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New Moon Knight Mini-Series is No Dead End

That’s right, in addition to his monthly ongoing series, the Fish of Khonshu also gets a concurrent mini-series titled Moon Knight: City of the Dead.  The five-issue series is penned by David Pepose (Savage Avengers, Hulk Annual) with artwork from Marcelo Ferriera (The Amazing Spider-Man, Strange). I’ll leave it to Pepose’s website (davidpepose.com) to best […]


The Best Comics of 2022

Lots of big splashes were made in the industry this year with Detective Comics releasing its DC vs. Vampires miniseries and Marvel delivering the Judgement Day event. Meanwhile, Aliens and Predator both saw their respective miniseries get launched for the first time not under the Dark Horse label. And speaking of firsts, Batman and Spawn […]


Marvel’s ‘Moon Knight’ Offers Promise & Problems (TV Review)

Based on the Marvel comic of the same name, Moon Knight is a six-episode season, opening up a new side of the MCU. Critics were given access to the first four episodes before the first episode premieres on March 30 on Disney+. Going in, I knew zero about the split-personality superhero. However, I was intrigued […]


Weekly Comic Book Recommendations 4/13/16 (Comics)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, another week is upon us, and with it comes a load of great new comic books. We’ve got everything from Vikings, anthropomorphism, and WWII fantasy, to far-future (or past) sci-fi, superheroes, and Victorian-steampunk-kaiju. There are four new #1s this week, as well as the start of a new story arc, and […]