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Little Monsters – Collector’s Series (Blu-ray Review)

Well, well, well. Look who’s back in the time of the pandemic. Its Vestron Video! A sub-label from Lionsgate many thought had been put six feet under. There was word that new titles were being worked on but its been over a year a the least since one has come out. Now, its back with two pretty fun ones to resurrect the series. One of those happens to be the kind of wild kids movie Little Monsters. The film stars Fred Savage and Howie Mandel and has all sorts of wild hijinks. In a period of nostalgia for old 1980s kids movies, it feels that this one is still certainly forgotten. I’ll always remember it for feeling like I was getting away with something watching it due to a lot of the lewd humor and such. There are a lot of new bonus features on this release including a new interview with Howie Mandel! And its super cheap, so you can pick it up using the link below. Continue reading ‘Little Monsters – Collector’s Series (Blu-ray Review)’


Shivers – Collector’s Series (Blu-ray Review)

Well, well, well. Look who’s back in the time of the pandemic. Its Vestron Video! A sub-label from Lionsgate many thought had been put six feet under. There was word that new titles were being worked on but its been over a year a the least since one has come out. Now, its back with two pretty fun ones to resurrect the series. First, the American debut of David Cronenberg’s Shivers. Arrow previously released the film in the UK, but from what I gathered it was one that the fans were hoping would get a make-over. Vestron Video brings it here with a nice load of new features and pretty cool new cover art. The film was released back on September 5th and is available at an insanely low price to start with considering what these used to be.

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Greetings! Tis your favorite Blu-ray reviewer here on the site not named Gerard Iribe. I wanted to share with you the launch of my brand new podcast, THE BRANDON PETERS SHOW! Yesterday, the first episode was released to the world, but I felt today might be the more apt day to introduce it to the Why So Blu-0-sphere.  Having amassed over 1,300 Blu-ray reviews here on this site, my passion for the media is one I’m always wanting to find new was to explore and promote. And with this podcast, I’m going to sink my teeth into that side of me a bit more. After the first episode and an interview I just did last night to promote the show on Flappers Comedy Club’s “Talkin’ Talkies”, its been readily apparent that my old days of DVD & Quality Control are hitting a nostalgic reflection with The Brandon Peters Show. Now, quite yapping and tell me why it is that you think I’m over here on the Blu-ray spec review site and interesting this podcast? Continue reading ‘Introducing THE BRANDON PETERS SHOW!’


First Cow (Blu-ray Review)

After an initial release and a re-release on VOD to contend with Covid-19, A24’s cows have come home on Blu-ray. First Cow has a moment about a third of the way into the film where the cow finally arrives, and I felt like it was time for an applause break. It’s not quite Omar Sharif in Lawrence of Arabia, but the arrival of bovine in the distance signaled something in me that had already been clear – I was not only really into the unique and quiet frontier world being developed in this Kelly Reichardt film, I was happy to feel it a strong enough companion to this director’s previous work to the point of celebrating the introduction of this domesticated creature. Now the film has a home release, for all to enjoy, as it means a lot more cow!

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Full Metal Jacket (4K Blu-ray Review)

Stanley Kubrick is no stranger to classic film fans.  Arguably, his body of work is one that many would find without flaw.  There are a variety of genres covered – horror, sci-fi, satire, drama, and war… The whole gamut was run by Kubrick.  Full Metal Jacket is a true masterpiece in his catalog and also in war related cinema period. The film finally hits the format on 9/22, and here we have it, all the info you need on the release.  At the end, you’ll find a helpful little paid link to grab your copy and without giving anything away in the opening… You’ll definitely want to get this if you’re a fan of the film!

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Legends Of Tomorrow: The Complete Fifth Season (Blu-ray Review)

Always waiting as the last Arrowverse show to premiere in the television season, Legends of Tomorrow has been my personal favorite of the bunch since its second season. While a rather eclectic and large group of heroes, only two of them really had some time out from under the sun during the big Infinite Crisis crossover, to which Sarah Lance made a funny remark to write it off.  Their previous season left things in a rather interesting mostly happy cliffhanger, having had one of their members wiped from existence following a grand victory. As per clockwork, its their turn on the Blu-ray release conveyor belt. And like those hour hands prior, it contains a bonus disc with the entire Infinite Crisis run and all those bells and whistles of bonus features with it. You’ll be able to grab this season when it arrives in stores and on virtual shelves September 22nd. Pre-ordering form the paid Amazon Associates link below is always appreciated.
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The Naked City – The Criterion Collection (Blu-ray Review)

On September 8th (Yeah, I’m behind), The Criterion Collection released two films from director Jules Dassin. In addition to the subject of this review, 1948’s The Naked City, they also put forth the film Dassin had done the year prior; Brute Force (1947). Aaron Neuwirth wonderfully covered that one for Why So Blu, so if you’re seeking a review on that title as well, you can find that by clicking HERE. While on the topic of previous reviews, I once reviewed a DVD set (“20 Star-Filled Episodes”) of the televisions series that spun off of The Naked City which shared the same time and you may find my words on that HERE. I first took in The Naked City as a part of a college course and found myself quite wow’d about everything this film had opened the door for and that we found quite par for the course by that time. You can find the film (And Brute Force) already available now, and as always, using the Amazon Associates link below is a kind way to help the site.
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Stephen King 5-Film Collection: Pet Sematary (1989) (Blu-ray Review)

Pet Sematary is a Stephen King gem.  The book itself is as creepy as can be and this 1989 adaptation really does a lot to catch the atmosphere of the macabre.  The version included in the Stephen King 5-Film Collection is the same disc bundled with the excellent 4K Blu-ray 30th Anniversary Edition of Pet Sematary. Read more on the film and the disc stats below and be sure to click the paid link at the end to get your copy of the 5-Film collection!

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Stephen King 5-Film Collection: Silver Bullet (Blu-ray Review)

Continuing my deep dive into the Stephen King 5-Film Collection, I took a look at Silver Bullet. The Gary Busey/Corey Haim led adaptation has its share of fans and also detractors.  I hadn’t seen the film before, so it was the obvious next step for me. What I ended up with was one of the most quintessentially 80’s horror flicks I’ve seen in a while.  Check out the review below and be sure to click the paid link at the end to order your copy of the collection!

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Rick And Morty: Season 4 (Blu-ray Review)

Despite insane popularity, Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty had a two year hiatus which in part was do to some renewal contract negotiations.  And once the dust settled, fans could find relief in that Rick and Morty was not only coming back, but that it would be here to stay for an additional 70 episodes (Which could like end up being 7 more years). The show returned for its fourth season in November of 2019, splitting it in half with the remainder beginning this past May. Needless to say, the show skipped zero beats, feeling like it had picked up just where it had left off. Warner Bros will be releasing the fourth season on Blu-ray (Along with a redeemable digital code) filled up with some fresh bonus features. There will also be a limited steelbook edition for the season available as well. You can pre-order these items to have for release day when Rick and Morty: Season 4 arrives on September 22nd.  And if you’re of the thoughtful type, you’d use the Amazon Associates link below in doing so. Continue reading ‘Rick And Morty: Season 4 (Blu-ray Review)’


Stephen King 5-Film Collection: The Dead Zone (Blu-ray Review)

Starting my coverage of the Stephen King 5-Film Collection, I knew immediately I wanted to begin with The Dead Zone. There were a few reasons for my choices – 1983, because it’s a great era for thrillers; Christopher Walken in a starring role, because I’ve rarely seen it; David Cronenberg, because people always talk about him and admittedly, I’ve never seen a film of his.  As I delve in-depth to the collection, you’ll see updates from each film. Be sure to click the paid Amazon link at the end to grab yourself a copy of this 5-Film set!

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Split Second (Blu-ray Review)

Split Second Blu-rayIn the year 2008, the cops are better armed than before, but nothing has prepared them for this. Swift, sharp-clawed and deadly, something moves among them on the streets, in the alleyways, on the rooftops, tearing out human hearts and devouring them. Maverick cop ”Harley” Stone (Rutger Hauer, Blade Runner) lost his partner to the beast, and now it looks like his girlfriend Michelle (Kim Cattrall, Big Trouble in Little China) is next on the killer’s list. Even in the future, there aren’t guns big enough to stop the creature’s deadly force, but Stone has no choice. Teamed with rookie detective Durkin (Alastair Duncan, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Stone must stalk the edge of his own sanity if he is to destroy the rampaging Evil on the outside and banish the very real demons within . . . It could all be over in a SPLIT SECOND. Featuring special effects by Stephen Norrington (Blade) and written by Gary Scott Thompson (The Fast and The Furious), along with an all-star supporting cast that includes Academy Award® Nominees Michael J. Pollard (Tango & Cash) and Pete Postlethwaite (Inception), this cult classic sci-fi thriller will have you on the edge of your seat! Continue reading ‘Split Second (Blu-ray Review)’


Blood Quantum (Blu-ray Review)

Blood Quantum Blu-ray ShudderThe indigenous people in the isolated reserve of Red Crow are immune to the zombie plague that has taken over the nation, but that doesn’t mean their lives aren’t at risk. It’s up to Traylor (Michael Greyeyes, “Fear the Walking Dead”), the tribal sheriff, to protect the families residing on the reserve and a flood of desperate refugees from the hordes of bloodthirsty, walking white corpses that are closing in.  BLOOD QUANTUM is directed and written by Jeff Barnaby (Rhymes for Young Ghouls). The horror film stars Michael Greyeyes (“Fear the Walking Dead” , True Detective ), Forrest Goodluck (The Revenant), Kiowa Gordon (Twilight franchise),  and Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers (The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open). RLJE Films releases BLOOD QUANTUM on DVD for $27.97 and on Blu-ray for $28.97.  Continue reading ‘Blood Quantum (Blu-ray Review)’


The Burnt Orange Heresy (Blu-ray Review)

Burnt Orange Heresy Blu-rayCharming and ambitious art critic, James Figueras played by Claes Bang, has fallen from grace. He spends his days in Milan lecturing witless tourists about art history. His only glimmer of hope is a newfound love interest, the enigmatic American, Berenice Hollis played by Elizabeth Debicki. An opportunity strikes when he is contacted by wealthy art dealer Joseph Cassidy played by Mick Jagger who summons James to his villa on Lake Como and asks him to steal a painting from the legendary reclusive artist, Jerome Debney played by Donald Sutherland. Soon, James greed and ambition get the better of him, and he finds himself caught in a web of his own making. The Burnt Orange Heresy is now available on Blu-ray from Sony Pictures Classics. Continue reading ‘The Burnt Orange Heresy (Blu-ray Review)’


Ghost Ship – Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray Review)

Well, 2002’s Ghost Ship is now worthy of the Scream Factory Collector’s Edition, eh? All right. Time to revisit it, then. At the very least, new interviews and bonus features can paint an entertaining story about a film I’m pretty sure most people thought was a disappointment. I think the popular word on this one was that “it had an amazing opening scene!” For this new Blu-ray release they’ve rounded up director Steve Beck for a commentary and for interviews they have Gil Adler, Isaiah Washington and Jason Baird. Funny enough, like Steve Beck’s Thirteen Ghosts which also had a Collector’s Edition release, Ghost Ship was once packaged as a multi-feature Blu-ray with the remake of House of Wax. Could a Collector’s Edition of that film be around the corner as well? I actually like that one, so I’d be pretty enthused. Ghost Ship arrives with this new Scream Factory Blu-ray at the end of the month on September 29th. If you’re a fan, use the paid Amazon Associates link after the review to pre-order a copy.
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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (4K Blu-ray Review)

Sherlock Holmes was not the film I thought it’d be.  So much so that I was strongly apprehensive about the sequel.  So much so that until I received my copy of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows on 4K disc that I did not make a point to view the film. Where I was totally disappointed in the first film, the second in what is now the Sherlock Holmes trilogy is a horse of a different color. Check out more about A Game of Shadows below and be sure to click the paid Amazon link at the end if you’d like to snag a copy!

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Genesis II / Planet Earth (Blu-ray Review)

I’m a sucker for 1970s science fiction in either television or film. Its likely a bit of a love for the style and aesthetic that comes across, but there are some great ideas explored through the writing. In the television medium, these weren’t always about action and blasting all the time, they had to provide good drama and character explorations. Gene Roddenberry, famous for creating Star Trek, tried his hand at the genre on television again a few years after the crew of the Starship Enterprise had gone off the air. His new attempt was an Earthbound story of a man out of time.  The first attempt, Genesis II wasn’t picked up for series, leaving its pilot as a standalone TV movie. Just a year later, it would be rebooted as another pilot called Planet Earth. That one would also not make it to series. A third try, without Roddenberry’s involvement (But with Planet Earth star John Saxon returning) also failed. Regardless of success, these curious television oddities, Genesis II and Planet Earth are now coming to Blu-ray from Warner Archive Collection on September 29th. Pre-order using the paid Amazon Associates link below.
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The Alfred Hitchcock Classics Collection (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

When a new format breaks out, it should be mandatory that the entire catalog of Alfred Hitchcock be immediately upgraded, restored and released. Unfortunately, in these streamy times we live in, that doesn’t seem to be of interest as finally in 2020 we are delivered just a small sampling size of his collection of masterpieces. Luckily that sampling size comes in the form of 4 pictures many would have at the top of their favorites list. Universal delivers the “Classics Collection” which features Rear Window, Vertigo, Psycho and The Birds. Four films that definitely showcase the master in different areas. It comes complete with digital copies and the standard Blu-ray editions. All bonus material is ported over to this set as well. I don’t know what else to tell you, as this is a must have from the jump for any real film collector. This set arrived on September 8th, so if you haven’t already, make sure you get your order in now and start sinking your teeth into this lovely set.
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