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TMNT vs. Street Fighter…Issue 1…Fight!

Worlds collide as IDW brings together the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a roster of classic Street Fighter characters in the new mini-series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Street Fighter! Gang Green is all here, including the fifth turtle, Jennika. With writing by Paul Allor (Godzilla Rivals) and art by Ariel Medel (Evil Ernie), TMNT vs. SF opens with a calcium-shattering punch by Raphael, connecting with the face of everyone’s favorite sonic-booming flat top, Guile.

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Arcade Kings Makes (re-)Debut

About two months ago, give or take, some comic book stores were lucky enough to get debut issues of Dylan Burnett’s Arcade Kings. Though those were very limited, the series has now had its official widespread release with issue #1. Burnett, who’s done covers for another Image title, Radiant Black, has also spent plenty of time with Marvel working on series such as Ant Man and Cosmic Ghost Rider. With Arcade Kings, however, this is Burnett’s baby as he created, wrote, and did the artwork.  So what’s this new, colorful series about anyway?

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A Review of Paramore’s ‘This Is Why’

It goes without saying that this album has had plenty of time to stew in listeners’ ears, considering it was released this past winter. Still, the timing doesn’t feel all that off as the North American tour is about to get underway and the vibes and sounds of This Is Why have simmered without making any hastily written reviews.

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New Releases: Dungeons and Venom and Witches, Oh My!

It’s a bustling week for comic book releases as IDW, DC, Marvel, and a the small publisher Scout Comics all have newsworthy titles arriving at stores. The end of March will be bringing a variety of nostalgia, famous faces and new stories for readers everywhere. So what titles did these aforementioned publishers provide? Without further ado, let’s cast some spells, smash some walls and turn up the volume!

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The Lake (Film Review)

It’s been a short while since the last Pacific Rim film or Godzilla vs. Kong, but we are due for a good kaiju film, are we not? Straight from Thailand comes The Lake from writer Lee Thongkam who also co-directed with Aqing Xu. Although it’s a 2022 film, it is just now making its way across the Pacific to the shores of the States. Billed as a sci-fi, horror, thriller, The Lake clocks in with a one hour and 44-minute runtime and bills itself as “Godzilla’s water brother from a Thai mother!” That’s cool and all, but does it deliver?

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Marvel Celebrates ‘Hallow’s Eve’ in March

The Spider-Man universe has a lot going on right now. I’m talking traffic at Times Square busy. Spider-Gwen has clones, Silk is back, Miles Morales is trying to find his way, and Dark Web made a chaotic splash, and then there’s Janine Godbe. Godbe is the former girlfriend of Ben Reilly, a clone Spider-Man. When Reilly’s memories were erased and he became the villain Chasm, Janine Godbe hit the road with her collection of supernatural masks to become Hallow’s Eve.

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‘Local Man’ is Image’s Nod to the 90’s

Last week Image launched its newest series, and despite its title, the concept is definitely from out of town.  Local Man is created and written by the duo of Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash) and Tony Fleecs (Star Wars Adventures) and the tandem has approached the first issue in a most unique way.  Jack Xaver, better known by his hero name Crossjack, is a former member of the super team Third Gen.  The comic book is actually set up quite unconventionally where the back cover starts with Third Gen in action ripping through a horde of supposed baddies.  If you flip the comic book over to the other cover, however, it delves into the modern day aftermath of Jack Xaver back home at his parents’ place in a small town called Farmington.  So what got this guy the boot?

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Red Goblin Enters the Marvel Fray

Norman Osborne, better known as the Green Goblin, is easily Spider-Man’s greatest nemesis. The sled-flying psycho has changed his tune in recent years, most recently donning the unwilling moniker of the Gold Goblin. After his son Harry’s death, a gap was left in the world of law-refusing goblindom. Enter Normie Osborn, Harry’s son, grandson of Norman. But this little scarlet menace is quite different than his science-based predecessors.  What secret does he hold that his family does not?

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‘Where Monsters Lie’ Could Be a Sleeper

Coming from Kyle Starks and Dark Horse Comics, Where Monsters Lie is a mini-series I had heard nothing about, yet came highly recommended at my local comic book shop. Starks is the creator behind Sexcastle, an 80’s-themed story about an assassin who’s retired to become a small town florist. While I can’t say I’ve read it, Starks must be doing something right because Sexcastle was just optioned to become a major motion picture, according to Image Comics. Hats off to Starks’ success, but can he match that with Where Monsters Lie?

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Legion of Super-Heroes (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

DC and Warner Bros. Animation keep churning out hit after hit with their animated films. While some are certainly better than others, this line of films seems to do quite well in the direct-to-disc format. The first DC Universe film this year is Legion of Super-Heroes directed by Jeff Wamester. Wamester is no stranger to the animated scene as he previously directed Batman: The Long Halloween and Justice Society: World War II, just to name a mere few from his lengthy resumé.

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The Best Comics of 2022

Lots of big splashes were made in the industry this year with Detective Comics releasing its DC vs. Vampires miniseries and Marvel delivering the Judgement Day event. Meanwhile, Aliens and Predator both saw their respective miniseries get launched for the first time not under the Dark Horse label. And speaking of firsts, Batman and Spawn teamed up for the first time in years to put the dark duo back in the hands of fans. But who stole the show as the year’s best?

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Gregg’s Tenaciously Tactful Top 10 Films of 2022

A full year of movies in the cinema! Granted, that happened last year too, but it’s great to have normality back in the mix for consecutive years, even if it feels like the cinema is slowly passing away, sadly enough. Nevertheless, the early part of 2022 saw a few films that made the most of a cinematic experience, certainly ones you will see on this list. Marvel dotted the landscape with its expected trio of films this year,  streaming services continued their increasing library of solid films, and finally, an old friend from the 90’s showed up to close out a trilogy.  One film I did not get to see in time was the James Cameron epic, Avatar: The Way of Water.  Then again, I fell asleep in the first one so perhaps that omission isn’t a drastic one.  That aside, 2022 gave us plenty of other titles to fill our lists with.

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Yoda Ignites Green in Solo Series

There’s the old saying that every dog has his day, such is the case with short, green Jedi Masters. Marvel recently released issue #1 of Yoda in part one of the story arc, Light and Life: The Coming of the Jedi. No stranger to Star Wars, Cavan Scott, can be found authoring the series with Nico Leon responsible for the artwork. While it’s not necessarily considered an oversized issue, the premier certainly has more content than your typical comic book. That’s all fine and dandy, but how is the story?

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‘I Hate Fairyland’ a Comedically Violent Romp

Artist/Writer Scottie Young (Human Torch, New X-Men) has created something uniquely appealing with his new series I Hate Fairyland. This time, other than the book’s cover, Young steps back from artistic duties and works primarily as the series’ writer. With a title like that, you’re probably asking what this series is about, especially if you did not catch its prior inception.  It centers around main character Gertrude, who was trapped in Fairyland as a child, grew up there, became disenchanted there, and split a lot of heads there…literally. What can I say? She carries a big axe.

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Marvel’s ‘Tiger Division’ Puts Spotlight on Korean Superteam

Marvel heads to South Korea with its newest super team, Tiger Division !  Emily Kim, who wrote the Spider-Man spinoff series Silk, assumes writing duties for Tiger Division, and does a more than proficient job I might add.  As the inaugural issue states, “When South Korea needed defending, the National Intelligence Service, led by Director Ami Han, A.K.A. White Fox, assembled a team of super-powered individuals.  Taegukgi, the powerhouse who packs a punch; Lady Bright, a card-wielding sorcerer; Mr. Enigma, a street-brawling demigod; the General, a living totem; Gun-R II, a fast-talking robot; and Luna Snow, a cryokinetic pop star.”

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Namor Swims Into Solo Series

Namor: Conquered Shores recently mades its debut in comic book stores and has been receiving solid reviews across the board. Written by Christopher Cantwell, the writer/director takes us 100 years into the future when much of the earth’s surface is a scalded wasteland while Atlantis prospers below the waves. Cantwell is joined by artist Pasqual Ferry who offers page after page of descriptive visuals in what will be a five-issue mini-series.

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‘Hitomi’ Seeks Vengeance

Created and written by H.S. Tak, author of the novel Red Shift, the writer describes Hitomi, Image’s latest release, “In feudal era Japan, a drifter with no prospects begins training in secret under Yasuke, a disgraced, once-feared warrior, as she struggles to find her place in a society entrenched in discrimination and violence.” With this debut issue titled ‘Ghost’, readers will soon learn the violent memory she pursues.

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Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Hot on the heels of the Mortal Kombat: Snow Blind film, Warner Bros. Animation wasted no time in releasing Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons, the latest addition to the DC animated library.  The 79-minute film takes place during the relatively currently comic series from DC where Bruce Wayne has fathered Damian Wayne while Clark Kent and Lois Lane are happy parents to an adolescent Johnathan Kent.  With one of the young lads rebellious and the other about to discover his powers, their abilities will be called upon to save the world.

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