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Screamfest 2022 – Even More Film Reviews

Can’t get enough of that red stuff!  The blood is still flowing from Screamfest Horror Film Festival 2022, and while our continued coverage here at WhySoBlu.com is winding down, we have a few more treats in our review bag.  So for this second-to-last article (the last one on Monday will finish out the reviews with […]


The Poison Ivy Collection (Blu-ray Review)

I’m sure there are people out there that were hoping to one day land Katt Shea’s 1992 thriller Poison Ivy on Blu-ray. I’m not so sure there were those out there clamoring for an entire set of the Poison Ivy quadrilogy on Blu-ray in order to get that film. But, hey, if you’re doing one […]


Embrace of the Vampire 95′ (Blu-ray Review)

When vampire horror aficionados talk about cult classics in the genre that were released in the early days of the DVD platform, one title that’s often on the tip of thier salacious tongues is Alyssa Milano’s Embrace of the Vampire.  No, it’s not written or directed or even produced by the former Who’s The Boss? […]


Double Your Pleasure With Embrace of the Vampire on Blu-ray This Fall

I remember this film, the 1995 one, as fondly as I do like it was my first time listening to Nirvana.  Alyssa Milano was my Nirvana on DVD.  Embrace of the Vampire, the cult classic it is, was one of the first DVDs I owned and wow…my standard definition TV screen never looked so good. […]