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A Review of Paramore’s ‘This Is Why’

It goes without saying that this album has had plenty of time to stew in listeners’ ears, considering it was released this past winter. Still, the timing doesn’t feel all that off as the North American tour is about to get underway and the vibes and sounds of This Is Why have simmered without making […]


Gregg’s 2017 Album of the Year

If you felt like there was an overwhelming choice of new releases to listen to in 2017, you would be correct. Blockbuster headliners such as Taylor Swift, Eminem and U2 all released new albums this past year as did some fairly newer stars such as country singer Danielle Bradbery and pop hottie Dua Lipa. On […]


Extra! Extra! Paramore Unplugged on MTV.com!

Only 3 more hours until 9/29/09!  What’s so special about 9/29/09?  Well it’s only the day of one the biggest anticipated music releases of the year…Paramore’s Brand New Eyes!  Until then, MTV has sweetend the pot.  Check out the press release below first, but make sure you head on over to MTV.com and check out […]