Marvel Celebrates ‘Hallow’s Eve’ in March

The Spider-Man universe has a lot going on right now. I’m talking traffic at Times Square busy. Spider-Gwen has clones, Silk is back, Miles Morales is trying to find his way, and Dark Web made a chaotic splash, and then there’s Janine Godbe. Godbe is the former girlfriend of Ben Reilly, a clone Spider-Man. When Reilly’s memories were erased and he became the villain Chasm, Janine Godbe hit the road with her collection of supernatural masks to become Hallow’s Eve.

On the run from the law, Godbe took her purse-sized bag of holding and put her arsenal of masks to work. The seemingly bottomless carryall provides one of any number of masks for any number of abilities. Walk through walls? Eve has the ghost mask. Drain the life from an unsuspecting individual? There’s the vampire mask. The list goes on.

The initial issue of Hallow’s Eve is a fluid read, though nothing to make a resounding entrance. She is definitely a troubled soul on the move, always trying to do the right thing, but her execution of a task leaves a lot to be desired.  Does she mean well or is she just lying to herself and is truly destined for a life of crime?

Erica Schultz (The Deadliest Boquet) takes on the writing with Michael Dowling (BlackCat) handling artist duties. Expect issue #2 to come out mid-April.

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