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Harbinger Issue #1 Reviewed

The second title from the brand new Valiant Comics is now available to the public! With another of Valiant’s winning series from the 90’s on shelves, Harbinger‘s return is a long time in coming and is alive and well once again. But does this revision live up to the hype of its predecessor?


A ‘Valiant’ Return

It was back in the 90’s when Valiant Comics lived the good life before tapering off into oblivion. With a variety of titles to their credit including Archer & Armstrong, Harbinger, and Ninjak, their hottest book was arguably X-O Manowar. After the company changed hands and then practically fell off the face of the earth, its glory days […]


Valiant Days of Old

Back in the early 90’s, several comic book companies were trying to secure their foothold in the industry.  Comics were selling, but not necessarily at the volume they are today.  The aggressive onslaught of comic book movies has only helped this surge in book sales, but twenty years ago, Marvel, Dark Horse, and DC didn’t […]