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3 Days With The Sony UBP-X800 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player (Review)

A lot has changed in my home media arsenal since I first sat down last June to review my first set of 4K Ultra HD gear, the Sony XBR65X930D and Samsung UBD-K8500, over here.  I’ve added Dolby Atmos, some really monstrous Klipsch speakers, a surplus of 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray titles, a second 4K setup and most recently the newly released Sony UBP-X800 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player.  In the past 8 months Brandon Peters and I have also put together a pretty impressive resume of 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review titles archived here and I even did a pretty rad Top 10 list over here.  While the relationship between my Samsung KS8000 4K set and the Samsung UBD-K8500 has been pretty harmonious the same one between the Samsung 4K player and Sony 930D has been quite heartbreaking at times.  So it’s with eager arms that I jumped all over Sony’s first ever 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player, the UBP-X800, upon its release last week.  And that ladies and gentlemen is what we’re gathered here to talk about today.  Follow me in. Continue reading ‘3 Days With The Sony UBP-X800 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player (Review)’


DEEPWATER HORIZON VR Features A 360° Commentary With Director Peter Berg

3D_RGB_DeepwaterHorizonBDOcrdDeepwater Horizon hits Blu-ray, DVD and 4K Ultra HD on January 10, but I have a bonus post to throw your way, before digging into a full review of the Blu-ray. The Peter Berg-directed film, featuring Mark Walhberg and Kurt Russell, tells the story of the men involved in the Deepwater Horizon offshore oil rig disaster that occurred in April, 2010. The film was a thrilling watch and to allow viewers a closer and unique look at how this film came to be, Lionsgate has partnered with SubVRsive to provide a 360° virtual reality commentary with Berg and editor Colby Parker Jr. I was able to try this experience, so continue on to find out more about how this whole thing works and what to expect.

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Hands-On With The 4K Sony XBR65X930D & Samsung UBD-K8500 (Review)

4K HDRHere’s a subject I never thought I’d be talking about anytime so soon, but you know you have to roll with the punches and tribulations life throws your way.  Only by overcoming your fears and doubts and rising above them do we as people become something more, something awe-inspiring to others.  Ladies and gentlemen, it has been a bumpy and long, painful ride, but thanks to my friend Erric for the hookup, many months of exhausting research and Kori’s never-ending persistence we are finally living and breathing in the eye-popping world of 4K UHD in the White household here within the laid-back, farm country of Leander, TX.  I present to you down below my lessons learned as I recount my first 24 hours with the 4K, UHD Premium certified Sony Bravia XBR65X930D and its necessary counterpart, the Samsung UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player.  Ready to get this 4K party started?  Man, was I ever.  Let’s get going! Continue reading ‘Hands-On With The 4K Sony XBR65X930D & Samsung UBD-K8500 (Review)’


Bring You Movie Collection Everywhere With ‘My Movies 2’

mymoviesicon2If you are like any of us at Why So Blu, you have a huge movie collection.  Even if you don’t, this is still something you may want to check into.  My Movies 2 is now available for iPhone and iPad.  The original app was a well-designed one, with a simple design enabling individuals to keep track of all of the films in their possession.  This new version of the app is a nice improvement, which offers a variety of new ways to best organize your collection, catalog all of your Blu-rays and DVDs, as well as a number of other great editions that allow for quite the experience.  Continue on to learn more.

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prof x cerebroIt is Comic Con this week and with so much going on, I have to be a bit picky about the press releases I have time to post.  That said, something both Comic Con and Blu-ray related makes plenty of sense, so here we have some news about an upcoming X-Men Blu-ray collection, as well as something very cool to see for those attending Comic Con.  Along with being able to pre-order a very exclusive X-Men movie set packaged inside Professor X’s Cerebro Helmet, an Oculus Rift setup will provide attendees with the chance to be the all-powerful mutant.  Continue on to hear more about this neat event taking place down in San Diego.



Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (Blu-ray Review)

cosmos whysoblu thumbHere is something I was really happy to enjoy this past spring.  Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey is the spectacular follow-up to Carl Sagan’s award-winning series that explored the remarkable mysteries of the cosmos and our place within it. This thrilling, 13-part adventure transports viewers across the universe of space and time, bringing to life never-before-told stories of the heroic quest for knowledge and a deeper understanding of nature. With an updated Cosmic Calendar, dazzling visual effects, and the wondrous Ship of the Imagination, fans have the chance to experience an unforgettable journey to new worlds and across the universe for a vision of the cosmos on the grandest and smallest scale.  Now this impressive Blu-ray is available for all to check out.

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MIB3 Movie Touch First-Screen Immersive Experience Now Available

This year has seen the release of several apps related to the big blockbuster films of the year.  Films like The Avengers, The Dark Knight and The Amazing Spider-Man have all gotten apps that directly relate to their Blu-ray releases, giving viewers the ability to sync up their smartphone or tablet devices to their Blu-ray players and access all sorts of exclusive content.  It has been an interesting sort of experiment in terms of making the home viewing experience more interactive for the viewer.  Now Men In Black 3 has been given similar treatment, but in a slight twist on the idea, the Men In Black 3 Movie Touch app allows you to only view all the exclusive content, while watching the film on a portable device of some kind.  Given that I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed Men In Black 3 (Review HERE), I was happy to try this experience out.  Continue on to learn more about the details of the MIB3 Movie Touch app.

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iPad’s Final Draft Writer: The New Industry Standard (iOS App Review)

Several years ago, while formally studying the fine art of screenwriting at my local university, I was introduced to Final Draft for the very first time.  Outside of that, all I knew about the product was that for many years now, more than I wish to count now, it has been known as the “industry standard” in the business and other than seeing screenshots on the back of the retail boxes in the Apple store, I hadn’t yet touched it.  The latest and greatest version of Final Draft was properly licensed and loaded on all the laboratory classroom PCs.  However, there was one big problem.  It’s great having the software accessible on the lab PCs at school, but what about at home?  Don’t worry; my professor had an answer for that.  It was called Celtx.  And for anyone that doesn’t know, Celtx is a screenwriting utility that’s available via freeware on their Internet website.  It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it does the job…if all your interested in is writing a screenplay. Continue reading ‘iPad’s Final Draft Writer: The New Industry Standard (iOS App Review)’


Billy The Exterminator – Season 3 (DVD Review)

I am terrified of bugs and all things of the creepy crawly variety.  In addition I have a completely irrational fear of flying things (especially bees), particularly those small enough to fly into my ear canal.  A quick google search reveals that my abnormal and persistent fear of insects is called entomophobia. As a life long entomophobe, the fact that I am a loyal viewer of Billy the Exterminator just goes to show you how entertaining Billy Bretherton and family can be.  I watch every single episode – event the ones with spiders and cockroaches confident in the knowledge that those scurrying little devils will soon meet their maker when Vexcon is called. Continue reading ‘Billy The Exterminator – Season 3 (DVD Review)’


The Rise and Fall (and Rise?) of 3D

3D squareIf anything, 2010 will be remembered as the year Hollywood made its (arguably) strongest push to make three-dimensional films part of the constant mainstream.  The concept took audiences by storm in the 1950’s, though it proved to be nothing more than a fad associated with C-grade sci-fi films.  It was something to take a date to, but seemed to offer little staying power. Continue reading ‘The Rise and Fall (and Rise?) of 3D’


HDMI 101: The Truth About HDMI Cables

HDMI 101I know I can’t speak for everyone, but I know for sure that I am not a proponent off spending one-quarter the value of my A/V equipment on expensive cables.  That same philosophy of mine especially applies towards the magical must-have HDMI cable and all its marketed flavors it supposedly comes in.  So what’s the real deal with picking an HDMI cable out?  Give me a few moments of your time and I’ll give you my 2 cents on the matter. Continue reading ‘HDMI 101: The Truth About HDMI Cables’


Stream On: Taking a Look at the Netflix Streaming Video Service

Netflix StreamingIf you watch any television at all, you’ve no doubt seen the Netflix ads in which they promote their streaming video service.  As long as you have one of the company’s “unlimited” DVD or Blu-ray rental memberships, you have access to a library of around 17,000 movies, TV shows and concerts to watch on demand at no additional cost, and with no limits on the amount of streaming programming. Continue reading ‘Stream On: Taking a Look at the Netflix Streaming Video Service’


The Rumors are True! The PS3 Slim is Here!

Well, it’s finally official!  The long rumored PS3 Slim and $100 price cut was announced today at the GamesCom conference in Cologne, Germany.  The PS3 Slim was officially announced with a retail date of Septmeber 1st and a price tag of $299.  The price tag for the currently available 80GB retail models also dropped to $299 effective today.  The new PS3 Slim will be 33% smaller and 36% lighter than its Big Brother.  It will still feature a 120GB HDD, built-in Wi-Fi and of course, the BEST Blu-ray player in the world.  Continue reading ‘The Rumors are True! The PS3 Slim is Here!’


How to find the right Blu-ray player for you…

So you just bought a new DVD player not so long ago.  Now you wonder what all the buzz is about Blu-ray?  Do I need to throw all my old DVDs out and start over again?  Why do my DVDs look so awful on my new HDTV? Are you confused yet and know nothing about the world of Blu-ray and High-Definition?  Be confused NO MORE!  Relieve your confusion by taking a look at my simple how-to-guide on finding the right Blu-ray player for you and most importantly, understanding the next-generation video platform in easy to understand terminology.  Check it out now! Continue reading ‘How to find the right Blu-ray player for you…’