being able to watch some of our favorite titltes in full 1080P HD unless we had the funds to be a dual supporter, which was not the case for the majority of the people.  The format war did bring us one good thing…that was competition.  Because of the format war we saw competition in pricing and had the format war not happen there is no telling how high the prices of movies and players would still be.  Sony’s ace-in-the-hole really was its crown gem savior…the Playstation 3.  That brought an economical solution to bringing the Blu-ray format home to the masses and in our opinion still is one of the best Blu-ray players out on the market.

Fast forward to the Fall of 2008 and our nation’s economy is going through one of the most difficult periods ever.  That is why we here at Why So Blu started this site to give you not only the best prices on the web that we can find for the Blu-ray movies you want, but also press releases straight from the movie studios themselves so you can make sure you are getting exactly what you want before laying your hard earned money down.

But wait!  We did not stop there.  Oh no!  It was around July of 2009 when we saw the need to grow the site and give our readers even more options in the wonderful world of home entertainment.  We expanded from our usual Blu-ray coverage to give you the latest news and reviews in theatrical movie releases, Playstation 3 gaming (after all…it is on a Blu-ray disc) and even the world of comics.  I know whatyou are already thinking.  Comics?  Well what do you think most new movies are based upon in these current trying times?  I bet you if you searched hard enough you will find that some of your favorite recent movies are deeply rooted and once existed as stand alone comic series and/or graphic novels.  That’s right, we aim to encompass coverage of the latest in Blu-ray and entertainment media news, movie reviews, Playstation 3 gaming, comics and even events like the infamous Comic-Con.  So what are you waiting for?  Become a daily Blu-reader today!

We thank you for your continued patronage to our site and we hope you stop by frequently to read up on all the latest media news, reviews and the best deals on the Blu-ray movies you desire.  That is our mission statement here at Why So Blu and we welcome any feedback, suggestions, complaints, and praise via our Contact page.  Thanks for visiting our site and we hope your day is “Blu”…because when you are talking about Blu-ray movies feeling “Blu” is never a bad thing!  And while you are here…you’ll never know what you might find.

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