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Oblivion (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Oblivion is one of those extra special theatrical experiences that I’ll never forget in life.  I owe it all to Aaron Neuwirth.  The year was 2013 and my significant other and I had just moved down to Austin, TX from Cleveland, OH.  This was before Cleveland was a championship town.  We were both lost down […]


‘Oblivion’ Is Gorgeous And Engaging, But Familiar (Movie Review)

To speak about Oblivion to those who have not yet seen the film and do not want to be spoiled on what is in store for them, I have to not mention the many different films and sci-fi concepts that it lifts from.  A film I can mention, in comparison, would be Prometheus.  It is […]


A Talk With Joseph Kosinski – Director of Tron: Legacy

Today I had the chance to talk with the director of Tron: Legacy and was able to ask a bunch of questions that definitely fall into major spoiler territory.  If you haven’t seen Tron: Legacy, you might want to watch it before reading this interview! Mr. Kosinski was kind enough to answer questions for three […]


‘TRON: Legacy’ Fights for the Users and the Audience

In 1982, Disney released an original science fiction film known as TRON. Despite its unique concept and the presence of Jeff Bridges, the film was only met with moderate success, developing a cult following over the years. TRON’s most notable aspect, at the time, was in regards to the way it pioneered the use of computer technology to create its special effects. Despite this notable quality, the film was disqualified from Oscar consideration regarding the special effects, because it was deemed to have cheated. Now, 28 years later, due to the power young geeks who grew up watching TRON and are now working for Disney, a sequel has been made.


Disney Grabs Radical’s OBLIVION

Radical Publishing may be a small player in the comic book market, but they produce some of the highest quality works out there.  With titles like the supernatural thriller Hotwire and the newly released Driver for the Dead, Radical is making their play to become a bigger force in the industry and it’s safe to […]


Comic-Con 2010: Tron Legacy Press Event

It was nearly 30 years ago when Disney released a science fiction film that altered the landscape of special effects.  Known simply as Tron, the film included the likes of the now Oscar winner Jeff Bridges.  The story was simple; a guy gets warped into a computer and has to find his way out.  Little […]