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DMB’s ‘Walk Around the Moon’ – A Brief Review

I don’t know if this has ever happened before, but when three of your favorite bands all release studio albums in the same year, that can be ironic, iconic, a sign, or simply coincidence. It’s certainly the most latter of all of those, but it didn’t demean the anticipation any less. Between Paramore’s This Is […]


Dave Matthews Band – Ranking Their Studio Albums

It’s no secret that Dave Matthews Band has been one of the most successful bands since the 90’s. There’s just something about their music that connects with me on a very soulful level. Maybe it’s the unconventional singing voice of Dave himself. It could be the marriage of all those instruments that blend into a […]


When It Comes to Blu-ray…Just Go With It!

Sometime’s a guy’s best “wingman” is a “wingwoman.”  Makes sense, right?  Or does it?  Well anyway, here’s the dealio.  This is hot off the press.  Sony Picture Home Entertainment has just announced a June 7th Blu-ray release date for their comedy of the year, Just Go With It.  Now I missed this in the theaters, […]


Gregg’s Album of the Year

With Blu-ray Brian yet to reveal his choice for ‘album of the year,’ I have landed on my decision after a review of the 2009 releases.  While it’s no small task to cover them all, and no, I’m not going to act like I listened to every CD that came out this year, it is […]


Larger Than Life in 3D

This past week, a very rare thing happened in U.S. cinema.  A film was released for one week.  Yep, that’s it, seven days.  On December 11th, Director Lawrence Jordan’s concert film, Larger Than Life in 3D hit theaters making anything but a big splash.  Filmed at the three-day long Austin City Limits music festival in […]


Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds – Las Vegas

Ahhh Vegas.  They really know how to throw a party out there.  Call it the entertainment capital of the world, the grown-ups’ playground, call it what you may, there’s no denying that those casinos know how to bring in an audience and have them leaving happy.  The folks at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino […]