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Head Of The Class: The Complete First Season (DVD Review)

While we are well into the 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray era for home video, seeing the likes of more boutique labels now joining the battle in 2020, it may surprise you what movies and television shows still are not on the home video disc format. That leads us to 1986’s Head of the Class, which made its debut on DVD this week from Warner Archive Collection. Sure, we can bemoan releasing it on a format from 2 generations ago, but with the quality in which the show was mastered and broadcast, the SD 480i resolution is a rather fine way to put it out. Updated it to HD would probably only minimally enhance the quality. As of right now, the only way to watch head of the class is on the Roku channel. This will give fans and nostaligists a chance to own the show. If you’re wanting to order the show, you’ll be able to purchase it when it pops upon on the WB Shop store. As of this review posting, its not listing on the site and being and MOD title, you’ll want to keep checking back. Continue reading ‘Head Of The Class: The Complete First Season (DVD Review)’


Harley Quinn: The Complete First Season (DVD Review)

No, you’re seeing that correctly. Something Harley Quinn related is being reviewed on Why So Blu and the name “Brian White” is not attached to it. Is the man too cool for animation? Well, no, actually. Does he have it against subscribing to another streaming service? Nope, he subscribes to the DC Universe service. And yes, while we are at  it, he LOVES the animated Harley Quinn show (check out his Interview w/ Patrick Shumacker HERE). Won’t shut up about it actually. But, when it comes to the decision to release it on DVD only for physical media…well…he’s none too happy. Though, I tried to explain to him that its animated and the type of animation it was done in wasn’t going to make it matter much, he wasn’t having it. Personally, I watched the freebies offered on YouTube for the show and wanted to seek more, so I thank him for the opportunity to do that now with the review. If you’re wanting to actually own the show, you can do so by pre-ordereing it in time for its June 2nd street date on (sigh) DVD. Continue reading ‘Harley Quinn: The Complete First Season (DVD Review)’


Power Of Grayskull: The Definitive History Of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe (DVD Review)

Power Of Grayskull: The Definitive History Of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe (Now that’s a lengthy title if I’ve ever seen one), calls to be THE documentary of the one who shouts “I have the power!” Netflix has a fantastic series called The Toys That Made US (FANTASTIC series, especially if you were an 80s kid) which spent an episode focusing on He-Man. Being the prime audiences for that product then and now (With retrospectives), I was immediately intrigued and wanted to see what could be done with an even deeper dive. Which now brings us to Power of Grayskull: TDHOH-MATMOTU for…short? Its arrived on DVD September 3rd from High Octane, which we will now be checking out. Its purely the documentary (With 2 audios) on the disc, so very much in it to win it with the content.

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Rescue Under Fire [Eureka! Masters of Cinema] (DVD Review)

The crew of a medical helicopter crashes in Afghanistan whilst attempting to assist an ambushed patrol of Spanish and American troops. The Spanish army has only one night to organize the rescue of the crew and injured, but what seems routine turns into hell once they receive the order to rescue the helicopter as well. Things only get worse when during the night a huge concentration of insurgents begin surrounding them. The debut feature from director Adolfo Martínez, a multi-award winning writer who has worked behind the scenes on numerous Hollywood blockbusters including Oblivion and Walt Disney s 2016 smash hit, The Jungle Book. Rescue Under Fire is an incredibly tense and exciting action thriller that should not be missed. Continue reading ‘Rescue Under Fire [Eureka! Masters of Cinema] (DVD Review)’


DC Super Hero Girls: Legends Of Atlantis (DVD Review)

The DC Super Hero Girls of the appropriately named Super Hero High are back in action and taking it to the seas. Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, Batgirl and Supergirl will be meeting up with their underwater cohorts Mera and Siren in this brand new DVD adventure. Hmmm, October DC animated release features Aquaman characters with Aquaman hitting theaters in December. Hmmm…nah, couldn’t be right? Of course they’re warming up and priming the young ones. If you want to prime yours for the Jason Mamoa-led James Wan live action Aquaman film this December, you’ll want to grab a copy of this new DC Super Hero Girls DVD when it arrives in store both online and physical on October 2nd. Check out the review link to secure you rcopy.  Continue reading ‘DC Super Hero Girls: Legends Of Atlantis (DVD Review)’


Silicon Valley: The Complete Fifth Season (DVD Review)

HBO’s Silicon Valley has been a bit of a pop culture phenomenon for a few years now. The show has found itself trend setting some catch phrases (My friends and I have been obsessed with “This guy f***s” for a few years now and its not going anywhere anytime soon, ever) and some of the most popular talked about comedic moments on television. It helped jump to its own popularity getting a boost off of being the show that followed Game Of Thrones for its first couple years and sandwiched between that and VEEP. Damn, that’s a hella fantastic 2 hour block of television, is it not? The show sits in such honor at HBO that they’ve decide to demote the series to a DVD only release for Season 5. So, Why So BLU(!!!) fans, if that’s your thing, then go on and pre-order this bad boy now! Continue reading ‘Silicon Valley: The Complete Fifth Season (DVD Review)’


Elena Of Avalor: Realm Of The Jaquins (DVD Review)

Elena of Avalor is a show that has run on both the Disney Channel and Disney Junior during its run. The show is currently in a run for its second season. I’m not the expert on it or anything, but I have taken note of the good section of merchandise it usually has in the toy section at stores over the past year or two, so I imagine its either really popular or getting a big push from Disney currently. This DVD set, dubbed Realm of the Jaquins, collects four episodes of the show. One is a combination of two first season episodes and two are from the second season. It also provides ten shorts as bonus material for the disc. Disney will have this one store shelves and virtual ones on August 7th. You can pre-order yourself a copy for your kids (or yourself if you’d like) using the Amazon link below.  Continue reading ‘Elena Of Avalor: Realm Of The Jaquins (DVD Review)’


LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Super-Villain High (DVD Review)

A few years back, DC broke some barriers and unleashed a brand of their famed comic book heroes aimed strictly toward young women. Great new figures, costumes and a cartoon were launched in the DC Super Hero Girls brand. But, you know how you really know you were successful with it? You not only get LEGOS, but a LEGO cartoon movie edition of your brand. This isn’t the first one of said LEGO’izing the DC Super Hero Girls, but this is I believe the second of such films, coming a year later. This one is called Super-Villain High and returns the likes of voice acting favorite Tara Strong back to put life into the animated Harley Quinn. You’ll be able to snag yourself this one on DVD (Sorry, bummer, but no Blu-ray) when it hits shelves May 15. Continue reading ‘LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Super-Villain High (DVD Review)’


Z-O-M-B-I-E-S (DVD Review)

The Disney Channel most recently has been riding high off of the smashing success of its The Descendants movies. Those felt of a certain “passing of the torch” from the High School Musical films that came in the decade prior. Now, while I’m sure a third Descendants film is in the works and around the corner, we have something in a similar vein but different to take in; ZOMBIES! This one features a society allowing the undead to attend school after years of coexistence. I’m sensing some clever social commentary for a good, fun singing and dancing educational lesson, Disney. You’ll be able to own a physical copy of the latest Disney Channel event when it comes to the 22 year old DVD format only at the end of the month, April 24th. Continue reading ‘Z-O-M-B-I-E-S (DVD Review)’


Vice Principals – The Complete Series (DVD Review)

HBO’s Vice Principals was another in the lines of limited run series from HBO, like The Night Of or True Detective. Planned as a focused 18 episode story (Or a 9 hour movie as the creators would put it), the premium cable network ran the show in two halves and got two years out of it. A team-up of Danny McBride and Walton Goggins headlined what felt like a perfect matchup, and indeed it played out as one. While the first season of Vice Principals was given a Blu-ray release from HBO, they’ve taken a hard left with it and dramatically changed course. At this time, there is no release of season two by itself at all. As a matter of fact, no Blu-ray of it, even. They will be release a Complete Series set on DVD only. A very odd choice from a studio that tends to be on the up and up with performance quality and has even gotten into 4K Ultra-HD. Its very strange and probably pretty confusing or frustrating for many collectors, but this is the hand we’ve been dealt. Luckily, if you want to take two steps back in terms of quality, its rather inexpensive and also comes with a Digital HD version of the entire series when it streets April 10th. Continue reading ‘Vice Principals – The Complete Series (DVD Review)’


LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures – Season Two (DVD Review)

This is the big Star Wars home video release you were waiting for this month right? No? Okay, anyway – The second season of “LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures” delivers all 12 action-packed episodes plus five bonus shorts on DVD.  I covered the first season and since the show manage to land and Emmy nomination which is pretty impressive. However, two seasons is enough for this show as this DVD set concludes the adventures of the Freemakers. With this and Rebels coming to an end and only one saga film left to tell, I imagine our future Star Wars offshoots are going to be much more focused around the sequel trilogy once all of its secrets are out. This second season of the Freemaker Adventures will only be available on DVD this time, coming March 13th. Continue reading ‘LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures – Season Two (DVD Review)’


The Limehouse Golem (DVD Review)

The city of London is gripped with fear as a serial killer – dubbed The Limehouse Golem – is on the loose and leaving cryptic messages written in his victim’s blood. With few leads and increasing public pressure, Scotland Yard assigns the case to Inspector Kildare (Bill Nighy) – a seasoned detective with a troubled past and a sneaking suspicion he’s being set up to fail. Faced with a long list of suspects, including music hall star Dan Leno (Douglas Booth), Kildare must get help from a witness who has legal troubles of her own (Olivia Cooke), so he can stop the murders and bring the killer to justice.

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The Violent Shit Collection (DVD Review)

Apparently Germany in the 1980s wasn’t a good time to be a horror fan. Most of the films you’d have wanted to see were either not released or got edited really bad to the point where enjoyment was gone. There was a revolt as many fans would get together and make their own movies at home and try to feature over the top and ridiculous gore that would set those censors going crazy if they were ever to get their hands on it. The most famous and popular of that bunch are The Violent Shit movies featuring Karl the Butcher. These films are now seeing their first official release in the United States courtesy of Synapse Films.  Before you cry out as to this release being a DVD, you should know that these were shot on a VHS camcorder. The format is fitting enough for these movies. They’ll be available for purchase April 11th. Continue reading ‘The Violent Shit Collection (DVD Review)’


Star Trek: Voyager – The Complete Series (DVD Review)

Paramount is continuing on with its re-releasing of all the Star Trek iterations in new packaging and whatnot.  Last year saw the full original crew release in celebration of 50 years that included the full series run, the animated series (A debut on Blu-ray) and the films featuring that crew.  A few months later we got new packages of the original series, The Next Generation and the standalone release of the Animated Series.  Just last month saw Star Trek: Enterprise and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine repurposed in new full season sets.  I think these these recent ones were set to coordinate with Star Trek: Discovery’s premiere, but that got pushed back.  The last such of those releases is the full season Series of Star Trek: Voyager on DVD.  And that’s the one we are here to cover today.  Up front, these are the exact same discs that have been out the whole way, its just different, “shelf space saving” packaging this time around.  But, lets dig in and check it out anyway.  I’ve included pictures of the new packaging in this review, as well as listed the bonus material (Easter Eggs included) so you can confirm you already have this. Continue reading ‘Star Trek: Voyager – The Complete Series (DVD Review)’


This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse (DVD Review)

This-Night-I'll-Possess Your-CorpseNot only one film, but there is a sequel (as well as a third film) to the original Coffin Joe “classic” called This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse.  This film comes five years after the original Brazilian horror film.  Now, I’m not sure if this is the second Brazilian horror film of all time, but I’m sure it was a piece of the progression in the genre for that country’s film industry.  Brazil currently is actually becoming a horror hotbed, with the likes of Eli Roth strongly supporting it and doing films there (Like Green Inferno).  This DVD from Synapse Films can be found for purchase on July 31st.  Ensuring yourself a copy is the Amazon pre-order link below. Continue reading ‘This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse (DVD Review)’


At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul (DVD Review)

At-MidnightI can’t tell you much about any experiences I have with At Midnight I’ll Take Your soul or any of the subsequent sequels.  The name “Coffin Joe” and seeing his look does ring some sort of bell.  I’m pretty well versed on a ton of horror history so I’ve probably come across some art or a photo or something, but I gotta admit to be being a novice here.  That’s all being taken care of now, as Synapse Films is bringing him into our homes (again) on DVD in a special edition (As well as the follow up film and then a trilogy collection).  This will be available on January 31st, but pre-order is up and running already.
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Miami Vice: The Complete Series (DVD Review)

MV SquareNothing represents the best of the 80’s better than Miami Vice.  From the pastel colors to the sock free loafers, from the fast Ferrari’s to the sizzling speed boats, the adventures of Vice Detectives James “Sonny” Crockett and Ricardo “Rico” Tubbs were not only influential to an entire decade, but also a huge part of my own childhood representing all things cool.  This new great sounding 5.1 & 2.0 Surround Sound set houses the total series and contains every Miami Vice episode in its entirety – the good, the bad and the ugly.  Normally product of this type gets the DVD Roundup treatment from me, but with a set this massive more detailed dissection felt warranted.

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Scream Queens: The Complete First Season (DVD Review)

scream queens coverBecause writer/director/producer Ryan Murphy was not busy enough with American Horror Story and American Crime Story, he also decided to follow up Fox’s Glee with another over-the-top series that takes on the horror genre to a lighter degree with Scream Queens. Packed with both veteran and younger stars, the concept is fun enough, with this series challenging MTV’s Scream to be the best horror/dark comedy about teens on television. However, does Scream Queens deliver the goods or miss the mark when it comes to being a proper horror send-up? The first season is now available on DVD, so anyone can catch up.

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