MIB3 Movie Touch First-Screen Immersive Experience Now Available

This year has seen the release of several apps related to the big blockbuster films of the year.  Films like The Avengers, The Dark Knight and The Amazing Spider-Man have all gotten apps that directly relate to their Blu-ray releases, giving viewers the ability to sync up their smartphone or tablet devices to their Blu-ray players and access all sorts of exclusive content.  It has been an interesting sort of experiment in terms of making the home viewing experience more interactive for the viewer.  Now Men In Black 3 has been given similar treatment, but in a slight twist on the idea, the Men In Black 3 Movie Touch app allows you to only view all the exclusive content, while watching the film on a portable device of some kind.  Given that I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed Men In Black 3 (Review HERE), I was happy to try this experience out.  Continue on to learn more about the details of the MIB3 Movie Touch app.



Ø  Men in Black 3 MOVIE TOUCH™ is an immersive app that allows fans to interact with unique content with the swipe or tap of a finger and without leaving the film.

Ø  Men in Black 3  MOVIE TOUCH will be available to consumers at the iTunes App Store, where consumers can download the free app and preview 10 minutes of the full movie and corresponding Movie Touch immersive features.

Ø  Consumers who have the Men in Black 3 movie in their UltraViolet collection can access the full Movie Touch experience at no additional cost by logging in with their credentials inside the app.

Ø  Consumers who purchase the physical Men in Black 3  Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD with UltraViolet™ available Nov. 30th  can also access the full app experience through the included UltraViolet version of the movie.

Ø  Men in Black 3 MOVIE TOUCH can be downloaded for offline playback or can be streamed using a Wi-Fi connection.

Ø  The Men in Black 3 MOVIE TOUCH App will be available for free from the App Store on iPad or at www.itunes.com/appstore.  Requires iOS6.0 or later.

Ø  Special features available with Men in Black 3  MOVIE TOUCH include:

  • Customizable viewing experience:  Choose interactive features to experience or watch the feature film alone.
  • Filmographies: Tap on an actor’s face to access key information on that actor (or alien in the case of Men In Black 3), as well as their character in the film.
  • Behind-the-scenes videos:  Watch behind the scenes video, timed to events in the movie.
  • Photos and images from the film:  Tap on images to explore conceptual art and set photography from the film.
  • Multi-angle/Green Screen:  See stages of a scene’s progress and tap or swipe to explore each layer.
  • Content Manager:  Users can download content for offline viewing or stream it via Wi-Fi to free up space.
  • 360 Turnarounds:  Spin props, gadgets and vehicles from the films.
  • Enhanced Search:  Search content, dialogue, videos, photos and extras, and instantly jump to favorite scenes, including events inside the film itself.
  • Clip & Share:  Select a clip from the movie, edit it, and share with friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Integrated Social Networking: Share favorite moments via Facebook and Twitter without leaving the app.
  • Interactive Timeline:  Access never-before-known facts about the film universe.
  • Fun Facts:  Learn more about the film, including fun facts about its production.
  • Exclusive to the Men in Black 3 MOVIE TOUCH app: MIB3 Map, providing more information about MIB headquarters around the world and other key areas from the franchise.

While I still prefer watching movies that I own in a more expansive format, I was intrigued by the function of this app.  It is a cool way to keep the viewer involved with the film and I will be curious to see how apps and related technology evolves based on the continuing trend of the companion movie apps arriving at the same time as the Blu-ray and digital releases of the films.

If Interested In Checking Out This App Or Owning Men In Black 3 In General, Feel Free To Order Below:

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