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Earthquake – Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray Review)

Growing up, 1974’s Earthquake felt like a legendary “big deal” film to me. It was a big time disaster movie, starred a huge star in Charlton Heston and had a ride/theme park attraction at Universal Studio. As time as passed by, I feel its fallen out of public consciousness and sort of is a forgotten […]


Strait-Jacket (Blu-ray Review)

On August 21st, Scream Factory will once again re-enter the world of one of cinema’s greatest showmen; William Castle. Two releases are on the way, one of those being the Joan Crawford led Strait-Jacket. Oddly enough, on the same day, Mill Creek is also releasing this title as a double feature with the film Berserk. […]


Just Before Dawn (Blu-ray Review)

If you’ll remember a few weeks ago, I posted a list of Blu-rays I was hopeful for next year.  Well, had I been writing here at Why So Blu? last year, my hopefuls for 2013 would have included 1981’s Just Before Dawn.   Code Red has answered my call by delivering one right as the year […]


The Naked Gun (Blu-ray Review)

Up next for the Why So Blu crew we have The Naked Gun on Blu-ray.  This is a Best Buy exclusive, meaning that for the time being it can ONLY be purchased at your local Best Buy store or online at www.bestbuy.com.  I’m sure it will be available at other retailers down the line very […]