Manor Black + Dark Horse = Shadowy Goodness

At the end of July, Dark Horse Comics released issue #1 of a mini-series that made its debut with little fanfare. Manor Black came out on July 31st and holds this aura of a small independent film in the sense that it may not have widespread notoriety, but it serves up one very engaging story. Written by Cullen Bunn (Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe) and Brian Hurtt (The Damned), and its eerie visual tone courtesy of Tyler Crook (Harrow County), the four-issue tale is currently halfway through its release, but what is Manor Black all about?

As you’ve guessed thus far, there is a spooky feel to this book, but that serves as more of a strong accent to the book’s feel, whereas a case of wizardry fills out the title’s foremost persona. Manor Black feels like a mix of 2018’s The Magic Order, which was one of the greatest comic book mini-series I have ever come across, and Stephen King’s Firestarter.

The main character, Roman Black, is the head of a family of magic users, though his kids are in a power struggle to take the reins once Roman parts ways with his position. There is the monumental decision for Mr. Black of who to pass on his title and duties to, which initially proves to be more of a case of who is the least bad of his offspring to receive this heralded responsibility. In a violent and unexpected twist, Roman Black is given a promising though uncertain alternative in his deliberation.

With the series’ third and fourth issues due out September 25th and October 30th, respectively, this will provide enough fuel for your Halloween reading needs. Manor Black comes highly recommended as the trio of Bunn, Hurtt and Crook combine for not only consecutive same letters in each of their last names, but a dark and intriguing tale of magic, greed and murder.

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