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Ash vs Evil Dead: The Complete Collection (Blu-ray Review)

Bruce Campbell’s Ashley Williams came to a close this year when Starz canceled Ash vs Evil Dead prior to the finale of the show’s third season. Its both unfortunate and fortunate at the same time. Unfortunate obviously that the show was forced to end, but fortunate that it existed. I’d have take just a one […]


Ash Vs Evil Dead: The Complete Third Season (Blu-ray Review)

Things finally came to a close for Ash Williams and his forever quest again those pesky, gross deadites. Starz canceled Ash Vs Evil Dead after three seasons and star Bruce Campbell officially retired from playing the role. For me, this was the only thing I would subscribe to Starz for or even had my interest. […]


Strait-Jacket (Blu-ray Review)

On August 21st, Scream Factory will once again re-enter the world of one of cinema’s greatest showmen; William Castle. Two releases are on the way, one of those being the Joan Crawford led Strait-Jacket. Oddly enough, on the same day, Mill Creek is also releasing this title as a double feature with the film Berserk. […]


Ash Vs Evil Dead: The Complete Second Season (Blu-ray Review)

Never in my wildest dreams as a youngin’ could I have imagined being able to watch an ruthless, balls out, fully unhinged and not held back Evil Dead show once a week for ten weeks every year.  The fourth adventure of Ashley Williams had always been thought to be this long lost movie, but in […]


Join Us For ASH VS EVIL DEAD SEASON 2 On Blu-ray August 22nd!

Evil just can’t catch a break as the hilarious, critically acclaimed horror series “Ash vs Evil Dead”: Season 2 arrives on Blu-ray (plus Digital HD) and DVD August 22 from Lionsgate. Locked and loaded with the same twisted humor and gory kill scenes groovy fans of the franchise are used to, “Ash vs Evil Dead”: […]


Brandon’s Blu-ray Wishlist – June 26, 2014

I’m gonna go with comedy again this week to finish out the month of June.  And I’m digging into that of the teen variety, picking one of my favorites of that subgenre from the 90s.  Its a film I kind of have a nostalgia for and I think is a solid film that not many people […]