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Manor Black + Dark Horse = Shadowy Goodness

At the end of July, Dark Horse Comics released issue #1 of a mini-series that made its debut with little fanfare. Manor Black came out on July 31st and holds this aura of a small independent film in the sense that it may not have widespread notoriety, but it serves up one very engaging story. […]


Best Comics of 2016

It’s been a great year for comic book readers and a momentous one as well. DC’s ‘New 52’ branding came to a close while their line of ‘Rebirth’ titles made a big splash in stores. Some said it’s a bad sign that DC has rebooted yet again within a 5-year span. Others say it’s not […]


Top 10 Predator Comics of All Time

Oni.  Rakshasa.  Yautjas.  The highly intelligent alien race that has been visiting our planet for eons is known best as the Predator.  Ever since their film debut alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987, the space-travelling bipeds have achieved success in film, novels and comic books.  I’ve made no secret that Dark Horse’s Predator storylines are what […]


Valiant Days of Old

Back in the early 90’s, several comic book companies were trying to secure their foothold in the industry.  Comics were selling, but not necessarily at the volume they are today.  The aggressive onslaught of comic book movies has only helped this surge in book sales, but twenty years ago, Marvel, Dark Horse, and DC didn’t […]


AVP: Three World War

For what seemed to be a once strong then dormant title, it appears that Dark Horse has dusted off the idea vault for the Predator race.  Available for sale now, Aliens vs. Predator: Three World War (issue #1) recently arrived in stores with a dramatic fold-out cover, courtesy of Raymond Swanland.  The book’s artwork is […]


Dark Horse’s Predator

It was in 1990, I believe, when a friend dragged me to a comic book store with him so he could pick up whatever was in his monthly file.  Up to this point, I had four comic books in my possession, none of which lit my fire in the world of superheros.  So we arrive […]