The Fall Guy – Extended Cut (Movie Review)

The Fall GuyThe Fall Guy was one of my favorite television shows growing up in the 1980’s.  I would watch it each week with my dad.  I secretly had a crush on Heather Thomas at a very young age.  That bikini she wore in the opening credit sequence each week…ooh la la.  The Fall Guy is also special to me because it’s the very first TV show I ever recorded on a VHS tape.  We were poor growing up so one day my grandfather gave my dad a brand new VHS deck.  I was over the moon.  I couldn’t believe it.  We went home later that evening and I recorded that night’s episode of The Fall Guy.  I was so in awe of the fact that I could record something and watch it back any time that I think I viewed that episode three more times that same evening.  Therefore, one can kind of come to the conclusion that The Fall Guy was responsible for my love of home media products and technology.  That sounds good to me!

The Fall Guy

So when a feature film adaptation of the original Fall Guy show was announced I was already onboard with no questions asked.  It helps that Ryan Gosling and the beautiful Emily Blunt are in it, but who am I kidding?  I would have even seen this if Nic Cage and Melissa McCarthy were the main billed actors.  That’s how much I love The Fall Guy.  However, I don’t think you can really call this an adaptation of the original show.  How about this movie was inspired by?  Yeah.  That sounds a lot better to me.  So really the only sure tie in here is that Ryan Gosling’s character is named Colt Seavers.  That’s the character Lee Majors portrayed in the 80’s show.  Everything else is brand new here and just icing on the cake so let’s get started!

In addition to Ryan and Emily the film also stars another actor I love watching, Aaron Taylor-Johnson.  He’s always so good!  Rounding up the rest of The Fall Guy main cast includes Hannah Waddingham, Winston Duke and Stephanie Hsu.  And if you seen the film already and wonder why it’s so silly, then look no further the words it’s penned by the screenwriter of Hobbs & Shaw, Drew Pearce.  Also, it’s made by the same director of the aforementioned movie, David Leitch.  And it’s billed as one of the best date movies of the year.  So what more can you ask for?  That was a rhetorical question.  However, if your answer to that was KISS, then you’re in luck.  “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” is prominently featured throughout.  No joke either!  I lost track of how many time you hear the KISS version, an instrumental take or even YUNGBLUD’s version.

The Fall Guy

The Fall Guy is billed as a love letter to action movies and the hard-working stunt crew who make them.  I can definitely get behind that tagline.  The film is about a stunt man after all.  His name is Colt Seavers (Gosling).  When we first meet him he’s Tom Ryder’s (Taylor-Johnson) stunt double.  But when a career ending stunt goes wrong what gets Colt back in the action?  And why doesn’t everyone want to kill him all the sudden?  I won’t tell you any of that here, but I will say this.  Emily Blunt play’s Gosling’s love interest in this one and that’s why it’s billed as the ultimate date movie.  You got two of the best looking actors in Hollywood today in an over-the-top action comedy (not like the original TV show at all) with a good looking romance thrown in.  It has all the makings of a big box office popcorn movie with a heavy side serving of KISS.  I know right.  How can you not “fall” in love this one?

Now you’re probably wondering why am I writing a movie review about this a month late?  Well, it’s because The Fall Guy is now (as of May 21st) officially out on home digital platforms.  Pick one a digital retailer of your choice and buy it today (you no longer have to “bring” it home).  Furthermore, The Fall Guy has been officially released as an Extended Cut with an additional 20 minutes of never-before-seen footage featuring more action, more laughs and more stunts.  Total runtime for the Extended Cut clocks in at 2 hours and 26 minutes.  Just a friendly reminder though is you have to look in your provider extras to select the Extended Cut or else you’ll get the theatrical version by default.  Sadly there are no other extras on this digital release that I can see,

Check out the video down below for more information and to check out our two good looking main stars or do they call those box office draws in movie talk?  Also, IF you’re curious as to what all makes up that extra 20 minutes of footage check out this article HERE.

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