AVP: Three World War

AVP: Three World WarFor what seemed to be a once strong then dormant title, it appears that Dark Horse has dusted off the idea vault for the Predator race.  Available for sale now, Aliens vs. Predator: Three World War (issue #1) recently arrived in stores with a dramatic fold-out cover, courtesy of Raymond Swanland.  The book’s artwork is softly detailed with a bout of writing that accurately rejuvinates life into the hallowed character, Machiko Noguchi. 

Fans of the founding AVP storyline will remember her as the independent, hard-nosed Ryushi citizen who found herself fighting xenomorphs (Aliens) side-by-side with the Hunters (Predators).  She was eventually ‘invited’ into their culture, though very reluctantly by some within the species.  Apparently Noguchi is doing well these days running a big game hunting lodge on the earth-like planet of Bellatrix 2.  However, the days prior to her currently peaceful and financially successful life as manager and guide are about to bring her back to the hunt…and I don’t mean gazelles. 

A renegade band of Predators have made their presence known on a far off mining world worked by humans.  As we’ve seen in the movies and the increasingly vast library of Predator comics, this race is bad to the bone in their own right.  Now what if they had xenomorphs on a leash?  You will find that exact frightening image in the pages of AVP: Three World War.  That is one hell of a guard dog.  With no regard for the honorable hunt like their more commonplace brethren, the rogues are out for the ruthless kill.  Civilian or Marine.  Armed or helpless.  These blood-thirsty killers will make no discrimination to the hapless souls that cross their path. 

Noguchi’s expertise of the race is called upon as a bewildered military stands before her, armed to the hilt with no idea of what to do next.  The storyline will take readers through mid 2010 when the six-issue series is expected to wrap up.  Issue one kicked open the door with a bang.  Buckle in for what looks like one action-filled ride!

Bring the war home today!


AVP World War




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  1. Gerard

    Woah, I’m diggin’ the artwork for that. I gotta peep this series out!