‘X-Ray Robot’ is Curiously Magnetic

One can always rely on the smaller publishers (Image, Dark Horse, etc.) to create some of the more curious and quirky stories in the comic book world. Dark Horse is no exception with its latest effort, X-Ray Robot. As the old adage goes, you should never judge a book by its cover, but I found the sci-fi-heavy, pop culture-laden front of issue #1 to be so much in my wheelhouse, that I could not deny a chance to at least read what the book’s description was all about.  Once I saw dialogue about inter-dimensional travel and the origins of the universe, I was all in to kick back and see what this title had to offer.

The series just made its debut yesterday, and in a very uncommon scenario, is actually drawn and written by the same person, Mike Allred (Batman ’66).  The coloring in this premier issue is actually done by his wife, Laura Allred, who is also know for her artistic touch on titles such as Batman ’66, DC Meets Hanna Barbera and All-New Doop which comes from the pages of the X-Men universe. This happy union is also a great pairing in the work they team up on as one’s duties seem to beautifully compliment the other’s.

Now that’s all fine and dandy, but how’s the book?

The story wastes no time in getting right down to business as things start off in a bustling laboratory where our title character, Dr. Max Wilding, is diligently focused on an unprecedented project.  I won’t give the whole plot away here, but just to introduce you fine readers as to what you can expect, Wilding and his crew are working feverishly to get their long-awaited experiment off the ground.  The doc dons a special suit that’s hard-wired to a robot which will do the inter-dimensional traveling while Wilding is able to see and navigate the bot’s other worldly jaunts.

Of course, just when you think everything went as planned, a slew of chaotic visions begin to ensue as Dr. Max Wilding’s world changes forever…or does it?  Despite everything taking place in the present day, I found there to be a very 1950’s science fiction vibe to everything, from the cover to the last page.  This first issue was a read I breezed through as everything came together with an obvious cohesiveness and a high degree of interest that will most definitely have me returning for issue #2 at the end of April.

Well done, Mr. and Mrs. Allred.  Well done.

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