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Gregg’s Triumphantly Terrific Top 10 Films of 2023

And with that, another year of cinema has come to a close. As always, there were standouts, letdowns, pleasant surprises, and your generally fun popcorn films. Reflective of 2023’s greatest pictures, the award ceremonies should be interesting in early 2024. Just when you thought Cillian Murphy was a shoe-in for a Best Actor Oscar, here […]


Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Twelve New Indie Titles

I missed all things Encapsulated last week so this time out I’m cinematically super sizing it!  That’s right film fans, I’m checking out a record twelve flicks and from genre to ratings it’s a big old mixed bag.  Gals with deadly gifts, romance amidst tragedy, proms and being shielded from the sun, stand up dissections, […]