TREMORS: SHRIEKER ISLAND Has The Same Sweet Moves As The Last Time (Movie Review)

Oddly enough, it appears I’ve become the de-facto “Tremors guy” here on Why So Blu. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy these goofy little camp classics (Some of them). But, I’m not super deep into lore and rewatches aside from the first one every so many years. But, I find myself writing a review for a third direct to video sequel in the series. And I’m not mad about that, they are what they are and they really do know what they are doing. Feels like back handed praise, but I’m not sure how else to put it. The latest is title Shrieker Island. Of course, it brings back Michael Gross, but Jamie Kennedy has opted not to return. Instead, he’s been replaced by Jon Heder (Though as a different character). What could Burt Gummer be up to now?

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Back To The Future (4K Blu-ray Review)

Back To The Future is another eternally iconic 80’s classic making it’s way to 4K Blu-ray this insane year.  The film holds up to this day as an exciting, funny sci-fi/fantasy that is hard to beat.  Performances, direction, music and storyline all hold up 35 years later.  Read more below on the first in the Back To The Future series and be sure to click the paid links below to order your own set!


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Doom Patrol: The Complete Second Season on January 26, 2021!

Doom Patrol Blu-ray Get ready to embrace the strange. DC’s favorite misfit heroes are back to save the world once again with the release of Doom Patrol: The Complete Second Season on Blu-ray and DVD on January 26, 2021 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Strap yourself in for an exhilarating ride with all 9 episodes from the second season of the original DC series, plus enjoy the captivating extra features including two behind-the-scenes featurettes. Doom Patrol: The Complete Second Season is priced to own at $29.98 SRP for the DVD ($39.99 in Canada) and $39.99 SRP for the Blu-ray ($44.98 in Canada), which includes a Digital Copy (U.S. only). Continue reading ‘Doom Patrol: The Complete Second Season on January 26, 2021!’

‘2012’ on 4K UHD Blu-ray January 19, 2021!

2012 4K UHD Blu-rayRing in the new year with 2012 on 4K UHD Blu-ray! From Roland Emmerich, director of The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Day, comes the ultimate action-adventure movie, exploding with groundbreaking special effects. As the world faces a catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions, cities collapse and continents crumble. 2012 brings and end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors. Starring John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet, Danny Glover and Woody Harrelson. 2012 will be released on 4K UHD Blu-ray January 19, 2021! Continue reading ‘‘2012’ on 4K UHD Blu-ray January 19, 2021!’

Friendsgiving Blu-ray Review

When Friendsgiving popped up in my email as a potential review title, I sort of scoffed.  I’d never heard of it but something about the huge cast made me curious.  I popped in the disc and was immediately pleased with my decision to take the film on. Read more about Friendsgiving below and click the paid link at the end to snag yourself a copy, which streets on October 27th!

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The Snowpiercer: Season 1 Comes Whistling to Blu-ray this January!

Attention all passengers – the revolution is coming! Get ready for more secrets, plot twists, and reveals as Warner Bros Home Entertainment takes you on an epic journey with the release of “Snowpiercer: The Complete First Season” on Blu-ray and DVD on January 26, 2021. Strap yourself in for an exhilarating ride with all 10 episodes from the first season, plus enjoy the captivating extra features, behind-the-scenes interviews, featurettes, and more! “Snowpiercer: The Complete First Season” is priced to own at $24.98 SRP for the DVD and $29.98 SRP for the Blu-ray, which includes a Digital Copy. Both sets have an order due date of December 22, 2020. “Snowpiercer: The Complete First Season” is also available to own on Digital via purchase from digital retailers.

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4K BLUsday for 10/20/2020 – WHIPLASH 4K Digital Code GIVEAWAY!

4K BLUsday returns for more! Who won the BACK TO THE FUTURE: ULTIMATE TRILOGY contest? Check out the YouTube Video Companion to find out!  I’m also giving away a digital code for WHIPLASH! The past week’s news has a whole Criterion slate to go over as well as some more cool 4K UHD Blu-ray announcements. This week’s new release slate includes the debut of Back To The Future on 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray. My vintage pick of the week is actually quite vintage this time too. There is a lot of fun, as always. Listen to the podcast, then head over to YouTube to check out the video companion and enter to the WIN the 4K Digital Whiplash!


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The Haunting – Paramount Presents (Blu-ray Review)

One of the most banner years for cinema was 1999. There were so many great and notable releases in that year that its pretty unbelievable to take in. Liam Neeson happened to be in two big releases that summer. Unfortunately for him, they happened to be two films that weren’t very well received. In addition to Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Neeson also starred in Jan de Bont’s reimaginging of The Haunting of Hill House and Robert Wise’s 1963 film of the same title. Paramount Presents asks that we take another look at this film, twenty one years later, as they debut it for the first time on Blu-ray as part of the Paramount Presents collection. On top of having a new transfer, the film will also feature a brand new interview with director Jan de Bont. It arrives just in time for some Halloween viewing on October 20. You can order yourself a copy using the paid Amazon Associates link at the end of the review.
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NOS4A2: Season 2 (Blu-ray Review)

NOS4A2 Blu-rayRLJE Films, a business unit of AMC Networks, will release Season 2 of the AMC series NOS4A2 on October 20, 2020 on DVD and Blu-ray.Eight years after they finally faced off for the first time, Vic McQueen remains more determined than ever to destroy Charlie Manx. Charlie, having faced his own mortality, emerges desperate for revenge against Vic. This time, he sets his sights on the person who means most to Vic – her eight-year-old son Wayne. The race for Wayne’s soul sends Vic and Charlie on a high-speed collision course, forcing both to confront the mistakes of their pasts in order to secure a hold on Wayne’s future. RLJE Films will release NOS4A2 SEASON 2 on DVD for an SRP of $39.98 and on Blu-ray for an SPR of $44.98. Continue reading ‘NOS4A2: Season 2 (Blu-ray Review)’

Possessor: Uncut on 4K UHD Blu-ray December 8!

Possessor Uncut 4K UHD Blu-rayDirector Brandon Cronenberg (Antiviral) creates “a film about extinguishing humanity and embracing savagery” (/Film) with POSSESSOR UNCUT, on Digital November 3 and 4K Ultra Blu-ray Combo Pack and Blu-ray December 8 from Well Go USA Entertainment. Certified “Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes, the groundbreaking sci-fi thriller follows an elite assassin who uses brain-implant technology to possess civilians and execute priority targets.  But when the tables turn while on assignment, she is suddenly trapped inside a mind that threatens to obliterate her. POSSESSOR UNCUT stars Andrea Riseborough (Birdman, Oblivion), Christopher Abbott (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, “Catch-22”) and Academy Award® nominee Jennifer Jason Leigh (Best Supporting Actress, The Hateful Eight, 2015). Bonus material includes deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes footage. POSSESSOR UNCUT is released on 4K UHD Blu-ray December 8, 2020! Continue reading ‘Possessor: Uncut on 4K UHD Blu-ray December 8!’

Screamfest 2020 – Best Of Fest ‘Wrap Up’

Fright fans – it’s awards time!  The amazing SCREAMFEST HORROR DRIVE IN FILM FESTIVAL 2020 has passed, we have done our own comprehensive coverage (six articles in total!) and it’s time for a little credit where credit is due time.  In our many ‘Best’ categories we pay tribute to the brightest that Screamfest had to offer in 2020 and the winners certainly kept us turning in our movie graves.  For your consideration – it’s the…

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Screamfest 2020 – Final Film Reviews

With the latest SCREAMFEST HORROR DRIVE IN FILM FESTIVAL 2020 over it’s time to clean up the movie review aisles for this year.  So were giving critical skinny on the last two feature films to give fans a complete picture of the crop of 2020.  So before we end our review coverage, here are two…Final Film Reviews!


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Scream Factory Decks The Halls With Ho-Ho-Horror With DEATHCEMBER!

24 Days – 24 Doors – 24 Deaths. This holiday season, prepare for the ultimate in Christmas carnage with the advent horror anthology movie Deathcember, available on all major digital platforms November 24, 2020 and on cable on demand December 1, 2020 from Shout Studios and Scream Factory




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Screamfest 2020 – Even More Film Reviews

The scary has already unspooled but our coverage of the carnage never ends!  That’s right kiddies, the final films of the iconic SCREAMFEST HORROR DRIVE IN FILM FESTIVAL 2020 have come and gone but WhySoBlu.com is still in the haunted review house for your carnal consideration.  Today we take on two features, sixteen shorts and one student short in an attempt to separate the gems form the duds.  Check out below…Even More Film Reviews!


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‘My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising’ on Blu-ray October 27!

Hero Academia Blu-ray Funimation is releasing My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie bundle that includes the Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital download including SUB and DUB  is available October 27 in the Funimation Shop and select retailers. Released in theaters earlier this year, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising delighted audiences and earned over $13 million at the box office making it the #8 highest-grossing anime films of all time in the U.S. Now fans can own the hit film! Head over to Funimation’s shop to get My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Blu-ray PLUS a 25th Anniversary Silver Chrome All Might Funko POP! with purchase. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to add the film and the Funko POP! to your collection.

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Whiplash (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Turning five years old this year, Damien Chazelle’s Whiplash has received a home video upgrade by moving to 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray. The film was an Oscar darling, garnering five nominations in big categories. It landed J.K. Simmons a Best Supporting Actor win, which was basically his to lose the entire awards season. One of the most fun bits of trivia is that Whiplash is also a Blumhouse film. You could argue that J.K. Simmons IS quite scary in it if you wanted to. Sony will be giving this a 4K make-over and a new Dolby Atmos track for this release. Extras are the same as its the previous Blu-ray disc that’s included. The film will also come with a digital copy code. Sony released it on September 22nd, so its available to order now. You can use the paid Amazon Associates link at the bottom of this review to do so, if you’d like.

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District 9 (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

District 9 4K ReviewDistrict 9 has been called a lot of things over the years.  It has been said that the movie will blow your mind and that it is a must see movie.  Harry Knowles of Aint It Cool News once went on record as saying he was mind f*#ked by the movie.  Heck, when last checked today, the film still holds a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes.  I remember my first viewing with it.  I didn’t really care for it.  However, I fell in love with it after only a second watch.  It is gut wrenching to watch though.  I’m a sucker for feeling terrible the way the aliens within are treated.  So I am going to spend the next several paragraphs giving you a quick history lesson about District 9 and convincingly try to explain why your mileage may vary with this one.  It’s not for everyone.
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‘Monstrum’ on Blu-ray November 17, 2020!

Monstrum Blu-rayRLJE Films, a business unit of AMC Networks, along with Shudder, AMC Networks’ premium service for horror, thriller and the supernatural, will release the horror film MONSTRUM on November 17, 2020 on VOD, Digital HD, DVD and Blu-ray.  MONSTRUM stars Hyeri Lee (Hyde, Jekyll, Me), In-kwon Kim (C’est Si Bon), Myung-Min Kim (Closer to Heaven) and Woo-sik Choi (Parasite). The film was directed by Jong-ho Huh (Countdown, The Advocate: A Missing Body), who co-wrote the film with Heo-dam. RLJE Films will release MONSTRUM on DVD for an SRP of $27.97 and Blu-ray for an SRP of $28.96.
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