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WonderCon 2012: Sony: Resident Evil, Looper, and The Amazing Spider-Man

The final major movie-related panel that took place at WonderCon, in the main ballroom, on Saturday, March 17, 2012, was the presentation of a trio of films from Sony Pictures.  This presentation included panels for Resident Evil: Retribution, Looper, and The Amazing Spider-Man.  While two of the films listed will certainly spark a level of interest for many, the other film is definitely one to keep their eye on as well.  Each panel provided a sneak peak at what is coming; some more extended looks than others, and the panel members involved all had a good time talking about the features they were a part of.  There certainly seemed to be something for everyone at this panel.  Read on to learn more about each film project and to see some trailers for them. Continue reading ‘WonderCon 2012: Sony: Resident Evil, Looper, and The Amazing Spider-Man’


WonderCon 2012: Universal Pictures – Battleship and Snow White and the Huntsman

Adding more to my series of WonderCon posts, there is something to be said for what Universal has in store for audiences this summer.  This blockbuster studio’s presentations included panels for the upcoming films Snow White and the Huntsman and Battleship.  There was much to enjoy from both in regards to the footage that we were treated to, even if one panel was way more awkward to watch than the other (Hint: one involves things blowing up real good, while the other has the awkwardness of Kristen Stewart at a comic convention).  Regardless, in terms of providing a good case for both of these movies, I think the audience was able to learn enough about both upcoming blockbusters to make them much more interested than they might have been beforehand.  Read on to learn more about these films, the panels, and to find more footage. Continue reading ‘WonderCon 2012: Universal Pictures – Battleship and Snow White and the Huntsman’


WonderCon 2012: Lockout

Really, this movie should just be called Space Jail, which will probably not be the last time I mention that in writing, as I am kind of excited to see this mindlessly fun-looking sci-fi/action flick.  WonderCon presented a whole panel devoted to the upcoming release from Open Road Films, Lockout, which takes place in the future, set mainly aboard a prison located in space, outside of earth’s atmosphere.  The premise is essentially Escape from New York in space, but the attitude this film seems to have, judging by its footage and trailers, indicates a film that has more of a desire of being silly fun rather than serious and bleak.  Read on to learn more about this film, the panel, and to see some footage. Continue reading ‘WonderCon 2012: Lockout’


WonderCon 2012: Sound of My Voice

In a somewhat strange movie, before the Fox panel for Prometheus and Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Fox Searchlight was scheduled to present a panel for an upcoming film of theirs, Sound of My Voice.  This is a film that premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, only now coming close to being released in theaters.  The film is a psychological thriller that surrounds the concept of a mysterious cult-like group, led by a young woman, and discovering whether or not she is for real in her claims or leading an elaborate con.  Given that this was an independent film with a different sort of premise, it felt kind of odd to put it on display in a room full of thousands of people more interested in panel’s for blockbuster films; however, at the same time, upon finding out the premise, there is a some logic as to why this film would be benefited by such a panel.  Read on to find out more about this film and to see a trailer and clip from the film. Continue reading ‘WonderCon 2012: Sound of My Voice’


WonderCon 2012: Starship Troopers: Invasion

Everyone fights.  No one quits.  During WonderCon, many arrived to the main ballroom (which holds around 4,000 people) early in order to catch some of the bigger panels that would be happening later on in the day.  The first thing to actually occur in the ballroom that day was a series of trailers for many upcoming films.  All of the trailers had been seen at this point, but the one exception was the trailer that played at the very end of this entertaining reel.  This new trailer was for Starship Troopers:  Invasion, an upcoming direct-to-Blu-ray and DVD CG-animated film.  The film is apparently a sequel to the first Starship Troopers film and is set to arrive this summer.  Little else is known so far, but read on to find out a bit more and to see the trailer. Continue reading ‘WonderCon 2012: Starship Troopers: Invasion’


WonderCon 2012: 20th Century Fox – Prometheus and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

During the weekend of March 16-18, 2012, I was able to be a part of WonderCon 2012.  WonderCon is normally located up in San Francisco, but this year, due to renovations taking place at the Moscone Center, WonderCon was relocated to the Anaheim Convention Center.  2012 marks the 26th anniversary of WonderCon and to kick things off for Why So Blu’s coverage, here is a post about the 20th Century Fox panel, which premiered new footage and trailers for two of their big summer movies, Prometheus and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and featured appearances from the cast and crew from both films. Continue reading ‘WonderCon 2012: 20th Century Fox – Prometheus and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’