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Take a Visit to ‘A Haunted House’ on Blu-ray This April

We’ve all seen these trailers, right?  Seems like there are like three of the same films.  But wait!  This one looks the best of all the spoofs I have seen.  Popularizing off the success of the Paranormal Activity franchise, the Wayans and Universal are bringing their comedic spoof, A Haunted House, to the Blu-ray format […]


30 Minutes or Less (Blu-ray Review)

I was a little apprehensive about going in and reviewing the Blu-ray of 30 Minutes or Less, because I never cared for the trailer or marketing materials that were released for it. It looked like a try-hard comedy film. Hey, but you gotta do what you gotta do when reviewing films, right? That’s what I […]


“30 Minutes Or Less” Will Be Delivered This November

This past summer saw the release of 30 Minutes or Less, director Ruben Fleischer’s follow up to the smash hit Zombieland.  While I can’t say that I personally loved the film (review HERE), it certainly had a lot going for it and I’m willing to give it a second shot on Blu-ray, come its release […]


’30 Minutes Or Less’ Wasn’t Quite A Speedy Delivery

Maybe I should have been eating pizza while watching the movie.  For a breezy “action-comedy” that only lasts 83 minutes, I really don’t think there should have been as much down time as there was.  30 Minutes or Less has the kind of high concept premise that seemed good for a fun flick.  It is […]


When It Comes to Blu-ray…Just Go With It!

Sometime’s a guy’s best “wingman” is a “wingwoman.”  Makes sense, right?  Or does it?  Well anyway, here’s the dealio.  This is hot off the press.  Sony Picture Home Entertainment has just announced a June 7th Blu-ray release date for their comedy of the year, Just Go With It.  Now I missed this in the theaters, […]