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Vegas Hockey Proves Golden

Hey, what’s a sports article doing here? Well, we are an entertainment website and some things just don’t entertain the way pro sports do. Case in point, the Vegas Golden Knights. I remember a few years ago when I first heard the NHL will be expanding again with the possible locations for a team being […]


Blu-ray, Las Vegas and the Economy

If the title of this post did not intrigue you, then I am sorry to say that you are not alive.  I am just kidding.  I recently just returned from a business/vacation trip to Las Vegas.  If there is a heaven on Earth, then Las Vegas is that to me.  As usual, I did not […]


Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds – Las Vegas

Ahhh Vegas.  They really know how to throw a party out there.  Call it the entertainment capital of the world, the grown-ups’ playground, call it what you may, there’s no denying that those casinos know how to bring in an audience and have them leaving happy.  The folks at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino […]