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Billy The Exterminator – Season 3 (DVD Review)

I am terrified of bugs and all things of the creepy crawly variety.  In addition I have a completely irrational fear of flying things (especially bees), particularly those small enough to fly into my ear canal.  A quick google search reveals that my abnormal and persistent fear of insects is called entomophobia. As a life […]


Billy The Exterminator Season Two (DVD Review)

The only thing better than Billy the Exterminator Season One is Billy the Exterminator Season Two!  Right?  To be completely honest, Season Two doesn’t have a lot of new things in it, but that is okay.  More Billy the Exterminator is a very good thing.  Season Two was just as entertaining as Season One.


Billy the Exterminator Season One (DVD Review)

A&E brings you Billy the Exterminator, my new favorite reality show. As the title suggests, Billy Bretherton is an exterminator. He runs the family business, Vex Con – a very busy company located in Lousiana. Billy and his team remove everything from cockroaches to alligators and it does not appear as though he ever turns […]