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The Colour And THE SHAPE: The Music Of HALLOWEEN

David Gordon Green’s Halloween Ends is now playing in theaters and streaming on Peacock. And I’m sure EVERYONE on social media has their very strong opinions on it for better or for worse. Either way, I love seeing that big dork in the white mask return again and again on the big screen. Also returning in Halloween Ends is Blue Oyster Cult’s 1976 rock staple “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper,” the first song ever featured in a Halloween movie. While Halloween has been more known for scores than they have soundtracks, there are some notable songs featured in the films and even attempts to nab a hit single and sell records while counting box office receipts. I wanted to look at each film in the series and select one song that significantly ties into the movie in some way, SHAPE or form that feels memorable. Some are less memorable than others, some are a bit of a stretch, and some you may not even remember. Continue reading ‘The Colour And THE SHAPE: The Music Of HALLOWEEN’


A Fred Ward Tribute – Top Five Film Performances

Talented actor Fred Ward recently passed, and for a massive fan like myself, the news is indeed sad.  Having grown up watching a gaggle of highly memorable flicks featuring Ward right alongside my movie-going father, I can safely say that his work greatly influenced my love and nostalgia for great cinema.  Fortunately for fans, he left behind a plethora of damn fine film performances that can be watched and enjoyed over and over again.  From early turns in iconic flicks like Escape From Alcatraz and The Right Stuff to his later collaborations with Robert Altman (The Player and Short Cuts!), Ward’s choices were much like the actor himself – highly original.  (Plus love that he wasn’t afraid to explore his wacky side with the likes of Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult and Joe Dirt!)  But for the sake of this tribute article, I’m looking at what I consider to be THE best of the best in terms of characters that Ward ever brought to the screen.  Turns that stuck in my movie mind and burrowed in like a Tremor worm on a mission. (And narrowing them down to five was a truly difficult – shout out to MIA flick Timerider: The Adventures of Lyle Swan!)  And so what follows are, for better or worse, my definitive picks of Fred Ward’s….Top Five Film Performances!

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Aaron’s Most Anticipated Films of 2022 – A Month By Month Look

Time for another look at the rest of the year from the top of it. I’ve assembled my annual list of Most Anticipated Films for 2022. I find it’s always exciting to look ahead at the films set to arrive this year. It’s also a relief to be more or less back on track and not have to deal with too many more leftovers, as far as films that were delayed because of the pandemic (although there are still a few). With that in mind, I’m also well aware some movies aren’t even on my radar yet. However, I’m still plenty happy to see all of the current potential and narrow it down to some interesting or fun-looking titles. The following is a month-by-month look at what movies I am looking forward to seeing this year (links for trailers where available). Feel free to name the films you are all looking forward to in the comments.

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Peter’s Tremendous Top Ten Video Games of 2021

2021, amirite? We’re now over a year into the current generation of consoles, yet being able to actually purchase a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X/S is still nigh impossible. Proving what we already knew: scalper bots are truly the worst. The shortage of chips and other factors have made the supply fall far short of demand. Fortunately, many of the year’s best were playable on the older PS4s and Xbox Ones too. Meanwhile, Nintendo released an OLED version of their Switch alongside the first Metroid in years. The year in games saw plenty of highs, although nothing hit the masterpiece level of 2020’s The Last of Us Part 2. Instead, 2021 spread the love with different kinds of experiences: an incredible shooter that heralded the return of Master Chief, a colorful Pixar-level tale featuring not one but two Lombaxes, and plenty of abominations courtesy of the Umbrella Corporation.

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Adam’s Super Smooth Top Ten Films of 2021!

I must start this year’s top ten list off by radiating my excitement about this particular list.  I have been lucky enough to write for Whysoblu for approaching 3 years now.  I have written reviews, top ten lists, and published PR too.  I have loved all the work I’ve been able to do – even when the movies haven’t been great.  The fun of this list for me, and what makes me so excited is that I’ve finally seen enough movies to make a year-end list, and it’s been a blast being able to take in so many varied movies… The good, the bad, and the ugly…


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Brandon’s Sensational Top 10 List of His Favorite 2021 Films

Last week was the favorite physical media I had to weed down to a short list, this week its the actual films of 2021 to which I must choose a mere 10. As is true in any year, its hard as hell to crack this thing down to 20-30, let alone 10. But, that’s the sort of “fun stress” we film writers/reviewers tend to enjoy putting ourselves through. This year seemed super loaded with filmmakers I admire and adore and it pained me to cut some of them from this list. At the end of the day, there were films I just found I want to watch more and others that surprised me or took me for a wild and unique journey, while some just kind of did their thing (very) well. My final cut that didn’t make the list might end up being one I revisit or think about more than some of these on here. I’m pretty certain there’s a few here I like more than most and are probably on the other end of the spectrum and despised by people. But here, on this day, this 29th day of December at the end of the year, this is how I have felt in this moment, in this capsule. Continue reading ‘Brandon’s Sensational Top 10 List of His Favorite 2021 Films’


Brian’s Sensual Top 10 List of His Favorite 2021 Films

Brian Top 10 2021 I feel like a broken record spewing the same sob story every year, but in calendar year 2021 I saw the least amount of movies ever in recent memories.  It was definitely a weird year.  COVID-19 still had impacts on box office releases, but that didn’t stop new movies from rolling in on other digital platforms.  Streaming juggernauts like HBO Max swung for the fences with same day Warner Bros. releases, Apple had plenty of representations and even Peacock got in on the action with the new Halloween movie.  So there were plenty of ways to ingest new film releases, but I opted to focus on experiencing life for a change of pace.  And what a rocket ride that was, but I digress.  I actually do have a Top Ten list of favorite 2021 flicks so I want to turn my focus there, but before I do… Continue reading ‘Brian’s Sensual Top 10 List of His Favorite 2021 Films’


Gregg’s Best and Worst Films of 2021

2022?! But we just started 2021! Yes, time does seem to be flying by awfully quick these days, but I’ll take it considering the further we move ahead, the more we can eventually put Covid-19 in the rear view. Speaking of which, before we get to the films on the list, can we just look at how much better things are right now than they were twelve months ago? Yes, I’m aware numbers are spiking, but the things we can do in society today that we couldn’t a year ago is quite the positive upswing. In over a decade of writing for Why So Blu, last year was the first time my Top 10 list was shrunk to a mere five films. This was of course due to the tremendous lack of new releases combined with the closures of cinemas across the country. But, here we are.

We persevered and leapt over another covid hurdle. Theaters are bustling and streaming is more like a tsunami when it comes to new, big budget films. Productions like Netflix exclusives The Harder They Fall and Red Notice are just a few of the streaming-specific movies that completed a list of what to watch in 2021. While I did not get to see The Last Duel or Nightmare Alley, and this list was due before The King’s Man is to be released, I am feeling rather confident about the placement laid out here before you.

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BRANDON’S Top 10 Blu-ray And Top 10 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray For 2021!

The year comes to a close in a matter of days, so that means its time break out the obligatory end of year/best of/top 10 of things from 2021. This year saw a nice surge in titles coming to 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray, ending the year with Criterion FINALLY getting on board and getting involved in a big way to launch. Up front, time has not been something I’ve had much of in the past few weeks, so I’ll be delivering both my Top 10 standard Blu-ray list and my Top 10 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray lists via my 4K BLUsday method – on video! For those who like to read, As much as I appreciate your love of the typed word, my digits didn’t have it in them this year for that. I’ll provide you a cheat sheet below the video, but if you watch the video you’ll receive my reasoning for each choice. Thanks, as always, for indulging me!

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Super-Sized Top Ten: Aaron’s Exceptional 4K & Blu-ray Picks For 2021

“I think I’ve figured out how to shrink this thing down.” What a foolish thing I told myself, once again… This is the first full year I’ve had to enjoy not only new Blu-ray releases but 4K UHD discs as well. Having all the modern format options like my fellow Why So Blu writers (in addition to a region-free player) has allowed me the optimal viewing experience to go along with these excellent releases. As usual (see: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020), this list has a key rule – I have to have gone through the disc as far as assessing the audio and video quality, along with the special features available. There are releases that I’m sure are terrific, but I just haven’t had the time to watch everything (I mainly focused on the ones I knew would satisfy the most). With that said, I have plenty of bonus sections as well. So, here we go!

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Adam’s Top Ten 4K UHD Blu-ray List!

We’re all ready for the end of another crazy year.  It’s mind-blowing to me as I get older just how quickly time passes.  Things fleet right past me and I just wonder how things went so fast.  Even now, I’m kind of blown away that I purchased and watched nearly 100 4K titles this year.  This is saying a lot and made for a very interesting choosing style for this year’s 4K top ten.  I made a list – funnily enough, I made a long list then broke it down into one comprehensive list. Yes, it took days… but I’m loving the variety and am so excited to share this with you all!

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The Best Comics of 2021

Here we are about to wrap a bow on 2021 and some things have certainly improved from twelve months ago while some of this all feels the same. One aspect which hasn’t changed is the unfaltering delivery of our shows, our films and our comic books to dodge and parry the current norm. We’ve all still managed to find our escapes through these various media, and not only that, but some have gone beyond just good entertainment or solid reads. Some, such as the comic books you’re about to become acquainted with, rose to that tier for one reason or another. We can agree, we can disagree, but we can all be entertained by them.

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Brandon’s Blu-ray Wishlist ALL-STARS!

It’s been 8 years since I published my first Blu-ray Wishlist article during my first year writing here at Why So Blu.  In 2013, I decided to take something always on my brain and put it to text. From DVD to Blu-ray, late in their life, I have always been curious on just what films haven’t made the jump to the format. Not every theatrical film made it to VHS, BetaMax or CED. Even less made it to Laserdisc. And not every film on VHS made it to DVD. And it only continues to shrink from there. As many a cool release or double dip upgrade comes out on a title we love, so many are still missing. So many fans of those films continually waiting for a picture improvement from whatever format they currently cling to. The purpose for it was to have fun and see what other people would be wanting or bring to my attention that I hadn’t realized was missing. I even had too big of eyes and attempted it as a weekly series in 2014, but quickly realized I’m probably better suited for it as an annual piece. At the end of the day, it created an awareness and sometimes the distributors did indeed take note. Shout! Factory once responded to one of Twitter that they had attempted one of the titles I listed but were not successful. Continue reading ‘Brandon’s Blu-ray Wishlist ALL-STARS!’


Top Ten ‘Final Destination’ Film Franchise Deaths

For those unaware, another episode of the Out Now With Aaron and Abe podcast featuring horror for the month of October is dropping again today.  This particular one is of note as it’s a discussion of the Final Destination films and features Aaron Neuwirth, of course, but also Brandon Peters, James “Jimmy O” Oster, and myself.  Plus – the original film creator Jeffrey Reddick joins us – a hell of a bonus!  So, it felt apt to revisit said franchise with a new article highlighting cool killer wares right here on WhySoBlu.com.  Thus today we’re going back into the world of trying to escape death (damn you Tony Todd!) by highlighting what Final Destination has become known for – the elaborate kills.

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A Richard Donner Tribute – Top Five Films

The iconic director Richard Donner has passed on, and for any fan of movies, his distinctive body of work is a stellar reminder of what the best of Hollywood can create.  From franchises to important dramatic works, Richard Donner was an old school filmmaker with a serious knack for not only putting together casts that kill but creating a cinematic story that sells. A master craftsman, well-deserving of a tribute, I have fittingly highlighted here five of my favorite films – the best of Donner.  And while there are films not featured here that are still highly memorable (The Omen is one creepy decapitating outing!), fun as hell (Maverick was just a joyride!) and worth watching (Radio Flyer is a hard watch but a worthy one!), what’s selected below are flicks that showcase a filmmaker who will be sorely missed.  In loving memory of the late great Richard Donner, here are his …Top Five Films.

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Godzilla Ranking: The Showa Era (1954-1975)

It’s been a bumpy road for major releases, but Legendary Pictures’ MonsterVerse has a battle for the ages coming this Spring with Godzilla vs. Kong. After delivering my rankings for the Heisei Era and the Millennium Era, along with some fun facts and a beginner’s guide to the famed kaiju series, I took a bit of a break from huge Godzilla posts. However, it’s finally time to explore my ranking of the original period of Toho’s Godzilla films, the Showa Era, which ran from the 50s into the 70s, featuring a hefty 15 films. So, get ready for my ranking, fun trivia, and more.

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Jason Coleman’s Top Ten Memorable Movie Openings

Having recently witnessed the glorious opening slow-motion spectacle of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, complete with full man of steel angst and long-reaching death howl, it inspired me and reminded me just how powerful an effective opening scene can be.  Sometimes as the only saving grace of a flawed flick and sometimes an appetizer of tasty things to come, a good first scene impression is always welcome in the world of movie magic.  So I’m taking some time out to pay a little tribute to some of MY favorite first scenes that have long lingered with me even after the flick finished unspooling.  Take heed – these may not be the best film openings of all time (hence no Jaws, The Dark Knight, or 2001: A Space Odyssey here!), but these are the ones that personally made me excited both then and now.  So run hot, choose life, drive fast, feel melancholy, check the calendar, get arrested, prepare for 100% Alabama ass-kicking, get into a knockdown brawl, grab some hot jewels, and gain some serious deep reflection – here are my own…TOP TEN MEMORABLE MOVIE OPENINGS!

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Aaron’s Most Anticipated Films of 2021 – A Month By Month Look

This should be interesting. I’ve assembled my annual list of Most Anticipated Films for 2021, but it comes with an interesting change. While it’s always fun to look ahead at the films set to arrive this year, this is coming after a year where many releases were delayed. As a result, films from last year will appear on this list as well, but I’m going to put a larger focus on films I didn’t spotlight in last year’s list. With that in mind, I’m also well aware some films aren’t even on my radar yet, but I’m still plenty happy at seeing all of the current potential. Regardless, this is a month by month look at what movies I am looking forward to seeing this year (links for trailers where available). Feel free to name the films you are all looking forward to in the comments.

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