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A Spike Lee Joint finally hits 4K UHD Blu-Ray, DO THE RIGHT THING, Out 2/2/2021!

It’s the hottest day of the summer. You can do nothing, you can do something, or you can…DO THE RIGHT THING. In 1989, Academy Award® winner and visionary filmmaker Spike Lee mesmerized audiences with one of the most insightful and provocative films of its time, DO THE RIGHT THING. Universal Pictures Home Entertainment continues to celebrate diversity and Black stories by bringing one of the most thought-provoking and groundbreaking films of its time, DO THE RIGHT THING, to 4K Ultra HD for the first time on February 2, 2021. The controversial story centers around one scorching inner-city day, when racial tensions reach the boiling point in a tough Brooklyn neighborhood. Culturally significant and featuring over four hours of bonus features including a brand-new introduction by Director Spike Lee, a retrospective documentary with the original cast and crew, a feature commentary from Lee, deleted and extended scenes, DO THE RIGHT THING captures a vital look at American life. The film will also be available in 4K Ultra HD format on Digital.

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‘Wander Darkly’ on Blu-ray February 9, 2021!

Wander Darkly Blu-rayIn WANDER DARKLY, a traumatic accident leaves a couple, Adrienne (Sienna Miller) and Matteo (Diego Luna), in a surreal state of being that takes them on a disorienting journey through the duality of their shared moments.  By reliving fond recollections from the beginning of their romance while also navigating the overwhelming truths of their present, they must rediscover the love that truly binds them together. Writer/director Tara Miele offers a profound new perspective on the delicate nature of relationships with this emotionally moving story about a couple who must reflect on their past in order to face their uncertain future. Wander Darkly will be released on Blu-ray and DVD February 9, 2020! Continue reading ‘‘Wander Darkly’ on Blu-ray February 9, 2021!’


‘The Ten Commandments’ on 4K UHD Blu-ray March 30!

Ten CommandmentsRenowned director Cecil B. DeMille’s 1956 epic THE TEN COMMANDMENTS arrives in spectacular 4K Ultra HD for the first time on March 30, 2021 from Paramount Home Entertainment. Bringing to life the inspiring story of Moses in all its stunning glory, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS has withstood the test of time.  To commemorate the film’s 65th anniversary in 2021, DeMille’s groundbreaking cinematic triumph will be available to watch at home in time for Easter in sparkling 4K Ultra HD with High Dynamic Range. As part of the restoration done in 2010, the film was scanned in 6K and those files were the basis for this brand-new Dolby Vision version, which shows off the full beauty of the original VistaVision negative. The VistaVision format used special cameras to feed 35mm film into the camera horizontally in order to capture a wider image spread over two 35mm film frames, giving VistaVision twice the resolution of regular 35mm film.  In addition, Paramount spent well over 150 hours doing new color work and clean-up on the scan.  The move to Dolby Vision created the opportunity to further improve the look of the film:  blacks are enhanced and improvements were made to smooth out special effects mattes to create the most vibrant and pristine image possible. Continue reading ‘‘The Ten Commandments’ on 4K UHD Blu-ray March 30!’


FREAKY Slices Onto Blu-ray February 9th!

Prepare for a FREAKY take on the body-swap movie which only Blumhouse, makers of Happy Death Day & The Purge franchise, could bring: a teenage girl switches bodies with a relentless serial killer! From the deliciously debased mind of writer-director Christopher Landon (Happy Death Day, the Paranormal Activity franchise) and prolific horror producer Jason Blum (HalloweenThe Purge franchise), comes a horror-comedy about a stalker, a high school senior, and the brutal truth about surviving high school available on Digital on January 26 and on Blu-ray™ and DVD on February 9. FREAKY is “the most purely enjoyable horror movie made in years” (David Sims, THE ATLANTIC). Hailed as “an absolute blast – fun, frantic, horror/comedy mash-up” (Drew Taylor, COLLIDER), the Killer Switch Edition continues the fun and scares with exclusive bonus content including deleted scenes, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film and a feature commentary with Co-writer/Director Christopher Landon. With an 83% “fresh” score on Rotten Tomatoes and critical praise for Vaughn and Newton as “the new killer comedy scream team” (Rachel Smith, CELEBRITY PAGE), Vaughn won a Critics Choice Super Award for Best Actor in a Horror Movie. Continue reading ‘FREAKY Slices Onto Blu-ray February 9th!’


Batman: Soul Of The Dragon (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Batman is back again in the DCAU with Batman: Soul of the Dragon. I believe this is two releases in a row for the caped crusader, following last year’s A Death In The Family choose your own adventure thing-a-m0-bob. Like Gotham By Gaslight before, Soul of the Dragon is an elseworld story changing things up to try out some different style and substance. And honestly, that’s where its at with me currently. I wish the live action films would get this crazy with Batman and stop taking him so dead seriously. But, don’t get me wrong, Matt Reeves doing Batman excites me a lot and I’m there the moment it arrives. Soul of the Dragon arrives on January 25th on both 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray and regular ‘ol Blu-ray. There’s a load of bonus features plopped onto this as well. You can pre-order from the paid Amazon Associates link below.

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The Court Jester – Paramount Presents (Blu-ray Review)

A film’s 65th anniversary is just as good as any to finally make its debut on Blu-ray.  Such is the case of the Danny Kaye medieval musical comedy The Court Jester, which becomes the latest on the line of Paramount Presents titles, specializing in giving films their long awaited due on the format. While the film doesn’t tout any real sufficient supplemental material (Much of this production has long passed and was their any to begin with?), you should sleep on the restoration of the film, shot on the highly regarded VistaVision format of its time. There is a nice little fluff bit with Leonard Maltin giving a brief history on the film, so its not completely void of bonus features. The Court Jester arrives on Blu-ray January 25th. Pre-orders have been open, and you can use the paid Amazon Associates link at the bottom of the review if you choose, so you are able to secure yourself a brand new copy for new release day (Or close to, as we know how deliveries are right now).
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Jean-Luc Godard, Bong Joon Ho, Olivier Assayas & More Coming to The Criterion Collection April 2021

This April, Bong Joon Ho blows up the police procedural with his breakthrough second feature Memories of Murder, based on the true story of a notorious Korean serial killer, now in a new 4K restoration. Maggie Cheung stars in Olivier Assayas’s live-wire international breakthrough Irma Vep, a postmodern blend of silent cinema and martial-arts flicks. Appearing on Blu-ray for the first time, Frank Borzage’s History Is Made at Night stars Charles Boyer and Jean Arthur in one of the most intoxicatingly romantic love stories ever dreamt up by Hollywood. And that’s not all: Anthony Mann’s crackling western-melodrama hybrid The Furies and Jean-Luc Godard’s restless study of 1960s youth Masculin féminin will make their Blu-ray debuts.

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The Craft: Legacy (Blu-ray Review)

Everyone wants their franchise to have Blumhouse take the reigns these days. And I’m not of the opinion to argue against it as I love Jason Blum’s low budget business model. Cult classic teen horror film The Craft is the latest to get the Blumhouse treatment with The Craft: Legacy. Reaching us over the Halloween season via VOD, it was met with some excitement and those saying “Why mess!?!” To the latter, they didn’t touch anything about the original. You’ll be just fine. As a matter of fact, there’s a terrific Scream Factory Blu-ray of it. But this review is for the Blu-ray for the NEW one. Not a remake, but a sequel that kinda sorta acts as a fresh start. So, lets put it in the Lega-Sequel category of resurrecting IPs. This release is available now as it was released back on December 22nd (Review copies were delayed because…well, you know this). You can order a copy of the Blu-ray, which comes with a digital code, using the paid Amazon Associates link following the review.
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The Hobbit: The Motion Picture Trilogy (4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray Review)

Warner Bros has given us our first taste of the Middle Earth saga on 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray. Luckily, they’ve decided to start us off with the video and audio. Apparently the extras like the bonus features on the discs as well as sheik packaging will be coming along later this year. Fair enough! I’m not the most gigantic fan of The Lord of the Rings, even though I consider the films great and absolutely admire what Peter Jackson has pulled off, so these early sets probably satisfy my appetite well enough. I reviewed the original trilogy last night and now its onto everybody’s favorite – The Hobbit Trilogy! The films currently are out of stock and went quickly right after they came out last month. However, it appears more are on the way and set to arrive on January 19th! So, if you missed out, you’ll want to get your order in now and not potentially miss another wave of the fantastic little journey. Paid Amazon Associates link available at the end of the review. Continue reading ‘The Hobbit: The Motion Picture Trilogy (4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray Review)’


Spell (Blu-ray Review)

Spell arrived as a VOD release just in time for Halloween.  From the trailer the film appeared to be a bonkers reimagining of Misery with a twist – Hoodoo comes into play rather than an obsession.  Does it live up to its name, casting a spell on viewers? Or is there simply no magic there at all.  Find out more below and order yourself a copy with the “paid” Amazon link at the end!

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Love And Monsters (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Love and Monsters has had itself a bit of a production history. This film has a genesis dating back to 2012. And even after it was made it found itself shifting back and forth. At one point it was supposed to be releases last month. But with the pandemic and people trying out at home premieres for some movies, Love and Monsters founds its to VOD back in October of 2020.  I’m not sure of its financial success from taking that avenue, but the film sure was a bit of a critical and audience darling. Paramount has even opted to put it out on 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray for its debut on physical media. It only has a 7.1 audio track and some fluffy bonus materials, but in all honesty, I’d say that’s a pretty decent package for a new movie that’s gone through what Love and Monsters has. Its available now, having been released on January 5th.

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I’m not the first person to tell you 2020 has felt like forever and a day and then forever again. We were fortunate to have still been given a constant flux of new 4K Ultra-HD and standard Blu-ray releases despite the global pandemic. Heck, When charting back for this list, I was stunned at some of my contenders, having them feel like they came out last year because it felt so long ago. In a positive perspective for 2020, in regards to home video collecting, the year has relieved and renewed my faith in studios to keep delivering and finding new ways to build excitement with collecting. Disney aside, every studio has shown new strategies and refreshed dedication in backing physical media. Warner Bros has continued sub licensing, but also seems to be putting a little more effort into the bonus materials for Warner Archive. Paramount has released the Presents line as well as just shooting out some bare bones releases of stuff never on the format before with new regularity. And that’s not even to begin discussing the continued excitement from the likes of Shout! Factory, Blue Underground, Vinegar Syndrome, Severin Films, Arrow Video and more as they all have invested in 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray. In other words, it was a pretty damn good outing for physical media in 2020, even if it wasn’t for the health of the global population. Continue reading ‘BRANDON’S TOP BEST FAVORITE BLU-RAYs & 4Ks OF 2020!’


‘Mindwarp’ on Blu-ray February 22, 2021!

Mindwarp Blu-rayIn the future, life will be a dream. And reality a nightmare. In a post-apocalyptic world, one woman (Marta Alicia) relies on computer fantasies to entertain herself, but a glitch sends her to a far-off wasteland to deal with monsters called Crawlers. She is saved by a young rebel (Bruce Campbell; the Evil Dead franchise, Bubba Ho-Tep), but the pair are later captured and brought underground by the Crawlers. There, an overlord called the Seer (Angus Scrimm; the Phantasm series) presides over the kingdom and tries to make life miserable for his captives. Mindwarp will be released on Blu-ray February 22, 2021! Continue reading ‘‘Mindwarp’ on Blu-ray February 22, 2021!’


‘Breeder’ on Blu-ray February 15, 2021!

Breeders Blu-rayWomen are being abducted for bio-hacking experiments. Can Mia unravel the nightmare, or will she become the next test subject? A renowned health supplement company, run by a ruthless businesswoman (Signe Egholm Olsen), is selecting and abducting young women as part of an experiment bio-hacking babies DNA to enable her clients to reverse the ageing process.  When Mia (Sara Hjort DitlevsenBorgman) goes to investigate, she finds herself trapped, branded and tortured in a grim underground facility. Familiar faces start to appear, and she realizes that she is not alone in this. Can she somehow find inner strength and escape from the nightmare? Montage Pictures presents Breeder, on Blu-ray February 15, 2021! Continue reading ‘‘Breeder’ on Blu-ray February 15, 2021!’


‘Pulse’ on Blu-ray February 22, 2021

Pulse Blu-rayIn every second of every day, it improves our lives. And in a flash, it can end them. In today s world of modern conveniences, everything we rely on is run by electricity. But what happens if the power we take for granted turns against us? Old man Holger knows. He claims electricity is a living presence, whose voice can only be silenced by getting rid of anything that can hear it. Bill Rockland (Cliff De YoungShock TreatmentFlight of the Navigator) however, refuses to believe him. It must have been an accident when an electric spark ruptured the gas pipe that nearly killed Bill s son (Joey Lawrence). And it s surely a coincidence when his wife (Roxanne Hart) is severely scalded by their electric water heater. But when his own power tools attack him and an electrical fire turns their home into a blazing inferno, Bill realizes Holger may have been right after all, and perhaps the time has come to finally pull the plug! Pulse will be released on Blu-ray via Eureka Classics February 22, 2021! Continue reading ‘‘Pulse’ on Blu-ray February 22, 2021′


‘The Last Warning’ on Blu-ray February 15, 2021!

Last Warning Blu-ray EurekaThe final film from one of German cinema’s great filmmakers, The Last Warning, from a 4K restoration on Blu-ray, arrives February 2021. Adapted from Thomas F. Fallon’s 1922 Broadway play of the same name, The Last Warning is based on the story The House of Fear by Wadsworth Camp and centers on an unsolved murder that occurs during a live Broadway performance. When the victim’s body goes missing, the death remains unsolved and the theater is condemned. That is, until years later when a suspicious new “producer” arrives to re-stage the play with the original cast and crew. Part of Universal s ongoing silent restoration initiative, The Last Warning honors the studio’s rich film history that has spanned more than a century. Universal’s team of restoration experts conducted a worldwide search for The Last Warning s available elements, ultimately working with materials from the Cinémathèque française and the Packard Humanities Institute Collection in the UCLA Film & Television Archive. The Masters of Cinema series is proud to present the completed 4K restoration on Blu-ray, the first time the film has ever been available on home video in the UK.  The Last Warning is presented on Blu-ray from a 4K restoration on home video for the first time in the UK February 15, 2021! Continue reading ‘‘The Last Warning’ on Blu-ray February 15, 2021!’


Secrets & Lies, Defending Your Life & More Coming to The Criterion Collection March 2020

For their final new-release announcement of the year, The Criterion Collection has unveiled upcoming editions of a satirical afterlife comedy by Albert Brooks, an enigmatic ode to friendship and imagination from Jacques Rivette, the Palme d’Or–winning family drama that made Mike Leigh one of the world’s most beloved auteurs, and Djibril Diop Mambéty’s convention-shattering debut feature. Plus, there is also their recently announced seven-film World of Wong Kar Wai box set!

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The Harvey Girls (Blu-ray Review)

As railroads started bringing scores of passengers⁠—most importantly, businessmen and families with money, natch⁠—into the southwestern United States, it quickly became apparent to enterprising sorts that catering to those weary commuters would be good business. Fred Harvey did just that with his Harvey House Restaurants in the late 19th century, promising good food, a clean place to relax, and efficient yet polite and attractive servers, which sounded like heaven to anyone stuck on a train for lengthy periods. So named The Harvey Girls, these young women tweaked the adage of “Go west, young man” before taking it to heart. They were able to make an honest living on their own and stay in a safe, chaperoned home with other women, which was no small thing for unmarried ladies during the transition away from the “wild” part of the Wild West.

With their matching aprons, pioneering spirit, and near-religious attention to customer service, The Harvey Girls became a pert part of America’s modern mythology. Author Samuel Hopkins Adams wrote about them in 1942, renewing their popularity, and Hollywood soon came calling. Transformed into a lush, Technicolor musical in 1946 from director George Sidney, MGM’s classic The Harvey Girls is once again ripe for rediscovery thanks to Warner Archive’s new release. Continue reading ‘The Harvey Girls (Blu-ray Review)’