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Hello Doctor Sleep… (Movie Review)

Doctor Sleep Movie ReviewHey there folks! So I went to see Doctor Sleep (2019) earlier last week. I have been passively following this film since it had been green lit and to be honest I thought they were making a TV series out King’s book, at first. It was not until I recently caught a trailer for Doctor Sleep (2019) that I realized it was opening in theaters. Upon watching the trailer, my interest was piqued, but I knew that many Stephen King books-turned-movies are either hit or, definitely, miss. Despite how polarizing Stephen King story adaptations can be, I am one who can enjoy them regardless! Even Sleepwalkers (1992) and Thinner (1996) are entertaining to me! I just love the King! That being said which category does Doctor Sleep (2019) fall under? Come play with us and find out!

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Take The Test Drive w/ Ford v Ferrari (Movie Review)

Ford v Ferrari Movie ReviewThere was a time when the old Brian would have found such a movie like Ford v Ferrari to be a wet dream.  Up until about two years ago my world literally revolved around my 2006 Mustang GT.  She, affectionately named Dark Angel after Jessica Alba’s failed TV show back in the day, was everything to me.  She was the only physical connection left to my old life in Cleveland, OH and my bridge to the proverbial road ahead.  I never imagined a day without her.  Then some “great” guy in Austin, TX, whose hair just happen to get in his eyes while driving (no kidding), took my world away from me.  My life has never been the same.  I absolutely hate driving nowadays and pretty much want nothing at all to do with cars anymore to the point where I sadly drive a Honda Civic I named Vegas.  However, I digress because secretly my motor had been revving with anticipation for Ford v Ferrari.  So fill up your racing tanks and speed on down below with me as I test drive Ford v Ferrari. Continue reading ‘Take The Test Drive w/ Ford v Ferrari (Movie Review)’


Doctor Sleep Is Intriguing, Horrific and Kinda Disappointing (Movie Review)

The great Stephen King revival continues with a follow-up to one of his most acclaimed works, The Shining. While Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic adaptation is famously hated by King, nearly forty years later, Doctor Sleep arrives based on King’s sequel book of the same name, with influence from Kubrick’s film as well. This time, the director behind the nightmares is horror filmmaker Mike Flanagan (The Haunting of Hill House) who’s already made a strong King feature, Gerald’s Game. Can this vehicle for Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson leave a mark where Danny’s big wheel had once trodden before?

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Last Christmas is Charming, Sing Songy, and Pretty Dumb (Movie Review)

Schmaltzy Christmas flicks are typically the sole property of the Hallmark channel. Still, Universal made a list, checked it twice, and included charming leads Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding, the music of George Michael/Wham!, and a Love, Actually London setting for Last Christmas. Still, perhaps the script could have been checked a few more times? The cast has spirit, but is that enough to bring forth holiday cheer?

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“Black and Blue and Eh All Over.” (Movie Review)

Black and BlueSo recently I went to go see Black and Blue (2019). I was not too familiar with this film in particular… I know , I know I say that a lot, but its just true guys. I was so unaware of this film I confused it for at least two other films that are coming out this year with similar elements to them. Once again I’m not trying to sound like a broken record or beat a dead horse, but this film flew well under the radar for me. Once I accepted that this film existed and was coming out in theaters in a few days I decided to watch a trailer. After watching a few seconds of the trailer I was surprisingly… on board. When I got into the theater and watched the film though… well… it was eh. How about you guys hop in the passenger seat and let’s hit it.

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Terminator: Dark Fate Has Better Humor Than Action (Movie Review)

She’s back. After nearly three decades Linda Hamilton, the original Sarah Connor, has reteamed with James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger for Terminator: Dark Fate, a direct follow-up to the iconic 1991 game-changing blockbuster Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The film that flipped the script, setting a high bar for sequels. Is the Cyberdyne Systems 2019 model on par with the first two?

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Countdown Needs A Day One Patch (Movie Review)

Countdown’s success at delivering thrills should have been as easy as, well, downloading an app. By now, there is a formula – perfected by the Final Destination series for random folks doing whatever they can to avoid their untimely demise. Add a spooky shot of The Ring for maximum ticking clock syndrome and presto! After all, not all scary movies need to leave viewers with a sense of dread as they exit the multiplex. A silly high concept boo-fest via a literal “killer app” should have been as fun as Happy Death Day’s Groundhog Day-meets-slasher flick conceit. And yet…

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Screamfest 2019 – Best Of Fest ‘Wrap Up’

Well, it’s over folks!  The illustrious Screamfest Film Festival 2019 and our comprehensive coverage have both come to an end and what a ruckus ride it has been. With sixty-five reviews, two in-depth interviews and six articles both of the Coleman’s have been hard at work.  But they say goodbye with their winners of what they think are the cream of the Child of the Corn crop.  That’s right it’s the…



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Screamfest 2019 – Final Father/Son Feature Film Reviews

Even though Screamfest Film Festival 2019 has finished its glorious run, there are still a few movie review blood and gore bits to clean up.  So in their final tandem set of critical dissections here is the father and son team of Jason and Michael each taking on their own respective reviews of some of the features not yet examined via this years’ crop – sixteen here to be exact.  From serial killers to dangerous dames unknown, here are the duos….Final Film Reviews!



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Jojo Rabbit… Just Wow! (Movie Review)

Jo Jo Rabbit Movie ReviewSo I went to see Jojo Rabbit (2019) on the very first day of this month. I was very aware of this film coming out. I know on a few of my reviews I mention that “I had no idea this film was even coming out”; this is not the case with Jojo Rabbit (2019). The stills from the film, featuring, director, Taika Waititi, as one of the most infamous war criminals in history, Adolf Hitler, is enough to rub people the wrong way. Seeing only one of Waititi’s films in completion, Thor Ragnarok (2017), I had a feeling that Jojo Rabbit (2019) would be some sort of satirical film about the overbearing presence of Nazism in WW II Germany. Where this would make for a disastrous and poorly received film… I actually found it to be truly moving, clever, and heartfelt. Let’s hop to and talk about it.

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Zombieland: Double Tap…They’re Back Baby! (Movie Review)

Zombieland 2 Movie ReviewIt feels so good to be back! It was 10 years ago when the first film,  Zombieland (2009), came out. I went to go see it with a friend or two not sure what to expect. I walked out of that film with such a love for what I was seeing on screen! The cast was great, the sets were awesome, and the humor was in full swing. Now we flash forward to 10 years later, not only in time of the film, but also in real life. I know what you guys are thinking… Does it hold up after all this time. Is this film still relevant? Does Zombieland: Double Tap (2019), truly, nut up or shut up? It nuts up guys… it nuts up.

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Screamfest 2019 – Forty-Seven Short Film Reviews

The 2019 Screamfest Film Festival may be officially over but we’re still going strong in our coverage via WhySoBlu and there are more many more films to dissect.  (So many flicks, so little time!)  With only a few more articles to go this one is dedicated to the genre outings short in stature as we dissect a whopping forty-seven short films all of which screened at this year’s fest. From sentimental zombie stories to grannies with gut slashing gumption here’s the skinny on all things short film!



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Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Can’t Cast A Spell (Movie Review)

Angelina Jolie has returned to the big screen. Though she’ll always be “Acid Burn” to this reviewer, as the powerful, horned anti-hero, Maleficent, fans of the original 2014 flick are far more vocal than a ragtag group of rollerbladers intent on hacking the planet. The first film, which felt more like a ninety-minute television pilot, raked in over 750 million worldwide, so a sequel was inevitable. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is definitely more of a film than it’s predecessor, but it’s still a mess.

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Zombieland: Double Tap Is Unnecessary But Still Has Bite (Movie Review)

A decade is a long time for fans to wait to see the next installment of their favorite franchise. That tenth of a century waiting period can pay off big time like with Disney’s release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens… or not (we’re still waiting for Avatar 2). Enter Zombieland: Dobule Tap, a sequel to a surprise hit from 2009. In that time, the undead craze unearthed some bona fide hits like AMC’s The Walking Dead. Was ten years too long to wait for another romp with Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock? Yes… and no.

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Screamfest 2019 – ‘The Wave’ Director Gille Klabin Talks Mixing Genres (Plus Bonus Five-Star Review!)

The ever-amazing Screamfest Horror Film Festival 2019 (go to www.screamfestla.com for more details!) taking place October 8th – 17th at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres in LA at the Hollywood and Highland Center is still going strong with the frightful flicks unspooling fast and furious.  But what to do when you come across a flick that is not only utterly original but also firmly entrenches itself in your top 10 films of the year?  It’s feature time!

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Screamfest 2019 – Undead “Eat Brains Love” Knows How To Bring Characters To Life (Movie Review)

In today’s horror laden movie climate zombies have become a dime a dozen.  Long gone are the days of Romero’s stark new vision of flesh eating ghouls as the walking dead have literally gone mainstream.  Thus it takes some utterly original tinkering to make any such film a standout, but fortunately the latest cinematic outing involving the undead from helmer Rodman Flender titled Eat Brains Love has just enough humor, quirk and highly memorable characters to make it rise above the buried alive fray and live again.



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‘Gemini Man’ Is A Flawed, Groundbreaking Experiment (Movie Review)

Ang Lee’s Gemini Man is the kind of film geeks like yours truly not only rush out to see but rush out to see in the best theater possible. In this particular case, there are less than twenty theaters across the country that can offer the premiere experience. So, is the 3D High Frame Rate action extravaganza starring not one but two Will Smiths worth paying the premium ticket price? Read on!

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‘Joker’ Is The Clown Prince We Deserve (Movie Review)

Todd Phillips’ Joker aims to deliver much-needed weight to the comic book genre. It’s an alternate take on the origin of one of the most famous villains in the DC universe. There are no massive CG set pieces. Instead, you have what adds up to two hours of a glum and not at all fun time at the multiplex. Still, free of the many tropes saddling down big-budget superhero flicks, the Joaquin Phoenix-starring film is a darn near triumph of style, performance, and timely resonance. That said, Joker is obviously not for kiddies but for everyone else let’s dive in…

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